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Referred to in the 47th Section of this Act.


These Directions and the 1. A Contract Ticket in this Form must be given to
“ Notices to Passengers every Passenger engaging a Passage from the United
below form Part of and Kingdom to North America.
must appear on each Con- 2. All the Blanks must be correctly filled in, and the
tract Ticket.

Ticket must be legibly signed with the Christian Names and Surname and Address in full of the Party issuing the same.

3. The Day of the Month on which the Ship is to sail must be inserted in Words and not in Figures.

4. When once issued this l'icket must not be withdrawn from the Passenger, nor any Alteration or Era. sure made in it. ,

THIS Part of the Contract Ticket is to be separated from the other, and to be delivered by the Passenger to the Emigration Officer at the Port of Embarkation (or if no such Officer, to the Officer of Customs), or to any one appointed by him to receive it.



Tons Register Burden, to sail from


on the Day of


I engage that the Parties herein named shall be provided with Equal a Steerage Passage to the Port of

in to in the Ship

with not less than Ten Cubic Feet Statute for Luggage for each Statute Adult, for the sum of $ Adults. including Government Dues before Embarkation, and Head

Money, if any, at the Place of landing, and every other Charge ; and I hereby acknowledge to have received the Sum of

full £




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part } Payment.

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In addition to any Provisions which the Passengers may

themselves bring, the following Quantities, at least, of Water and Provisions will be supplied to each Passenger by the Master of the Ship, as required by Law, and also Fires and

suitable Places for cooking:
3 Quarts of Water daily,

relbs. of Bread or Biscuit, not inferior in Quality to Navy
la Biscuitohenten Flou, todo
5 lbs, of Oatmeal.israfii
2 lbs. of Rice
% Ib. of Sugar.

Ib. of Molasses.
(2 oz. of Tea.

!: * 5 lbs. of good Potatoes may, at the Option of the Master of the Ship, be substituted for 1 lb. of Oatmeal or Rice, and in Ships sailing from Liverpool or from Irish or Scotch Ports, Oatmeal may be substituted in equal Quantities for the whole or any part of the Issues of Rice.

[N.B.- If Mess Utensils and Bedding are to be provided by
the Ship, the Stipulation must be inserted here.)
.: Signature

Date It

[If signed by a Broker or Agent, state of whose Behalf. 1
Deposit £
Balance £

to be paid at Total £


Souls, equal to Statute Adults.


Passage Money,

including all Charges, £

To be signed

by the Party issuing the Ticket.

. Insert Number of Souls

and of Statute Adults.

NOTICES TO PASSENGERS. "Tr'the Ship do not proceed to Sea on the Day specified above, Passengers, * ready to go on board and proceed in the Vessel, are entitled to Subsistence Money at the Rate of One Shilling a Day per Statute Adult (each Person over Fourteen or Two Children between One and Fourteen Years of age being ro:koned as a Statute Adult) for each Day of Delay until the actual clearing out and final Departure of the Ship; but if the Passengers are lodged and maintained in any Establishment under the Superintendence of the Colonial Land and Emigration, Commissioners, the Shilling a Day is payable to the Emigration Officer at the Port of Embarkation. In either Case the Money may be recovered by summary Process before Two Magistrates. If, however, the Delay arises from unavoidable Detention by Wind or Weather, and if the Passengers be maintained on board in the same Manner as if the Voyage had commenced, no Subsistence Money is payable.

2. If Passengers fail to obtain a Passage in the Ship according to their Contract, either from her having sailed before the appointed T'ime, or from there being no Room in her, or through any Default of the Owner, Charterer, or Master, and are not within Forty-eight Hours provided with a Passage in some other equally eligible Ship to the same Port, then they are entitled to a Return of their Passage Money, and to such Compensation, not exceeding 101., as the Justices may award.

3. Passengers should not rely only on the Provisions which the Master of the Ship is bound to issue to them, but should take an extra Supply with them.

4. Passengers should carefully keep this Part of their Contract Ticket till after the End of the Voyage.

N.B.-This Contract Ticket is exempt from Stamp Duty.

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An Act to amend an Act regulating the Justice of the
Peace Small Debt Courts in Scotland.

[13th July 1849.] WHEREAS an Act was passed in the Sixth Year of the

Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled An Act to alter and amend an Act passed in the Thirty-ninth 6 G. 4. c. 48. * and Fortieth Year of King George the Third, for the Recovery * of Small Debts in Scotland, and it is expedient that the said • recited Act should be amended :' Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That all Causes which Her Majesty's Justices Form of Comof the Peace in Scotland may competently hear, try, and deter- plaint and

Mode of Exemine under the Authority of the said recited Act and this Act cution, and shall proceed upon Complaint, to be signed by the Clerk or One Citation Depute Clerk of the Peace agreeably to the Form in Schedule to be good (A.) hereunto annexed; -and a Copy of the Complaint with Second CitaCitation thereon, and also a Copy of the Account, Document tion. of Debt, or State of the Demand, being delivered by a Constable to the Defender personally, or left at the Dwelling Place of the Defender, or, in the Case of a Company, at the ordinary Place of Business of the Company, Six Days at least before the Diet of Court mentioned in such Complaint, shall be good and effectual to all Intents and Purposes, anything in the said recited Act requiring a Second Citation where the First Citation had not been delivered personally, to the contrary notwithstanding

II. And be it enacted, That where a Decree has been pro- Causes in nounced in Absence of the Defender, or where Absolvitor has which Decrees passed in Absence of the Pursuer, either before or after the in Absence passing of this Act, a Copy of the Warrant for rehearing being nounced may served upon the other Party personally, or left at the Dwelling be reheard on Place of such Party, in the Manner and upon the Induciæ the like Service herein-before prescribed regarding the Service of a Complaint, shall be an Authority for rehearing the Cause.

III. And be it enacted, That any warrant or Decree to be Warrant or obtained in any such Cause as aforesaid may be enforced by a Decree issued Constableeither in the County in which the same has been in one County issued, or in any other County or Counties ; provided that, in another, if when enforced in any other County, the Warrant or Decree or endorsed, &c. Extract thereof shall first be endorsed by the Clerk or Depute Clerk of the Peace of such other County, who is hereby required to make such Endorsement on Payment of a Fee not exceeding One Shilling.

IV. And be it'enacted, That the said recited Act shall Recited Act continue in full Force and Effect, excepting in so far as the continued, ebe same is hereby altered and amended.


V. And


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Act may be V. And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended or amended, &c. repealed

by any Act to be passed during the present Session of Parliament.

bonsostris wibrändrib boc fuit1,99 No.

1,407777 SCHEDULE (A.) ;sit ya for ro;

til dinero en tot 10,1
The Honourable Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for

the Shire Cor Stewartry) of 11-
To: in wond bius : besteziorgige Pfficers of Court, jointly and
severally it to

-.-02.9 min
WHEREAS it is humbly complained to us by C.D. [Desig-
nation) that, E.F. (Designatim), Defender, is owing to the
Complainer the Sum of Tort which the said Defender
refuses ar delays to pay; and therefore the said Defender ought
to be decerned and ordained to make Payment to the Com-
plainer with Expenses : Therefore it is our Will, that on Sight
hereof ye lawfully summon the said Defender to compear before
us, or any Two or more of us, in the tu brats: 1 toga
upon the bod Day of, 1945) ato tratta of the
Clock, so noon, to answer at the Complainer's Instance
in the said Matter, with Certification, in case of Failure, of
being held as confessed; requiring you also, to deliver to the
Defender a Copy of any Account,

Document of Debt, or State of the Demand pursued for; and that ye cite Witnesses and Havers for both Parties to compear at the said Place and Date, to give. Evidence in the said Matter as accords of Law.ins,

Given under the Hand of the Clerk of Court, at
-74 the time Day of | Mitt Eighteen hundred and
sipas si:Years. tu jill add to them), 110,
! ir nel 'I J.P., Clerk,
Eine! - alot 111re bu-[nr. Depute Clerk.]

* Citatibn' for Defender, som
E, F,

Defender aboye designed, you are hereby, summoned
to appear and answer before the Justices in the Matter, and
at the Time and Place, and under the Certification, set forth in
the above Copy of the Complaint against you. s ro
This Notice served upon the car as Day, of

by me. I belir! 116,190.7. vl.suti bisa dgn I, T., Constable.

. ??? yun to TD) CAP: XXXV.1989 ti ?

Sri ant poparvate) ProT An Act for requiring annual Returns of the Expendi

ture on Highways in England and Wales to be transmitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before Parliament.troninis [13th July 1849.] WI

HEREAS by an Act passed in the Sixth Year of King 5&6 W.4, 0.50. William the Fourth, intituled An Act to consolidate and

amend the Laws relating to Highways in that Part of Great • Britain called England, it was enacted, that within One Ca


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-·lendar Month after the Election or Appointment of Surveyor
• as therein directed the Accounts for the Year preceding of
• Monies received and disbursed by virtue of the said Act should
• be signed by the Surveyor, District Surveyor, or Assistant

Surveyor for the Year preceding, and laid before the Justices

of the Peace at a Special Sessions for the Highways holden
' at the Place nearest to the Parish or District for which such

Surveyor should have been appointed; and that at the Spe-
cial Sessions for executing the Purposes of the said Act held
next after the Twenty-fifth Day of March in every Year by
the Justices of the Peace within their respective Divisions

the Surveyor of each of the Parishes within such respective
• Divisions should verify his Accounts:?' And whereas it is

expedient that annual Statements of the Receipts and Ex-
* penditure on Highways in England should be transmitted to
• One of the Secretaries of State, to the Intent that Abstracts
• thereof may be laid before both Houses of Parliament:" Be
it enacted, therefore, by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty,
by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual
and Temporal, and "Cotrimons, in this'' present Parliament
assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That at the Clerks to Jus-
Special Sessions in each Divizion at which the Accounts of tices at Special

Sessions to
any Surveyors, District Surveyors, and Assistant Surveyors
shall be produced and verified as by the said recited Act ments from
required the Clerk to the Justices shall prepare from such Accounts of
Accounts a separate Statement in Writing, according to the literaris, of

, and
Form in the Schedule to this Act, of the Receipts and Ex- transmit them
penditure on account of the Highways of each Parish in such to Secretary of
Division, 'and shall

, within Fourteen Days after such Special
Sessions, transmit all such Statements to One of Her Majesty's
Principal Secretaries of State; and for the Preparation and
Transmission of each such Statement such Clerk shall be en-
titled to charge to the respective Parish the Fee of Two Shil-
lings; and if any such Clerk to' such Justices shall neglect' to Penalty on
transmit any such Státement within the Time herein-before Neglect.
prescribed for that Purpose," he shall for every such Offence,
on Conviction, forfeit any Sum not exceeding Five Pounds nor
less than Forty Shillings, and such Penalty shall be recovered
and applied as Penalties are by the said Act made recoverable
and applicable.

II. And be it enacted, That the Town Clerk of every City, Town Clerks
Borough, Port, Cinque Port, or Town Corporate subject to the of Cities and
Provisions of the Act passed in the Seventh Year of King Wil- Clerks to Trus-
liam the Fourth, sto provide for the Regulation of Municipal tees and Com-

Corporations in England and Wales," and the Clerk to the missioners, to
Trustees or Commissioners appointed under any Act of Parlia- prepare state-
ment where the Council of such City, Borough, Port, Cinque Accounts
Port, or Town Corporate, or such Trustees or Commissioners, respecting
are authorized to pave, cleanse, or repair any Highway, shall, transmit them

Highways, and
within Thirty Days next after every annual or other periodical to Secretary of
Account of the Receipts and Expenditure of such® Council, State.
Trustees, or Commissioners, in respect of the Highways under
P 3



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their Management has been made out, or where Provision is made for the Settlement or Audit of such Account, then within Thirty Days after such Settlement or Audit, prepare from such Account a Statement in Writing,' showing (as far as Circumstances will permit) the like Particulars of such Receipts and Expenditure as are indicated under the Heads of Receipts and Expenditure respectively in the Form contained in the Schedule to this Act, and shall, within the Time aforesaid, transmit

such Statement to One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries Penalty on of State; and if such Town Clerk or Clerk to the Trustees or Neglect.

Commissioners shall neglect to transmit any such Statement within such Time as aforesaid, he shall for every such Offence, on Conviction, forfeit any Sum not exceeding Ten Pounds nor less than Five Pounds, and such Penalty shall be recovered and applied as Penalties are by the said Act made recoverable and

applicable. Abstracts of III. And be it enacted, That such Secretary of State shall Statements to

every Year cause the Statements transmitted to him under this be laid before Parliament.

Act to be abstracted, and the Abstracts thereof to be laid before

both Houses of Parliament. First-recited IV. And be it enacted, That the said first-recited Act and Act and this

this Act shall be construed together as One Act. Act to be One.

V. And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended or Act may be amended, &c. repealed by any Act to be passed in this present Session of




on account of the HIGHWAYS of the Parish [Township, Hamlet, &c.] of

in the County of for the Year ending 25th March 18 , as appearing from the Accounts of

Surveyor of Highways for the said Parish [Township, Hamlet, &c.], allowed by the Justices at a Special Sessions for the Highways holden at the

Day of


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