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Page 13. ine 16. from bottom, for furstfed lands,"

64. line 3. from sor, for a Dermond, mai!
96. line 4. from top, for people Iressad,” ruci
I-40. line 7. from up, for "mische tides," rea?
145. line 17. from bottom, fors Finebrogne," rest
2L bead line, for * Lifford Gaze," * Liffor:
213. line 4. from bottom, for " coals," reed "coul.
255. line 12. from top, for " north, * read * south."

[blocks in formation]

Dublin. Pigeon-house. Beggars.

Penitentiary. Peasant's garden. ollections. A smuggler. Armagh. ('aledon, 160. Natural character. n gaol. Bad beef. Armagh gaol.

v discovered. Petty riot. Cathoi ming character. Scenery near :rrickfergus. Quakers' school. Prison dietary. Lough Neagh.

changes. Marquis of HertValuable water. Downpatrick

Orange procession. Orange max.

Amiable protectors. ils. A hunt. Unprofitable rnian school. Swopping ? cabin built. Population. 1. An honest architect. rd gaol. Excise laws. intry. Londonderry. clergyman. Merit

Cavan. Lord Early drunken


'Idare. nds,


Ihme ea, line 16, from bottom, for " fortified lands," read “forfeited lands."

04. line 3. Nom top, for " Dermond," read “ Dermod." MX, llue , Dom top for "people Ireland," read "people of Ireland." 10. line 4. thom top for " minchevious," read “ mischievous." IMX line 17. from bottom, for " Finebrogne," read" Finebrogue." i head line for * Litford Gave," read “ Lifford Gaol." MIX line 4. Mun bottom, por e coals," read “coal." Ww, the 19 thun top. Av ** north," read " south."

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