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to the men, while reason and experience separate me widely from the party.

On the subject of politics I never before expressed an opinion, nor could any thing have induced me to embark on an ocean so troubled but the critical state of my native land. To this I have largely sacrificed convenience and personal feeling. The extent of misery in Ireland was but little known to the world, and is but faintly sketched in these pages. Being wholly unconnected with party of every sort, I have endeavoured to describe impartially what I saw, neither fearing nor wishing to offend any man.

The undisguised manner in which my sentiments are expressed, and the frequent mention of myself, will enable the critics to exercise their powerful weapons; - I hope something luminous and useful may be elicited. Whether the voice of criticism, or interested party, come like the gentle zephyr, or the furious hurricane, is a matter of perfect indifference; I would not give a farthing to ensure the one, or avert the other.

LONDON, January, 1823.

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Dablin. Pigeon-house. Beggars.
Penitentiary. Peasant's garden.
llections. A smuggler. Armagh.
Caledon, 160. Natural character.

saol. Bad beef. Armagh gaol. 1 discovered. Petty riot. Cathoning character. Scenery near rickfergus.

Quakers' school.
"rison dietary. Lough Neagh.
I changes. Marquis of Hert-
Valuable water. Downpatrick
Orange procession. Orange

Amiable protectors.
8. A hunt. Unprofitable
mnian school. Swopping
cabin built. Population.

An honest architect.
d gaol. Excise laws.
utry. Londonderry.
clergyman. Merit

Cavan. Lord
Early drunken-

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