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P. 304, note, for “Nos. V. and VI.' read Nos. VI. and VII.'
P. 424, 1. 7, the words 'single bishop' should have been accompanied by a reference

to the · Appendix, No. X.
P. 452, last line of note, for ' No. X.' read No. IX.'
P. 868, line 6 from end, for because' read became.'
P. 876, 1. 2, for 'county,' read 'country.'
P. 889, 1. 21, and marg. ib., for • 1603,' read . 1608.'
P. 903, margin, for intended,' read intruded.'
P. 1143, margin, l. 4, for. Den,' read .Charnells.'
P. 1169, 1. 1, for No. XLI.' read No. XLII., and so throughout the article.
P. 1191, 1. 9, for • March 24,' read March 25.'
P. 1354, 1. 20, for .is Lisbone,' read' in Lisbone.'

next line, after. Spaine,' insert and.'
P. 1382, ļine 4 from end, for. See united to Cashel," read Cashel and Emly


To which might be added a few others of less importance, which the reader will not however find any trouble in correcting of his own sagacity.

In some of the sheets containing the List of Subscribers which were first printed off, a few names were inadvertently omitted. These will, however, be found inserted in their proper places in the present copy, the pages referred to having, since the printing of these first copies, undergone a careful revision.

It is possible that a few other names may be still unavoidably omitted, in consequence of payments having been made to some third party, with whom a delay has occurred, so as to hinder them from reaching the proper quarter for acknowledge ment previously to this date, September 12, 1851.

Dublin : Printed by JAMES CHARLES, 61, Middle Abbey-street.


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