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Putta, bp. of Rochester, gives lessons in | Ralph, abbot of Buildewas, employed by
music to the Saxons, 209.

K. Henry II. to act as a commissioner
Quarantine, of penance, imposed by the for him at the Cashel Synod, 516.
ancient Britons on converts from the Raphoe, the Church of, not, probably

Roman communion to their own, 152. founded by St. Columba, 77 ; a bp. of,
Quartadecimans, the Irish accused of helps to demolish Kellach's new mo-

being, 148; the Britons involved in a nastery at Iona, 614; the dean and
like charge, 149, 187; explanation of chapter of, excommunicated, &c., by
the term, 193, '4.

Primate Prene, 663; omitted in the
Quarterly Review, its notice of Mr. Rathbreasail catalogue of the sees of
Wright qd., 1445, '6.

Id., 452 n.; G. Montgomery, bp. of,
Querimonia Magnatum Hiberniæ, or 863; the bpk. not subjected to the

Irish Appeal to Pope John XXII. no- regal authority in 1560, 758 n. ; dis-
ticed, 573 n., 634 seqq. ; was a clerical tribution of the Church property in
production, 645; illustrative of the the diocese, how arranged anciently,
popular Irish feeling towards Rome 1062 ; a titular bp. of, present at the
and England, 675, 6; the document Synod of Trent, 1217.
in full, 1119 segg.

Rathbreasail, the Synod of, 449; the first
Quin, Mr., his evidence on Ir. Church Irish one at which a pope's legate pre-
property qd., 1081.

sided, 451, 580; enumeration of the
Rachnacarius, bp, of Augt and Basle, sees of Id. as settled there, 452 n.,
educated at Luxeu, 277.

992, 999, 1001, 1172.
Radbert, (see Paschasius,) censure of Rathcolpa, or Rabolp. (Co. Down,) once

his novelties by Mr. T. Moore, 1425. a bp's. see, 991 ; Rathmurbuilg, Ma-
Raghery, Rechran, or Rathlin Island, ghera, (same Co.,) do., ib.

the first part of the Irish territories Rathlin Island, (see Raghery) the
invaded by the Danes, 379.

Church of, probably not a foundation
Raleigh, Sir W., engaged in quelling the of S. Columbkille's, 77.

disturbances of Jas. Fitzmaurice's out- Rathlure, or Rathlury, i.e. Maghera
break at Smerwick, 798 ; obtains a Co. Derry, once a bp's. see, 484 n.,
grant of part of the confiscated Des-
mond property, 803; introduces pota. Rathmaighe Deisgirt, ancient see of,
toes and tobacco into Id., ib.

452 n., 999
Ralph, abp. of Cant., consecrates Gre- Raths, or “Danish forts," 390 n.

gory bp. of Dublin, 433 ; letter of the Ratisbon, the Irish monastery of, 486.
burgesses of Dublin to him on that Ratramne. See Bertram.
occasion, 1041.

Raymond le Gros, Anglo-Norman inva-
Ralph, archdeacon of Llandaff, one of the der, his arrival in Id., 498.

first English meddlers with the Irish Rebellions in Id. promoted by " the holy
Church, 508 ; present as a commis- see," 837, 1203, '4, '39, '63, '86-90,
sioner on the part of K. Henry II., at 1306-'9; those of Elizabeth's reign
the Synod of Cashel, 516 ; hies away to not from religious motives, 1437 ; the
Rome wi the letter to P. Alexander Great Rebellion, notices, &c., of, 1239,
III. from the Synod, 537 ; and reports '40, '54, &c.
to the pontiff on the barbarity of the Rebels from England, their protection
Irish, ib., 1088.

in Id. vainly alleged by Mr. Wright

993 seqq.

as a charge against the old Irish, of stage-plays, 738 ; restoration of,

under Q. Elizabeth, 747 seqq. ; parlia-
Rechen (Ratheny ?) granted to the mentary enactment of, 754; its vali-

Church of the Holy Trinity, Dublin, dity, 762 ; see 692 n.; denounced by

Rome as no better than Baal-worship,
Rechran, or Raghery, 379, 991.

839; or other idolatry, 1308.
Recusants, Irish, their seditious proceed- Regeneration, baptismal, 134.
ings, 874; their nability separate from Reginald, king of Waterford, his sub-
the communion of the Church, 878 ; mission to Henry II., 504.
their deputation to James I., 881; its Regular clergy, alterations made in their

issue, 883; Act for discovering and re- circumstances by the English Con-
pressing them, 1310.

quest, 562 ; the regular orders deli.
Rees ap Tewdor, brings an Irish army gent in promoting schism in the 17th
into South Wales, 1025.

cent., 891 '5, 901, 1351 seqq., &c.
Rees, lord of Cardigan, 1038 ; his inter- Relics, a supply of, brought from Rome

course with Henry II., in connection by Wilfrid "for the consolation of the
with his Ir. invasion, 1039, '40.

British Churches," 213; abuses con-
Reeves, Rev. W., D.D., his Antiquities nected with in the Anglo-Romish ages,

of Down, &c., qd., 982 n., 989, 1012, 586 ; curious specimens of, 587 ; their
1062 ; 1145 n., *49 n.; his Visitation destruction made a pretext for sacri-
of Derry, (A.D. 1397,) 1063 n. ; hiş aid lege, 719; the making of prayer near
of the compiler of these pages in con- to, 265, 960.
nection with the “Confederation" of Religion of the ancient Irish, Abp. US-
the bishops and clergy of Id., A.D. sher's tract on, qd., 604, et passim.
1291, 1114.

" Religion " not the first occasion of dis-
Reformation, the, in Id., its ecclesiasti- pute between the Ir. and English,

cal sanction, 692 n.; the reformation 644, 5; its first adoption as a pretext
of the Irish Church, so far as in the for rebellions against England, 1438 ;
rejection of papal supremacy, received admitted by Mr. Moore not to have
without scruple by the Ir. chieftains been the first or chief motive to the
and people, according to Mr. Moore, rebellions against Q. Elizabeth, &c.,
1431, 2; the estabt. of the Reformation 1427, 37; religion not the object of
not, according to the same authority, the penal laws, 843, 1399, 1430, 31.
the first or principal cause of the feuds Remission of sins, false and superstituous
between different races in the country, views of, noticed, 565, 584, 794, 827 ;
1427 ; the name of reformation made an Abp. Browne's doctrine concerning it,

occasion of Church pillage, 719, 1064. 699; promised by Pope Nicholas to
Reformed religion, the, not the prime such as should pay their tenths well,

cause of the quarrel between the En- 1164 ; to be earned by Henry II., by
glish and Irish, 644; advances towards his attack upon Id., 538, 1089. See
its introduction in Henry VIIL's reign, Indulgences.
712, 716; its feeble progress under Remonstrance, the Irish, meets with op-
Edward VI., 718, 19, 722, '9, 730 ; position from titr. Primate O'Reilly,
Bale's preaching in its support, 733 ; &c., 1241, 2; O'Conor on its rejection,
Q. Mary's opposition to, 735 seqq. ; 1333; Father P. Walsh's account of its
Bale's endeavour to advance by means origin, &c., 1397 seqq. ; Copy of the

2 U

document in its original form, 1404 mate Fitz Ralph, but absolved by the
seqq. ; the altered form, 1411 seqq.; the friars, 1110.
original one, discouraged by the priests, Rochfort, Simon, bp. of Meath, founds a
is favoured by the laity, 1409 ; its re- Cathedral Church at Newtown, Trim,
jection, 1410.

571; holds a synod there, and pro-
“Rent, Catholic," the occasion of its motes in it the suppression of the small
first assessment, &c., 882.

sees of Id., 616, *7; a candidate for the
Renwick, Mr. James, his " deposition" primacy, 619.

of James II, 1340, '1 ; his life, qd., Rock, Danl., his tract against the inde-

pendence of the ancient Irish Church
Reve, Thos. le, bp. of Lismore, his ser. of the see of Rome qd., 313.

vices for England noticed, 1141. Roderic, last king of Id. See O' Conor.
Rheims, Hinemar, abp. of, 400.

Rolls of parlt., qd., 743.
Rhine, river, St. Columbanus's journey. Roman wars in Britain, 116, 117.
ing along the, 267.

Romanists, the Irish, left not communion
Riar Patraice, what, 1043.

with the Church under Q. Elizabeth,
Richard I., king of Engd., his corona- 755; not punished for their creed by
tion referred to, 1172.

her, 843, 1399 ; often loyal to her au-
Richard II., Act of, against heretics, re- thority, 828, 1437.

vived by Q. Mary, for Id., 743. Roman supremacy. See Rome inf., Su-
Richard, st., of Dundalk. See Fitz

premacy, &c.

Romanising Irishmen of the seventh
Riddlesford,, A.-Norman monas- cent., their peculiar opinions, 164 seqq.;
tery founder in Id., 571.

advantages possessed by their party
Riding, in the Irish fashion made illegal, in Engd., 206 seqq.

Rome, the Church of, not "the Catholic
Ridley, bp., his burning referred to, 843. and Apostolic Church " in the opinion
Rinuncini, papal agent, his arrival in Id., of the old Irish, 148; how regarded by

and subsequent proceedings, 1240, '54. those of them who cherished commun-
Ripon, deserted by its Irish monks, to ion with her, 165-9; did not allow

avoid submission to Rome, 185 ; ac- the Irish at large to be Catholics in
count of the erection of a Church there the 7th cent., but regarded with con-
by Wilfrid, &c., 212.

tempt their 'sect and sentiments alto
Rites, and practices, of the ancient Bri- gether, 184 (see Catholic:) her obstin-

tish Church, contrary to those of ate quarrels with the British Churches,
Rome, 134 ; those of Id. ordered to 188; feelings of St. Columbanus to
conform to the Roman system in A.D. wards her, 306 Gillebert the first great
1172, 581 ; (see 603, '5;) the use of the promoter of her influence in Id., 441
Anglican forms hated by the Irish be- seqq.; her customs, &c., promoted also
fure the Refn., 672 ; that rites and by Malachy, 458, 464; who was the
ceremonies should be the same in Id. first Irish primate to seek the sanction

and England, not necessary, 922. of her authority, 471; the English in-
Robbers, Italian, a gang of, sent to Id. to vasion employed as her means of reduc-

defend the Catholic faith," 789, 808, ing the Irish to subjection, 492 ; her
1369_71; Irish, in Armagh diocese, influence in Id. promoted by the Synod
A.D. 1360, excommunicated by Pri- of Cashel, 519; whether her authority

was at all acknowledged in Id. before 903 ; how far“ the Head of Churches,"
A.D. 1172, or not, utterly unknown to according to the views of 8. Cummian,
P. Alexander III., 538, '9; manner of &c., 165, 6; see 940, 953.
the introduction of such authority, Roscommon ravaged by the Danes, 379;
540, '1; its rise and early progress, by some of the Irish, 394 ; anciently
579–581; state of Id. under her au- an episcopal see, 484 n., 995.
spices, 578–599, 808 ; her power not Roscrea, formerly an episcopal see, 995.
unchecked in Id. before the Refn., Ross, the see of, 995, &c.; a titr. bp. of,
598, '9; all the calamities inflicted by at Trent, 1217; see, 700, 791, 1375.
the Anglo-Normans, traced by the Ross, or Rous, of Warwick, English his-
Irish (A.D. 1318) to her inftuence, 637 ; torian, qd., 530 n.
which continues to crush them further, Roth, or Routh, David, his Analecta,
661; appeals to her at length forbid- qd., 763 n., 766 n., 1252, &c., the au-
den, 684; her instigation of the Irish thor a pretended vice-primate of Id.,
to rebellion against Engd., €94, 7; 905; his account of Rd. Creagh's life,
her authority rejected by the Ir. chiefs, &c., 772, 1228–36; (see 1368 ;) Mr.
704–710; her power to depose princes Phelan's translation of a passage from
asserted by P. Paul IIL, 708; her the Analecta, corrected, 1232 n. ; P.
making of changes in the mass refd. to, Lombard's commission to him to be
724; her power restored in Id. by R. his vicar-general, 1321-3; his affec-
Mary, 739—744; the Acts against her tion for sedition, 1360; see notices of
authority reintroduced by Elizabeth, him also at pp. 1349, '53, 54, '57, '91,
754; confederate with Spain in designs n. ; his life, 1373, '4.
on Id., 765, '8, 777, '8, 786, '8 seqq., to Royalty and its rights, a “Covenanters"
792, 7, 801, 824, '6, '7; her natural view of, 1339-'41.
indifference to the national feelings of Ruadan, St., of Lorrah, some account
Id., 840; her priests, why punished of, 70.
by Q. Elizabeth, 843–5, 857, 1398 - Rupert, St., first bp. of Saltzburgh, 348.
1404; and under K. James I., 1330 Rural deanries, instances of their origin
se99.; her attempts to regain ascen- in ancient episcopal sees, 617.
dency on the accession of the latter, Rural deans, Romish, appointed in the
853 seqq. ; order for her clergy to leave 17th cent. to nurse their schism, 895,
Id., 855 ; real, or supposed, willing- 1364.
ness of her priests to conform, A.D. Russell, Sir W., Ld. deputy. of Id., 822.
1607, 863; Bp. Ram's efforts to with- Russell, Patrick, fifth titr. abp. of Dub-
draw the people of his charge from her lin, notice of his life, synods, and con-
seducements, 871; her view of rebel- stitutions, 1255 ; allows Primate Ma
lion in the Synod of Drogheda, A.D. guire to have precedency in his dio-
1614, 897; the Church lands of Id. not

cese, 1245.
originally hers, 1059; Henry II. re- Russia, why few bpks. in, 984.
quested to establish her power in Id., Ryan, Cornelius. See O'Melrian.
1090; her taxations of id , 1145 seqq. ; Rydcors Castle, a Norman stronghold in
her apprehension of a fall when for- Wales, 1027, '30.
saken by the Irish, 1204 ; her abetting Rymers Fædera, qd., 533 n., 643 tho,
of English agressions, noticed by Mr. 1085.
T. Moore, 1426 ; her novelty in Id., Rythmarch, abp. of St. David's 1029.

Ryvere, W. de, Canon of Sarum, papal O'Neill a seditious epistle from Pope
collector in Id., 1151.

Paul, III., 1206.
Sabbath day, in the 7th century, still Salop, the earl and earldom of, 1023, '6,
meant Saturday, 90, 91.

Sacraments, abp. Comyn's preaching Saltuir-na-Rann, of Ængus Ceile-De,

concerning, and canons relative to, account of, 354.
enacted in the Dublin Synod of A.D. Saltzburgh, St. Virgilius builds a cathe-
1186, 609, 611 ; abuses connected with dral in, 348, his labours there, 348, '9.
that of the Lord's Supper, as noticed Salvation by Christ only, Bp. Baie's dili-
by Bp. Bale, 732 ; titular legislation gence in setting forth, 733, '4.
relative to, 893, 1364 ; see 901.

Samuel, fourth bp. of Dublin, conserd.
Sacrifices for the dead, 50.

at Canterbury, 429 ; reproved by Pri-
Saigir, St. Kieran of, 69; its monastery mate Anselm for pride and cupidity,
ravaged by the Danes, 383.

ib., 430.
Saints not invoked by the most ancient Sanders, Dr., 788; joins the Irish rebel-

Irish Christians, š. Patrick, &c., 44, lion of J. Fitzmaurice, 790, 1270 ; ar.
67 ; not by 8. Columba, nor Columba- rives in Kerry, ib., 792 ; his miserable
nus, 250 ; (see Invocation;) supersti- end, 800 ; his letter to the Irish peo
tious views connected with them in ple, &c., 1267 seqq. See 1270, 1369.
later times, illustrated in the litanies San Josepho, papal captain for the Lrish
of Engus, 355, '6; and by a reference rebn., A.D., 1577, 790.
to transactions of the Anglo-Romish Santa Cruce, Maurice and Calvagh de,
period, 585; John Bale imprisoned murdered, 1127.
in Henry VIII's time for preaching Sardica, Council of. See Council.
against the invocation of their names, Sarum Use, in divine service, its popula-
&c., 731 ; notes on the expression rity, 520 n.
"merits and intervention of the saints," Saul, or Sabhal, (Co. Down,) the site of
in a sermon of St. Columbanus, 969, St. Patrick's first Church in Id., 33.
970; the ancient Irish saints divided Saundford, abp. de, interdicts the city of
into 3 orders, 60—62, 982; their love Dublin, to enforce payment of clerical
for seclusion, 1058 ; an Act of Abp. dues, 624.
Dowdall, relative to saints' days no- Saxons, their invasion of Britain, 116;
ticed, 1113; (see 893, 1365 ;) burning their establishment of the Heptarchy,
of their images at the time of the 117, '18; their conversion to Christia-
Reformation exemplified in S. Mary of nity, 127 seqq. ; supposed by Camden
Trim, 1194; and S. Dominick at Cork, to have received the use of letters from

the Irish, 351; oppressed by the A.
Saladin's taking of Jerusalem, noticed, Normans, 551, 1022 ; further note on

their obligations to the Irish, 1441, '2.
Salamanca, university, various titular See 326.

prelates for Id. educated in, 1238, '48, ! Scaramp, Peter, his mission to id, as
54 n. ; combines with Valladolid in a papal minister, 1239.
"judgment" approving strongly of H. Scarlet Robe, why worn by the pope,
O'Neill's rebellion, with denunciation according to Gillebert, 444.
of its opponents, 850, 1300-1306. Schism, charged on the old Irish by the
Salmeron, Alphonso, Jesuit, brings Con Church of Rome, 136, 151, 442, 527-

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