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dom" of Dr. Travers, 1430 ; and ad- 68; 8. Columba studies at, 76 ; ravaged
mission of the ready acceptance of the by the Danes, 382, 563.
regal supremacy by the Irish chieftains Moylinny, rural deanry in Connor dio.,
of that age, 143!, 2; his account of taxation of, A.D., 1306. 1160, '61.
the Reformation of the Irish Church Munna, St., (of Taghmon) his contro-
as the act of its own prelates, 1433 ; and versy with Lasrean about Easter, 170;
subsequent misstatement as to the and defence of the Ir. customs, ib., 171.
creation of a new Church in the same Munster, anciently one of the five king-
proceeding, 1434; his description of doms of Id., 378 ; visitation of, by the
Desmond as a religious leader, ib.; primates of ld. in the 12th cent., 476,
and notice of Jas. Fitzmaurice's pro- 1107 ; the bps. of, accept the regal su-
ceedings and motives, 1435; his mis- premacy under Henry VIII., 701 ; its
take about Jas. Mac Caghwell, ib., lay chieftains do likewise, 705 ; wasted
1436 ; his use of the word titular, ib., by the wars of the Desmond and Or-
1437; his notice of the introduction of mond families, 769 ; Desmond's inabi-
"religion" as a pretext for rebellion, lity to promote religion there, 775;
ib.; his strange mistake about H. James Fitz Maurice creates disturb-
O'Neill's attainder, 1438.

ance in, 777 ; the Earl of Desmond
Morocco, King Sebastian's unfortunate helps to excite agitation in, 786 ; the
expedition against, 790.

Desmond rebellion in, 787–803; do-
Morogh, son of Brian Boru, falls at ings of a vicar apostolic of, 835, 1294-'6;
Clontarf, 416.

efforts of the Sugan Earl in, against
Moryson, Fynes, qd., 1298-1300.

England, 836 ; quieted by Ld. Mount-
Moscow, the burning of, 1337.

joy at the accession of James I.,
Moses, the law of, supposed by the Irish 851, '2.

to have been reintroduced at the Re- Murcart, (Murchardach, Muriardach,
formation, (perhaps from the Ten i.e. Murtagh, or Moriarty O Brien,)
Commandments being set up in the king of Id., 428 ; unites with the clergy
churches, ) 1194.

and people of Dublin in electing
Mosheim, (Ch. Historian,) his praise of * Samuel, fourth bp. of that city, 429;
J. S. Erigena, 404.

joins with the citizens of Waterford,
"Mother Church," the name of, how &c., in electing a bp. for them, 430 ;
used anciently, 167.

Anselm's letter to him on the state of
Mountgarret, L., (A.D. 1613) a patron of religion in Id., 432; present in the

D. Rothe, and of Romish schism, 1357. Synod of Fiadh-mac-Angusa, 451;
Mountjoy, Ld., sent over against H. gives his daughter in marriage to Ar-

O'Neill, 837; his successful proceed- nulf Montgomery, 1017, '29; his kind
ings in the war, 838 ; besieges Kinsale, reception of Owen ap Cadogan, 1032 ;
841; discomfits H. O'Neill, 842, 3; his letter to Primate Anselm, of thanks
keeps Id. in order at the accession of for his kindness to his son-in-law Ar-
K. James I,, 851 ; his advice concern- nulf, 1016, '17; his death, 1036.
ing the treatment of loyal Romanists, Muredoc, abbot of Kildare, A.D. 821, 391.
856, '7; calamitous effects of his mili- Murray, Danl., fifteenth titular abp. of
tary operations on the enemy, 1298, '9. Dublin, 1257.
Mountmorres. See Hervey.

Murrough, viscount, title of, given to
Moville, (Co. Down,) the monastery of, Stukely by the pope of Rome, 791.

2 T

Murtagh, (or Murtogh,) O'Brien, king of Niall, usurper of the see of Armagh, in
Id. See Murcart, sup.

opposition to S. Malachy, 469, 470.
“Nag's Head Consecration," the, irrele- Niall Naoighiallach, king of Id., 75.

vant to Ir. episcopal succession, 1419. Nice, Council of. See Council.
Naitan, king of the Picts, enforces the Nicholas, St., the collegiate church of,

Roman Easter, &c., 185 ; sends tor in Galway, 591 ; bull of Pope Inno-
architects to build him a church in the cent in favour of, 672, 1169, 70, 71,
Roman style, promising to dedicate *84 ; inventory of its plundered pro.
it to St. Peter, 211, 212.

perty, 1186, 7.
Nangle, bp. of Clonfert, A.D. 1539, an Nicholas, chaplain of Henry II., ap-
Irish preacher, 1219.

pointed a commissioner for getting up
Nantes, adventures of St. Columbanus the Synod of Cashel, 508.
at, 264-6.

Nicholas, prior of Wallingford, sentorer
Nationality, Irish, gratuitously violated to Id. with Adrian's bull, 527.

by English laws, 657—'9, 756, '7; con- Nicholson's, Bp. Historical Library,
nection of, with the Irish Church and cited, 483, 504, &c.
Irish Romanism, 924.

Noel, Rev. B. W., misrepresentations of,
Navan abbey, Indulgences granted to by concerning Irish tithes, corrected,
P. Nichs, V., 1111.

1072 n.
Navarchus, J., Jesuit, his letter about Normans, Nortmans, or Northmen, their
Rd. Creagh, 1231, 3.

Invasions of la., 377 seqq. ; the name
Neddrum priory, (Co. Down,) founded applied to themselves by the Danish

568 ; made a cell to St. Bega's in Cum- settlers in Dublin, 420; the Anglo
berland, 574.

Normans, not the Saxons, the invaders
Neimheadh, what, 1043, '4.

- of Id. in 1172, 551; their oppression of
Nenagh, priory of St. ohn, founded at, the Saxons, ib., 574 ; do. of the Welsh,

1021, '95; their hateful treachery,
Nendrum, or Mahee Island, once a bp's. 1030, 1127, '8.
see, 991, '2.

Northumberland, the Saxon kingdom of,
Nennius, his notice of St. Patrick's la- established, 118; its reception of Chris-
bours, 37, 449 n., 982.

tianity, 129; extent, 172 ; relapsing
Nepotism of the Irish clergy, censured into Paganism, it is recovered there
in A.D 1201, 1051, '2.

from by St. Aidan, ib., 178; disturbed
Nessan, St., 61, 161, 986.

by the Paschal controversy, 180 seqq. i
Nest, wife of Gerald de Windsor, her ab- subjected to the Roman customs, 184.
duction, 1031.

Northumbd., T. Cusack's letter to the
Nestorian heresy, the, supposed by S. duke of, A.D. 1552, qd., 728.

Columbanus to have been counten- Norway, Card. Vivian sent to visit, as
anced in the Fifth General Council, papal legate, 601.
309, 950 n.

Norwich taxation" the, account of,
Newburgh, Wm. of, qd., 524, 1440, '44. 1146.
Newtown, Trim, a convent of Augustini Notker s Martyrology, its notice of 8.

canons founded in, 571; the synod of, Gallus, 334.
under Bp. Rochfort, enacts laws for Novelty of the present Romish establish-
suppressing the smaller sees in Meath, ment, succession, &c., in Ireland, 899,
&c., 616, 617.

913. See also 679 seqq., and 1366 segg.
accession to the supreme monarchy, because Irish, 1129 n.
494 ; his wars with D. Mac Murrogh, O'Duane, Corns., titr. bishop of Down
&c., 499 ; his backwardness in submit- and Connor, his execution, 1371.
ing to Henry II., and the reasons which O'Flaherty's West Connaught by Har-
made it not easy to crush him, 504, diman, qd., 1172 n., &c.
506, 510, '1 ; a final treaty agreed to be O'Flaherty's, their ancient seigniory and
tween him and King Henry, 544–7; its diocese, 1173 seqq. ; Hugh Mor
to ratify which, his son is given up as builds Annadown Church, 1183; the
a hostage to the English, 548; letter family excluded from holding office in
of P. Alexander III. to, 534 n., 1091 ; Galway, 1185.

O'Briens of Munster, their mischievous against papal supremacy, 705; and ac-

turbulence, in the 12th cent, 434 : the cepts an English title under Henry
title of Thomond, cunferred on the VIII., 710.
head of the family by Henry VIII., O'Donel, Hugh Roe, engages in H.
710; who receives a curious memorial O'Neill's troubles, 839, 841 ; marches
from the same quarter, against "the with him to Kinsale, 842; flees to the
poison of the bp. of Rome," 1431.

Continent, 843, 852.
O'Brien, Donald (Mor,) king of North O'Donel, Roderic, visits the court of K.

Munster, 1048, '9; his foundation of James I., 852 ; is made earl of Tyrcon.
Holy Cross Abbey in Tiperary, 568. nel, ib. ; his flight from Id., 866; and
O'Brien, Mauce., bp. of Kildare, his attainder, 884.

letter against M. O'Molana, 1217. O'Donel, Calvagh, his wife's abduction
O'Brien, Ter. Albert, titr. bp. of Emly, by Shane O'Neill, 807.
the story of his death, 1374.

O'Donelly, Shane, his depositions con-
O'Brien's Irish Dictionary, qd., 1375. cerning friar M'Crodden, &c., 1343, '4.
O'Conor's, (Dr., author of the Rerum O'Donelly, Terence, first titular bishop

Hibernicarum Scriptores,) works, qd., of Derry, 1226. See 1378.
9, 15, 693 n., 706, 7, 715 n., 861, 2, O'Donnell, (or Daniel,) Wm., atp. of
1042, 1079; his view of the Oath of Tuam. See Daniel.
Allegiance, deposing power, &c., 1324 O'Donovan, Professor, his Irish Gram-
seqq. ; his narrative of 11 R. priests, mar, qd., 1048 n. ; his Annals of the
subjected to the penal laws in Eng. Four Masters, qd., 1049 n., 1193, &c.
land, 1333 seqq.

See Four Masters.
O'Conor, Roderic, the last king of Id., his O'Driscoll, Roger, killed, without felony,

present at the Synod of Tuam, 1092. O'Gallagher, Redmd., papal bp. of Derry,
oʻConor, Thos., abp. of Armagh, 1108 ; A.D. 1601, 1213, (see also 1220.) 137), '8.
his death, &c., 619.

O'Haingly, Donat and Samuel, bps. of
O'Cormacain, Thos., bp. of Killaloe, sup- Dublin, 426, '9, 1096.

ports the Statute of Kilkenny, 661, O'Hely, Patrick, titular bp. of Mayo,
1140 ; employed as an agent of the En- 1368; executed for treason, 1369.
glish goverment, 1141, '2.

O'Herlihy, T., “bp. of Ross," Triden-
O'Daly's Relatio Geraldinorum, qd., tine titular prelate, 1217, 1372.
1272, 1314.

O'Hoisin, Eda, first pall-wearer in
O'Dogherty, Cahir, his outrages and Tuam, 581.

end, 867 ; his attainder, 884. See 1227. O'Hurley, Dermot, titr. abp. of Cashel
O'Donel, chieftain of Donegal, vows his life, 1367 ; no martyr, 1368.

O'Kane's county, (Derry,) its desolation bellion against England, he receives a
by Ld, Mountjoy's forces, 1299.

check at Bellahoe, 697 ; engages to
O'Kearney, or Kearney, (see Carney,) eliminate the Roman pontiff from his

David, titr. abp. of Cashel, 902; a territory, and accepts an English title
foreign pensioner, 910 n.; partly of 705, 710, 711 ; his death, 765;

P. Paul's
English blood, ib., 911.

epistles to him, 1203-'6; his treason-
O'Lonchy, Thos., archdeacon of Cashel, able interview with Waucop, &c. 1227.

A.D. 1316, his contest for that see with O'Neill, (or O'Neyl) Donald, and the
bp. Mac Carwill, 647,; its ill success, Irish, their Memorial to P. John
648 n.

XXII., 635 seqq., 840, 1119 seqq.
O'Lonergan, Donald, first pall-wearing O'Neill, Hugh na Gaveloch, his murder,
abp. of Cashel, 581.

805 ; his parentage, ib., 807.
O'Melconry, (or Conroy,) Floce., titr. O'Neill, Hugh, his descent, education,

abp. of Tuam, 902 ; supported in Flan- and manners, 804; his character and
ders by the king of Spain, 910 n. See principles, 805, '6; obtains title of

Earl of Tyrone from the Irish parli-
O'Melrian, (or Ryan,) Cornelius, titr. ment, 808; and a grant of the estates

bp. of Killaloe, promotes Irish agita- from Queen Elizabeth, 809; his trea-
tion in Rome, A.D. 1577, 788 seqq. ; he chery, ib., 817; and affectation of loy.
and M. de Oviedo the only titular pre- alty, 818, '19; addresses an odd memo-
lates for Ireland on record at the ac- rial to Q. Elizabeth by Capn. Lee,

cession of James I., 890, 1253, see 1383. 820—2 ; expels the Blackwater garri-
O'Molana, Malachy, his efforts to obtain son, ib., 823; defeats the Queen's

possession of the see of Killaloe, A.D. forces with great loss, 825; his confer-
1572, 1217.

ence with the earl of Essex, 826; he re-
O'Moloyne, Rory, "pretended" bp. elect ceives aid from Spain, 827 ; his zeal for
of Ardagh, A.D. 1518, 1218.

the" Catholic" faith, ib., 828 ; his into-
O'Morgair, Malachy, abp. of Armagh. lerance towards the loyal Irish, 829, 830;
See Malachy.

his creed on the subject of allegiance to
O'Mugin, Gilla Eda, bp. of Cork, 477 n. a prince charged with heresy, ib., 831 ;
O'Mullaly, Thos., abp. of Tuam, his ex. ill success of his hypocrisy, 832, 3;
ertions in favour of Enaghdun diocese, his assumption of the royalties of all

Id., 835, '6, 1275 ; writes to P. Cle-
O'Mulloy, Albin, abbot of Baltinglass, ment for further aid, ib., 837 ; meets

made bp. of Ferns, 576 ; his discourse with losses, 838; receives a fresh letter
at the Synod of Dublin on clerical of encouragement from the pope, 839,
continency, 609; his impious cursing 840; and military aid from Spain,
of William Earl Marshal, 621, 2; pre- 841; which are followed by a complete
sent at the coronation of Richard I., overthrow of his forces at Kinsale,

842, '3; his submission, ib.; opposition
O'Murray, Donogh, abp. of Tuam, to him a mortal sin with Rome, 850,

founds Galway College, 1169, 1184, '5; 1303; his visit to the court of K.
see 671, "2.

James I., 852; his conspiracy, flight,
O'Neill, Con, (Bacach,) his notorious and end, 866; the act for his attainder,

ignorance, 865 n.; and profligacy, 807 ; 884; he procures the appointment of
instigated by the pope of Rome to re- titular bps. to beg for him abroad,

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890 ; his traitorous letter to Ld. Barry, of the present series, account of,
and the reply, 1278 seqq. ; seditious 1246, 17.
letter from him and certain others to O'Reilly, Richd., fourteenth titr. primate
the pope, 1282-'5; bull of P. Clem. of Id., account of his life, 1247, 8.
VIII. exciting the Irish to join his re. O'Ruarc, T., his ill treatment by D.
bellion, 1286, 17; another letter from Mac Morogh, 494. See 865 n.
the pope to him, 1289 se99.; judgment | O'Ryan, Corns., titr. bp. of Killaloe,
of the foreign universities on his 1349, '54. See O'Melrian.
rebellion, 1300-1306; his reception O'Sullivan, Philip, his Historiæ Catho-
abroad after his fiight, 1347 ; exercise licæ Ibernia Compendium, qd., 772 n.,
of his influence in obtaining the ap- 777 ; his account of Jas. Fitz Maurice's
pointment of a titular episcopacy for visit to Rome, and proceedings there
Id., 1348 ; his vain professions about to promote rebellion in Id., 787-790;
liberty of conscience, 1437 ; consent of his notice of Oviedo's arrival in Ulster
"the Catholic party" to his destruc- with aid for H.O'Neill, &c., 827; his tes-
tion, 1438.

timony concerning the first organising
O'Neill, John or Shane, hangs one of his of the modern Romish establishment

followers for using English food, 710; in Id., 900-902 ; his want of truthful-
slighted by his father, though partiality ness, ib. n.; his Brief Relation of Ire-
towards his half brother Matthew, 711, land, &c., 910 n., 1253 n. ; his account
766 ; whose death he procures, 765 ; of the activity of the Romanists and
his apology for himself to Sir H. Sid- foreign agents against the Refn. in Id.,
ney, 766, "7 ; visits Queen Elizabeth, 1361, '2. See also 1207, "72, 1301, &c.
767, '8; breaks out into insurrection O'Toole, Adam, burned for heresy
again, ib., 769; burns Armagh, 770; 650.
and is thercupon doubly excommuni- O'Toole, Laurence, (commonly called St.
cated, 771 ; his death, and confiscation Laurence,) abp. of Dublin. See Lau-
of his lands, ib.-D. Rothe's notice of rence.
him, 766 n. ; Mr. Phelan's inaccuracy O's and Mac's forbidden to swagger in
in quoting this passage noticed and Galway, 1185.
corrected, 1232 n.-Shane O'Neill's Oath of (regal) Supremacy, taken by

disregard of lawful wedlock, 807. many bps. under Henry VIII., 701 ;
O'Neill, Matt., made baron of Dungan- that given to the pope by prelates of

non by Henry VIII., 711; warring his communion subversive thereof,
with his brothers, he is killed, 765, his 725, '6, Q. Elizabeth's, enforced by
parentage, 766, 804.

parlt., 753, '4; Bp. Walsh, of Meath,
O'Reilly, Edmd., sixth titular primate of preaches against it, 760; imposed on

Id., his life, character, &c., 1241 ; op- the first students of Trin. Coll., Dub.,
poses the Loyal Irish Remonstrance, 813; oaths to princes, papal claim to
ib., 1242, vid. q. 1408, '10.

absolve from, 708, 831, 1202, '61; the
O'Reilly, Hugh, fifth titular primate of Oath of King James I., how received,

Ia., his part in the great rebellion, 858 ; its object, ib., 1403; copy of this
1239; appointed one of the “Supreme oath, 1311 ; its denunciation by papal
Council," ib.; his intercourse with authority, 859, 897, 1313 seqq., 1396 ;
Rinuncini, &c., 1240,

the Oath of Supremacy the only test of
O'Reilly, Michael, twelfth titular of Id. assent to his religious changes enforced

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