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Mac Williams, (or De Burgo's) forbid- keep Trinity College from falling into

den to Christmas in Galway, 1185. the hands of the Jesuits, 1245.
See 705, 710, 1219.

Maguire, chieftain of Fermanagh, his in-
“Maccabees, the Book of,“ distinguished surrection, A.D. 1594, 818, 819; ac

by Marianus Scotus from the canoni- cused of treason, he flees with H.
cal Scriptures, 366.

O'Neill to the Continent, 866.
Maddock, Jas., sent by the Irish parlt. Mahee Island, (Co. Down,, once a bp.'s
(A.D. 1475,) to learn the Word of God

See, 991.
at Oxford, 597.

Maidulf of Malmesbury, his life, 337.
Maelmurry Mac Morogh, king of Lein- Malachy (O'Morgair,) abp. of Armagh,

ster, his wars with Brian Boru, 414. commonly named St. Malachy, sup-
Mælbrigid, Primate, hangs twelve riot- posed to have been alluded to in St.
ers, 1107.

Patrick's vision about Id., 58; his
Maelseachlin, (or Malachy,) I., king of Life, by S. Bernard, 456 ; his youth

Id., conquers Turgesius, and drowns and education, 457; ordination and
him in Loch Var, 385.

appointment as primate's vicar, 458 ;
Maelseachlin II., his wars with Brian his exertions in promoting the customs

Boru, and with the Danes, 412; his of Rome, sacred music, &c., ib., 459;
rights usurped by Brian, 413; his con- goes to improve his knowledge of
duct at Clontarf, 415; recovers the su- Church discipline with Bp. Malchus
preme monarchy, 416.

of Lismore, 460 ; restores the monas-
Magauran, titular primate of id. See tery of Bangor, 461 ; appointed bp. of
Mae Gautran.

Connor, 462 ; his labours there, and
Magenis, Arthur, Romt. bp. of Dro- introduction of Roman rites, 453 ; his
more, confirmed by Edw. VI., 1213. expulsion from the place by war, 464;
Vid. q. 1380, 1432.

nominated successor to Primate Cel.
Magenis, Eugene, bp. of Down, sanctions sus, 465 ; his difficulties in accepting

the establishment of the Refn., under the post, 466'-9; retires to the bpk.
Q. Elizabeth, 1209, '12; (vid. 1379;) of Down, substituting Gelasius for
assists in the consecration of Bale and himself as primate, 470 ; appoints
Goodacre, 729, 763.

Ædan bp. of Clogher, 471; his anxiety
Maghbile, or Moville, (Co. Down) 991. to obtain Romish “palls" for Id., ib. ;
Maghera, Manor Court of, 1063.

he visits Rome, 473; is appointed
Magio, (or Nenay,) Co. Limerick, a Cis-

pope's legate for Id., ib., 541; visits
tertian estabt. formed at, 478.

S. Bernard at Clairvaux, 474, '5; his
Magna Charta appealed to by the pre- return home and renewed activity in

lates of Munster, against English tax- Id., ib.; appoints a bp. for Cork, 477,
ation of the Ir. clergy, 651.

580; introduces the Cistertian order
Magnus, prince of Norway, invades Eng- into Id., 475, 57; obtains a commission
land, 1028.

to go to Rome for the palls, 478 ; set-
Magragh, Miler, abp. of Cashel, bis ap- ting out on this errand, he is overtaken

pointment to the see of Clogher, 1212; by death in France, 479; his supersti-
his evil doings at Cashel noticed, 1224. tious piety, 480, 481; was the first per-
See 1272.

son resident in Ireland, canonized by
Maguire, Dominick, eighth titular pri- the Church of Rome, 481.

mate of Id., his life, 1244; he helps to 1108.

Malachy, bp. of Down, taken prisoner by Scripture Commentaries, noticed, 437;
J. de Courcy, 600.

his estimation of the Apocrypha, 366.
Malachy, king of Id. See Muelseach- Marriage, irregularities connected with,

charged on the old Irish by Primate
Malchus, a monk of Winchester, ap- Lanfranc, 424, '5; the charge re.
pointed bp. of Waterford, 430.

peated by St. Anselm, 432 ; Malachy's
Malchus, bp. of Lismore, 459, 460, 477 ; exertions to adjust according to the

receives Malachy O'Morgair and King Roman canon law, 459, 464 ; the hope
Cormac Mac Carthy into his monas- of improving matters in this particu-
tic establishment there, 460; urges lar, a motive with the Ir. bps. in sub-
Malachy to accept the primacy, 468. mitting to Henry II., 512; Cashel en-
Malmesbury derives its name from an actment relative to, 616; the abuses
Irish saint, 319, 337.

complained of are particularised by P.
Malmesbury, Wm. of, his description of Alexander III., 538, 1088; marriage

Ireland's beggarly condition, (A. D. dues to the clergy in Dublin, a matter
1100, 1018, '19.

of dispute, A.D. 1267, 624 ; marriage
Manger of Bethlehem, a relic of the, with the mere Irish denounced by the
preserved in Dublin ! 587.

Statute of Kilkenny, 658; the ordi.
Mant, Bp., his Church Hist. of Id. qd., nance not regulated among them by

683 n., 743, 759, 785, 1309; apparent the papal canon law, (A.D. 1528,) 673;
errors occurring in this history cor- disregarded by their chiefs and lead.
rected, 692 n., 1436 n.

ers, 807 ; that of Henry VIII., and
Mantuanus, Baptista, his statement as other like cases, pronounced upon by

to the views of the Britons, &c., in the the Ir. parlt., 684 ; that of bishops,
Paschal controversy with Rome, 201. made a ground for their deprivation
Manual labour, diligently followed by under Q. Mary, 740, 761; the Trent

the early monks, 233 ; instance in s. laws connected with, introduced into
Columba, 100, 104; Columbanus, 255; use in Id., 894, 899, 1363; abuses in,

Kentegern and his disciples, 1008. widely prevalent among the lower
MSS. in Trinity College Library, Dub- Irish in the time of Jas. I., 905, '6;

lin, qd , 526 n. seqq., 532, 3, 634, 1213, whether used by the ancient clergy of
'14, 1306-9.

Id., 1422, '4. See 1052 n., and Celi-
Maolmaodhog, original name of Mala- bacy, sup.
chy O'Morgair, 457.

Martene's Thesaurus qd., 521; his trea-
Mareschal, wm., earl of Pembroke, a tise de Ant. Ec. Ritibus, 967.

founder of monasteries in Id., 570 ; his Martial law, H. O'Neill's desire to exer.
affinity with Strongbow, 621 ; made cise in his district, 821.
the subject of an awful denunciation Martin, St, bp. of Tours, said to have

after his death, by a bp. of Ferns, 622. instructed St. Patrick, 28 ; propagates
Margaret, Queen of England, granted a monasticism in France, 229; his tomb

share of the Papal Tenths for five visited by S. Columbanus, 265 ; ho-
years, 1151.

noured with an altar in Galway, 591.
Marianus, tutor of P. Adrian IV., an Martyrology, the, of Tallaght, 354;
Irishman, 486.

Notker's qd., 334 ; the Roman, 403.
Marianus Scotus, account of, 435; his Mary, the B. Virgin, assigned a share of

superstition, 436 ; his Chronicle, and the honour given to God in the dedi-

cation of S. Patrick's, Dublin, 585 ; Matthew Paris qd., (on the nature of an
see 1115 ; some of her milk, an item in interdict,) 593.
the list of pretended relics in Christ Masters, the Four. See Four Masters.
Church, Dubn., 587; contumely to Mathew, Emer, titr. bp. of Clogher,
her punished with death, A.D. 1353, “martyr," 1374, '9.
652; Abp. Browne condemns the prac- Matthews, E., second titr. abp. of Dub-
tice of praying to her, 68); her title of lin. See Mac Mahon, Owen.
" blessed " no proof of her mediator- Mattins, to be said in Latin or English,
ship, 724, '5; her image burned at by the Act of Uniformily, 755.
Trim, 1194.

Maude, or Matilda, the Empress, objects
Mary's, St., nunnery, Dubn., founded by to the A. N. invasion of Id., 492.

D. Mac Morogh, 566; her monastery Maximus, Roman commander in Britain,
of canons regr. at Kells, Kilkenny, 116.
571, &c., &c.

May, John, primate of Id., his patronage
Mary's, St., Abbey, Dublin, controver- of prayers for the dead, 590, '1.

sial conference in, A.D. 1551, 723-'6. Mayo, St. Colman's English monastery
Mary, Q., (the bloody,) her accession in, 186; the scene of Danish outrage,

and tyranny, 735; makes provision for 383; the ancient see of, noticed, 995
burning, &c., of heretics in Id., 736,

742; the celebration of her accession M.Cragh, Berd., first “vicar genl." of
in Kilkenny, 738 ; deprives the re- the new Romish estabt. in Derry, 905.
forming prelates, 739, 740; her perse M'Crodden, Tirlaugh, his seditious and
cuting instructions to the Ld. Deputy schismatical preaching, 1343, '53, '60.
Fitz Walter, 742 ; effects the “recon- M'William, (Ouchter,) or Burke, Irish
ciling" of Id. to the see of Rome, 743, chieftain, his disturbances in Con-
744; story of her commission for the naught, A.D. 1565, 769.
persecuting of Protestants in Id., 745,'6. Meath, anciently one of the five king.
Mason, Mr., his Religion of the ancient doms of Id., 378; ravaged by Turge

Irish Saints qd., 46; his History of sius, 382; the king of, submits to
St. Patrick's Cathedral, 630 n.

Henry II. at Waterford, F04 ; a bp. of,
Mass, uniformity observed in the, by the promotes L. Simnel's imposture, 666 ;

most ancient Ir. saints, 60; a repeti. its chiefs renounce papal supremacy,
tion of, employed by s. Malachy, to 705 ; state of the diocese of, in 1576,
procure admission to heaven for a de- 783, 784; formed of many smaller an-
parted sister, 480 ; ordered for the cient do., 617, 990; its bishop's order
dead by the Synod of Cashel, 518; of precedence among the Ir. prelates,
private masses, abuse of, 590—2; ad- 994. See 1000; also staples, and Walsh.
vantages of an unknown tongue in, Meath, the archdeacon of. See Stopford.
720, '1; antiquity of, and changes in, Mediator, Christ the only, with orthodox
the, 724; celebration of, to be sheltered Christians, 724, '5.
from wind and rain, in the early con- Mellifont, the seat of the first Irish Cis-
venticles under Jas. I., 899, 1364 ; no tertian establishment, 477; its abbot
priest to celebrate ordinarily more sent as an ambassador to Rome, 634 n..
than once a day, ib. ; what languages 1092 ; the synod of, (A.D. 1157,) 542
may properly be used in, according to n. ; (see 1044;) the establishment
P. John Vill., 965 se99.

strongly national in A.D. 1322, 1426.

Melrose Abbey, on the Tweed, an Irish Milk, said to have been used for baptiz-

establishment, 242 ; its Annals qd., ing, in Id., 521.
483 n., 1050.

Ministers, a want of, in the Irish Church,
Melruan, abbot and bishop of Tallaght, noticed, A.D. 1576, 784.

Minister's money, 1073; some account
Mendicant orders, their rise and abuses, of its origin, &c., 1079–81.

589, 1110; their persecution of Primate Miracles of St. Patrick, their origin, 14 ;
Fitz Ralph, 655.

abundance of, connected with the
Menevia, or St. David's in Wales, the names of saints, their relics, &c., in

see of, 122, 123 ; Ferns thought by some the Anglo-Romish times, 585; a speci-
to have been subject to, 994; Giraldus's men in support of the Latin mass, 749;
work on, qd., 1094 ; the diocese made their use and limits according to Sedu-
subject to Canterbury, 1030; and to lius, 393; that of raising the dead at-

the intrusion of Norman bps., 1035. tributed to St. Malachy, 481.
Mercia, the Saxon kingdom of, founded, Mis, Sliav, or Sliemish, (Co. Antrim,)

118; its conversion to Christianity, St. Patrick a captive near, 19.
129, 179.

" Mission, the, in id.," a Romish title for
"Mere Irish," 759 n. See “ Irish, the orders, 1254, 1392-'5.

Missionary zeal of the ancient Irish peo-
Meredyth ap Blethyn submits to King ple, 206; instanced in St. Patrick, 24
Henry I., 1035.

seqq. ; in the followers of St. Columba,
Merits, Romish views of, whether held 239; in St. Cuthbert, 242; in St. Co-

by St. Patrick, 43 ; of the saints, false lumbanus, 274 ; in certain missionaries
notions entertained of, in the seventh to Iceland, 404, '5.
cent., 278; views of S. Columbanus Mochtra, St., said to have brought relics
connected with, 302, '3; false doctrine to Id. from Rome, 586.
of, connected with abbey-building in Modestus, Bp., commissioned by S. Vir-
the 12th cent., 584 ; Bp. Bale's preach- gilius to prcach and labour among the
ing in regard to, 733; note of Archbi. people of Carinthia, 349.
shop Ussher on, 970.

Moedoc, (or Maidoc, i.e. St. Ædan.) See
Merks, Jenico, mayor of Dublin, his Ædan. The independence of the
petn. to Henry VII., 1101.

early Irish Church illustrated from his
Methodius, St., apostle of the Sclavi, 968. legends, 1249,
Metz, (see Austrasia,) Fingen's Ir. es- Moling, abp. of Ferns, 447.

tablishment in, patronized by King Mon, or Anglesey, 1028.
Otho, 412; a bp. of, promotes rebn. in Monaghan, the monastery of, ravaged by
Id. 697.

the Danes, 382; state of the county in
Michael ab Isselto, qd., 790.

the reign of Jas. I., 862, '3.
Milan, the eccl. province of, subject to Monarchy, the supreme, of Ireland, its
the see of Rome, 306.

lawful succession interrupted by the
Milcho, St. Patrick's master during his usurpation of Brian Boru, 413, 416,
captivity, 19.

417; held by Rodk. O'Conor at the
Milesius, alleged progenitor of the Irish period of the Conquest, 504.
people, 1120.

Monasterevan, a Cistertian abbey found.
Military ecclesiastics of Engd. and Id., ed in, during the 12th cent., 576.
386, 819, 835, 1294, &c.

Monaster Neva, battle of, 795.

Monasteries, the ancient, their use, as their industry and popularity in Eng.

schools of learning, &c. 245, '6; as mis- land, 241; illustrated in St. Cuthbert's
sionary stations, ib., 247, 274, '5; as case, 242, "3; their monastic habit,
houses of relief for the poor, 226, 248 ; 244, '5; the monks and the “Core-
those of 8. Columbanus independent nanters " partly sympathetic, 963, '4.
of episcopal control, 275; Irish, popu- Monophysites, the, 950 n., 955.
lar in France in early times, 277; Montgomery, Geo., made bp. of Derry,
changes made in the condition of those &c., by K. James I., 863 ; non-resi-
of Id. under Anglo-Norman influence, dent, ib. ; his wife's escape from Cahir
562—577 ; motives of the Anglo-Nor. O'Dogherty's massacre in Derry, 867.
man founders of such institutions, | Montgomery, Arnulf, or Ernulf, invader
565 ; bishops commonly chosen out of of Pembroke, 1017 ; his rebellion
them, 576; strife between the Anglo- against K. Henry I., ib., 1029; he re-
Norman and Irish inmates of them, ceives a grant of land in Wales, 1026,
577 ; degeneracy of the orders con- and builds the castle of Pembroke,
nected with them in the middle ages,

588; their devastation by the Danes, Montgomery, Hugh, earl of Salop, with
380 seqq., 563, 1060 ; do. under Henry Hugh, earl of Chester, ravages Angle-
VIII., 1193.

sey, 1028 ; his death, ib.
Monastio rules, of the ancient Irish in Montgomery, Roger, first earl of Salop,

genl., 238 ; of S. Columbanus, 279- 1017, does homage for the lordships of

Powys and Cardigan, 1026; fortifies
Monks, anciently made no compulsory Montgomery Castle, ib. ; which is over.

renunciation of private property, as a thrown by the Welsh, and earl Roger
condition of admittance to the order, slain, 1027 ; the castle retaken by Wm.
125; Benedictines introduced into Eng- Rufus, ib.
land on the expulsion of the Ir., 187; ac- Moore, Dr., Romish priest, made Provost
count of their origin and history, 224 of Trin. Coll. Dub., under K. James
-248; their primitive character, 225 ; II., 1245.
their origin, from persecution, 228 ; Moore's (Mr. T.) History of Ireland,
introduction into European countries, sparing of martyrdom legends, 1368,
229; differences between them and 1430, &c.; some notice of the work, &c.
the ascetics, ib. ; at first mostly lay- 1420 seqq.; its claims to attention,
men, 230; placed under obligation to 1420 ; its views concerning the doc.
take holy orders, 231; at first un- trines of the ancient Irish, 1421; state-
bound by vows, ib.; and sometimes ments about celibacy, 1422, 24; on
married, 232 ; not compelled to po Romish supremacy, ib.; on the H. Sa-
verty, ib.; their employments, 233, 4; crament of the Lord's Table, and J.
scriptural studies, ib., 235; fasts, ton- 8. Erigena, 1425 ; on the duality of the
sure, and habit, ib ; early abuses Church in Id., in A.D. 1315, 1425, '6; on
among them censured by S. Jerome, the Querimonia Magnatum, ib. con.
236 ; general character of the primi- cerning the forms of excommunication
tive monks, 237 ; their peculiari. used in the middle ages, 1427, '8; on
ties in some particulars noticed, 238 the religious creed of Henry VIII., ib.;
seqq. ; and exemplified in St. Aidan, and his persecution of Protestants, ib.,
ib. 239; and in Colman, &c., 240; 1429; his explanation of the "martyr.

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