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supports the Loyal Ir. Remonstrance, Statute of Kilkenny directed against

their increase, 659.
Davels, Henry, murdered by John of Deicolus, St. See Dichuill.
Desmond, 795.

Delany, Wm., his appointment as titular
David, St., 61 ; his history, 122, 123. bp. of Cork, 1251.
David's, St , Church, Wales, Sulgen, bp. Denbighland, 1023.

of, studies in Id., 437 í Henry 11. Deposing power, (see Popes, and Rome.)
visits, 511, 1040; loses its ancient in- claimed by the bishops of Rome, 1261,
dependence, 1030, '35, '94.

'63, '68, '93, 1302, '3; its results, 1324
Davis, Sir John, his remark on the re- seqq.; views of the Louvain Univer-

duction of the lower Irish to the power sity and CC. Bellarmine and Perrin
of the crown, 832; his " Discoverie of upon, 1328 ; the Covenanters' parallel
the true causes, &c," qd., 849 n., 1129 claim to, 1339—'41; P. Walsh on,
n. ; his report of R. Lalor's trial, 861;

1400 se99
visits three northern counties of Id. Dermot Mac Murchard, or Mac Mur-
with the Lord Deputy, 862 ; elected rough. See Mac Murrough.
speaker of the Ir. parliament of 1613, Derry, E., (titular bp. of Dromore,) his

account of some of the titular primates
Dead, prayers for the, St. Patrick's view of id., 1246, '7.

of, 50 ; use of among the Anglo-Sax. Derry, the see of, 452 n; (see 576 ;) out.
ons, 214; prayers to, 278; used in rages committed on by some of the
Ireland, 355. See 397.

Irish, 454; the bp. of, assists in demo-
Dean and Chapter system introduced lishing Kellach's new monastery in

into Id. from England, 1114. See Hy, 614; not under the control of Q.

Elizabeth, 758 n. ; its rise, 996; (rid.
Deanries, rural, to be substituted for the 9.997 seqq.;) Geo. Montgomery, bp.

smaller sees of Id. 617; formed into of, 863 ; plundered by Cahir O'Dogh-
papal taxing districts, 1146, 1151 ; erty, 867; included in the Plantation,
enumeration of the deanries of all Id. 868; Bp. Downham's report of its
in A.D. 1306, 1153 seqq.

condition in 1622, 904 seqq. ; its pre-
Dearmach, or Durrow. See Dairmagh. cedence among the Ir. secs, 994. l'id.
De Burgo's Hibernia Dominicana qd., 9. 1213, 1371.

1204, 1237 11., et passim. See Burke. Dervorgal, princess of Breiffny, her ab.
Decian persecution, gives occasion for duction, &c., 494.

the commencement of monkery, 228. Deschu, or Glasgow, 1008.
Decimæ Saladinides and Papales, what, Desiderata Curiosa qd., 875 71., 878,9
1145, '50.

n., 1342.
Declan, said to have preached in Mun- Desmond, Thos., Earl of, holds a parlia-
ster before S. Patrick, 35.

ment in Drogheda, 810.
De Courcy, John, (see Courry,) brings Desmond, the Earl of, (A.D. 1540) en-

over Cardinal Vivian to Id. to super- gages with Henry VIII. to suppress

intend a Romish ceremonial, 1050. the papal usurpation in Id., 702, 704;
" Defender of the Faith," Dr. Burke's his disputes with the Ormond family,
note on the title, 706 n.

769, 774 ; his ignorance of religion,
Defensorium Curatorum qd., 1110.

&c, and beggarly condition as to rai-
"Degenerate English," who, 553; the ment, 775, 808, 865 n. ; committed to
the tower of London, 776; having been lishment of, (A.D. 1569) 779 ; how re-
transferred thence again to Dublin, garded by the people in Ferns and
he makes his escape into Munster, 786 ; Leighlin, (A.D. 1612,) 872.
reconciled to the government, 787; his Dioceses, not defined by fixed bounda-
hesitating adhesion to treason, 796 ; he ries before the 12th century, 446, 988 ;
takes Youghal, ib.; and is proclaimed a settlement of them attempted in the
a traitor, 799 ; his unfortunate end, synod of Rathbreasail, 451 ; its want of
800 ; confiscation of his lands, 802, '3; success, 452 ; modern, formed of seve-
origin of his family, 1017 ; (nid. 1029 ;) ral ancient, 990.
Mr. Moore's notion of him as a “ Ca- Dioclesian persecution ; its extention to
tholic leader," 1434.

Britain, 113.
Desmond, Sir John of, arrested with the Dionysius the Areopagite; his writings
Earl, 776; escapes from Dublin, 786 ; translated into Latin by J.S. Erigena,
becomes leader of the Geraldine rebel- 400.
lion, 794; obtains a Bull for its fur- | Dioscorus, heretic, 950.
therance from Gregory XIII., ib. ; his “ Directory, the complete Catholic," qd.,
character, 795 ; proclaimed a traitor, 1225, '48, 49; its blundering attempt
799 ; his death, 800; what his rebel- to darn together the succession of the
lion did for Ia., 802.

ancient Irish Church, and that of the
Desmond, Sir James of, joins the rebel- modern Komish establishment in ld.,

lion of J. Fitzmaurice, 793; pro- 1377-1387.
claimed a traitor, 799; mortally Dirmet, king of Id. shelters the sons of
wounded and executed, 800.

Harold, 1015.
Desmond, James, the Sugan Earl of, Discipline of the early Irish Church,

836; his treasonable letter to the notes on, 981-992.
king of Spain, 1275 seqq.; another com- Dispensations, papal, not cared for by
position from him and others, to the the mere Irish (A.D. 1528) 673.
pope of Rome, 1282 seqq.

Dissenters, introduced into Id. by the
Devenish, island and abbey, Sir J. Da. plantation of Ulster, 869.
vis's notice of, 864.

Diveta, or West Wales, various notices
Devereux, Alex, and John, bps. of Ferns, of, 1017-1036.

their damages in that see, 873, 1214. Divine Service, how regulated in S. Co-
Diarmaid, or Diermit, king of id., 61, lumbanus's rule, 285.
68, 70, 80, 81. See Dirmet.

Docus, 61, 73. See Cathmael.
Diceto, Radulphus de, extract from his Dodsworth, on Romanism and Dissent,
history, 512, 3.

qd., 1221.
Dichu, St. Patrick's first convert, 33. Doire Calgaich, or Derry, monastery of,
Dichuill, St., or St. Die, of Lure, his founded by S. Columkille, 76, (see

history, 334 ; story of his journey to Derry) 563.
Rome, &c., 335.

Dominican friars, their opposition to
Diermit, or Dermot, servant of St. Co- the Refn, in Id., 851, 1361.
lumba, 90-93.

Domnald, Ir. bp., Lanfranc's letter to,
Dignitaries of the Ir. Church, their in- 425; his enquiry about infant com-
come, 1082.

munion, 426.
Dingle. 790.

Domnald, prince, brought to S. Colum-
Diocesan free schools, law for the estab- ba for his blessing, 102.

Donat, or Dunan, first bishop.of Dub- diocese of Derry in 1622, 904 seqq.; his
lin, 420, 1096 ; vid. 1925.

appeal to the secular power against
Donatus, or Donogh, (O'Haingly) 3rd recusants, 906.

bp. of Dublin, consecd. at Canterbury, Doyle, Dr., his notions relative to the
426; Anselm's letter to him and the tithe property of Id. 1066.
other bps. of Id., 431.

Dramatic representations of Scriptural
Donatus, bp. of Cashel, present at the events, abuse of in Id. in Anglo-Ro-

synod of do., 515; vid. 547 and 1085. mish times, 594 ; employed by Bp.
Donatus, bp. of Besançon, educated at Bale, 738.
Luxeu, 277.

Draper, Robt., Bp. of Kilmore and Ar-
Donatus, (or Donogh) bp. of Fiesole, his dagh, an Irish speaker, his character,
Romish epitaph, 397.

&c., 865.
Donegal, Co., comes in for a share of Drogheda, Fitz Ralph preaches at, 654:
the plantation, 867, '8.

attempt made in a parliament there to
Donellan, Nehemiah, Abp. Tuam, his establish a university for ld., 810 ; ti-
Irish labours, 781.

tular synod held in, 890 seqq.; the
Douay, the first Irish types removed to, synod of Kells transposed to, 1043 ;
782; vid. 1360.

(rid. q. 1044) synod of primate Down
Dowdall, Geo., Abp. of Armagh, ad. dall's in, 1112 ; freedom of, presented

vanced by Henry VIII., seeks, in vain, to titular primate Curtis, 1248.
a papal confirmation, 713; opposed by Dromore diocese, 992, 994 seqq.
R. Waucop, 714, 715 n.; opposes the Drumcette, Drumceath, council of 86,
Refn. under Edward VI., 719; his 87, 982.
contempt for the English liturgy, 721; Drumcliffe church, not probably founded
his conference with the Lord Deputy, by St. Columba, 77.
&c., in St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, Drury, Sir Wm, president of Munster,
723 seqq. ; deprived of the title of pri- 787; arrests the Earl of Desmond, 796;
mate of all Id., 726; his exile, 727; Romish perversion of his end, 1269.
restored by Q. Mary, 739 ; and appoint- Dubhgals, ( Dougals) their invasion of
ment to deprive the married reform- Dublin, 389.
ing prelates of Id., 740; his death, 763. Dublin, seized by the Danes, 389; en-

See also 886, 1112, 1230, 1377, 1437, &c. larged by Amlave, ib. ; continued to
Down, the place of St. Patrick's burial, be occupied by Danes after the battle

35; the see of, 452 n., 508 n. ; Malachy of Clontarf. 42), the first bishops es.
becomes bishop of, 471; the clergy of, tablished among these settlers, subject
object to the acts of the synod of Kells, to the see of Canterbury, 421 se99;
484; the cathedral of, remodelled by letter of the citizens to Ralph, abp. of
John de Courcy, 574; his invasion of Canterbury, 433, 1041; their submis-
the place 600 ; (see also 563, 729, 763 ;) sion to the jurisdiction of Armagh apo
titular prelates of 8-9; the see formed parently agreed to, 452; the see made
of many smaller ones, 990; most an- an abpk., and honoured with the pall,
cient obits of, on record, 992; great 482 ; J. Comyn made abp., 604; synod
antiquity of the see property, 1063 ; of, held by him, 609, &c. ; visited with
antiquities of, by the Rev. m Reeves, an interdict, 613, 621; Thomas, abp.
D.D., 1145 n.
Vid. 993 seq?

1379. of, sanctions the Statute of Kilkenny,
Downham, Geo., bp., his report of the 661 ; attempts to found a university
in 629, '30, 810; Trinity College at Dymmok's Tract on Ireland, qd., 507 n.,
length established in sil; P. Lom- 998.
bard's notion of the new institution, Eadbert, Saxon bp., his improvements
812, 813; titular synod for the pro- on the Church at Lindisfarne, 210.
vince of, A.D. 1614, 898, '9, 1363 seqq. ; Eahfrid, comes from England to study
synod of, under John of Salernum, in Id, for 6 years, 328.

Eanflede, queen of Northumberland, fa-
Dubricius, (abp.) of Landaff, his history, vours the Roman customs, 180,
121, 122.

Easter, its observance among the three
Duchesne's Rerum Francicarum Scrip- orders of ancient Irish saints, 60; &

tores, qd., 349 n., 534 ; his Historia chief ground of dispute between Au-

Normannorum Scriptores, qd., 1015. gustine and the British bps.,131 ; con-
Duff. Adam, (Adam Duff O'Toole,) burn- tinuation of the controversy by Lau-
ed for a heretic, 650.

rentius, and his expostulation with the
Duffy, Cadhla, (see Catholicus,) abp. of Irish bps., 138 ; observed in one man-
Tuam; his synod there, 1092.

ner by the British and Roman Chris-
Duleek, the church of, ravaged by the tians of earlier times, 143, 144 ; how a

Danes, 382 ; see of, 452 n.; an Augus- difference arose subsequently, ib.; the
tin abbey formed there, 569; which is Roman observance adopted in the
made a cell to Llanthony, 574.

south of Id., 146; discussion on the
Dunanoir, 793 n, 799 n.

subject in the Synod of Campus Lene,
Dunbrody Abbey, (Co. Wexford) found. 161; the Roman observance supported

ed, 569 ; its last abbot made bp. of by alleged miracles, 163; the Irish,
Ferns, 1214.

followed by the monks of Hy, 174;
Dundalk, St. Richard of. See Fitz controversy on the point in the king-

Ralph ; E. Bruce crowned at, 632. dom of Northumberland, 180 seqq. ;
Dundrum, Co. Down, a scene of St. Pa- the Irish system condemned at Whitby,
trick's labours, 32.

183, 184 ; abandoned by most of the
Dungal, account of, 394; his fame as a Irish themselves, 185 ; and by its other

teacher, 395; his controversy with patrons, ib., 186; mode of ascertain-
Claude of Turin about images, crosses, ing the proper time of the festival, &c.

&c., ib., 396 ; his library, 397 ; death, ib. 190 seqq. ; Asiatic mode of observance,
Dungannon, baron of, a title granted to 193; differences between the Irish and

M. O'Neill, by Henry VIII., 711, 765 ; Roman methods of calculating the

H. O'Neill's preparations in, 809. time, 194 seqq.; conference bt tween
Dungarvan Castle, used as an episcopal St. Polycarp and Pope Anicetus on
prison, 616.

the subject, 198; insignificance of the
Dun-leth-glas, and Dun-da-leath-glas. question at issue, 199; and its sup-
See Down, (990 seqq.).

posed importance, 200, 2, '17; disputes
Dunshaughlin (Co. Meath) reduced from on the matter between S. Columbanus

being an episcopal See to become the and the French clergy, 256-258 ; ex-
head of a rural Deanry, 617.

ertions of Adamnanus in promoting
Dunstan, s., abp. of Canterbury, in- the Roman system, 341; (also 185 ;)
structed by Irish teachers, 411.

reverence of Henry II. for the day,
Durrow, or Durrogh, abbey of, founded 511 ; superstitious abuse of some of
by S. Columba, 76, 102,

the old Irish in connection with the

2 R

festival, 524, 1440, '44; the Roman Bede, 342, '3; and knowledge of the
Easter adopted in Wales, 1023.

Holy Scriptures, ib.
Ecclesiastical Journal. See Irish Eccl. Egfrid, King of Northumberland, 212,

213, 327 ; his barbarity towards the
Edgar, English king, his dominion over unoffending Irish, 486, 7, 1442.
part of Ireland, 487.

Egypt, the birth-place of monkery, 228.
Edgecumbe's Voyage qd., 1101 n. Elbodius, Welsh bp., introduces the Ro-
Edilburga, Queen of Northumberland, man Easter into his diocese, 186, 1023.

Eleanor, Queen, obtains a grant (A.D.
Edmonds, Elizabeth, story of her having 1270) of the Tenths in Id., 1147.

saved the Irish Protestants under Q. Election, &c., of bishops, according to
Mary, 745, '6.

the law of Henry VIII., notes on, 1194
Edilhun and Edilwin, English youths, seqq.

come over to Ireland for their educa- Eleutherius, bp. of Rome. See Popes.
tion, 326.

Elizabeth. Q., repeal of the Act for her
Edmund, St., king nd martyr, abbey of, succession in Id., 692 n.; her “deposi-
(Athassel,) 567.

tion," by P. Pius, 695; her support of
Edward I., king of Engd., M. le Blunde's the reformed faith, 738, 740, 746; her

petiton to, 625; he receives a grant of accession to the throne, 747 : her view
the papal tenths from P. Nicholas IV., of the use of images in the churches,
679 n.; his prohibition of their re- 752; her acts of supremacy and uni-
moval from Engd., 1147; his conquest formity, 754; what bishops were de
of Wales, 1021, 2; application of posed by her authority, 758; advances
some of the Irish to, for the benefit of Adam Loftus to the see of Dublin,
English laws, 627 ; his zeal for the 763; her reception of Shane O'Neill,
crusades, 1162.

767, '8; reconciles Desmond nd Or-
Edward II. protected by a papal bull mond, 775; complained of to the pope

against the Irish and Scots, 633; his by James Fitzmaurice, &c., 777; Pius
application to the pope about the see V. shoots his bull at her, ib.; patro-
of Cashel, 647; letter of P. John XXII. nises the use of the Irish tongue, and
to him, concerning the complaint of provides type for printing in it, 780,
the Irish, 1136.

781; letter of Sir H. Sydney to, on
Edward III. patronises the project for a the state of the Irish Church, 782

University in Dublin, 629; opposi- seqq. ; issues her warrant for the
tion of an abp. of Cashel to the col- founding of Trinity College, Dublin,
lecting of his taxes in Id., 651.

812 ; her Irish parliament of A.D.
Edward IV., J. Harding's Chronicle de. 1560, 1208; the bull for her excommu-

dicated to, 556; attempt to found a nication, 1258 sqq.; bull to strengthen

University in Dublin in his time, 810. James Fitzmaurice against her, 1262
Edwin, King of Northumberland, (A.D. seqq. ; Sanders's traitorous abuse of
627,) 173.

her to the Irish, 1268; the Sugan
Egan, or Mac Egan, twofold tale of his Earl's do., 1276; to fight for her "a
death, 1374, 'S.

mortal sin," 1303; her special procla-
Egbert, English priest, prevails on the mation to the Romish priests in Eng.
monks of Iona to abandon the Irish land, 1326 ; a “Protestation of Allegi-
Easter, 185, 342 ; his character, from ance presented to her by 13 of them, ib.


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