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ib.; and to Pope Boniface IV. on the

and Roman Christians, 152 ; his argu-
Three Chapters, 957, 959.

ments for the supremacy of St. Peter,
Aguila, D. Juan d', his manifesto, 834, 202; and that sound doctrine is no

1292; arrival in Kinsale, 841; accom- sufficient test of a good Catholic, 203 ;
panied by Oviedo, 1253.

his testimony to the celebrity of the
Aidan, St., of Iona, consecrated bishop, ancient Itish for learning, 328, 329;

and sent as a missionary to England, his accession to the abbacy, 337.
173, seqq. ; his character, and love for Alemanni, or Suevi, St. Gallus's labours
the Holy Scriptures, 174, 175, 179;

among, 334.
how esteemed by the Roman bishops Aleyn, John, Dean of St. Patrick's, his
in England, ib. ; a Saint, though not of superstitious will, 585.
the Roman communion, 176; settles Alexander, king of Scotland, in 1113, en-
at Lindisfarne, ib., his Irish sermons gaged in war against the Welsh, 1035.
interpreted to the Saxons by king Os Alexander, Pope, see Pope.
wald, 177 ; his good success, and death, Alexandria, its worship at first in the
178; Bede's apology for highly es- Greek tongue, 967.
teeming such a schismatic, 205, his Alfrid, king of Northumberland, edu.
account of Aidan's monastic life as cated in Ireland, and most learned in
bishop of Lindisfarne, 239; Aidan's the Scriptures, 327, 328.
consecration, 987.

Alien priories, 574.
Aidan, king of the British Scots, his in- | Alitherus, abbot of Clonmacnoise, 102.

auguration by 8. Columba, 86; the Allegiance, Romish views of, 1202; King
dispute between him and Aodh, king James's oath of, 1310; (see Deposing
of Ireland, left to S. Columba's arbi. Power ;) protestation of, to Q. Eliza-
tration, 87.

beth, from certain Anglo-Romish
Aidh, or Aodh, son of Ainmerech, king priests, 1327.
of Ireland, 61, 86.

Allen river, Flintshire, miraculous battle
Ailbe, Bishop, said to have preached in of, 116, 117.

Ireland before St. Patrick, 35 ; see also Allen, Irish Jesuit, accompanies James

Fitz Maurice to Ireland, 792; his con-
Airthirmuighe, Armoy, 991.

duct at Monaster Neva, 795 ; death,
Alan, Abp. Dublin, see Allen.

796 ; vid, 1270, 1369,
Alba Landa, (Carmarthenshire,) 575. Allen, John, Archbishop of Dublin,
Alban, St., the British protomartyr, his 1100; his letter to Wolsey quoted,
history, 113.

673; his death, 680, n., 1427.
Albania, ancient name of the present All Hallows, or All Saints', Priory,
Scotland, 5, 84, 142, 437, 439.

founded by D. Mac Morogh, 566; the
Albert of Cologne, Abp. Armagh, his site of Trinity College, Dublin, 811.
relic exhibition, 586.

Almshouses, monasteries formerly served
Alchfrid, prince of Northumberland, a for, 248.

supporter of the Roman Easter, &c., Altarages, what, 783.

Altars, of stone substituted for wooden
Alcuin's Life of S. Willibrord qd., ones in Ireland, 611 ; schismatical, 899;

to be sheltered from the weather, 1364;
Aldhelm, abbot of Malmesbury, his ac- their multiplicity in the churches in the

count of the quarrels of the British old Romish times, 591,

Amalgaid, (or Awley,) abbot of Derry, consecrates Samuel bishop of Dublin,
made abbot of Hy, 614.

429; writes to reprove his conduct, ib.;
Ambrose, St., cited as a Mass-writer, 724. consecrates Malchus bishop of Water-
Amlave, (Auliffe, or Olave,) the Norwe- ford, 431 ; his letters to Ireland on the

gian, seizes Dublin, enlarges it, &c. 389. advancement of religion, &c. ib., 432;
Amlave, king of the Danes of Dublin respect of the Irish for his character,

(A.D. 940) defeated at the battle of 434 ; his intercourse with Gillebert of
Tarah, retires to Hy, and dies there, Limerick, 440, 445, 450; a great pro-

moter of papal power in England, 445;
Amphibalus, St., 113.

his charges against the Irish Church,
Anarawd, 1037.

1610-1013; Muriardach's letter to,
Anderson's Memoir of the Native Irish, 1016.
cited, 780 n.

Anthony, St., organises the monastic
Angles, E., their kingdom founded, 118; life, 228

converted, 129; Cedd's mission to, 988 Antipodes, believed in by S. Virgilius,
Anna, the prophetess, styled an ascetic,

for which he is denounced by a pope

of Rome, 347.
Annadown, 1169 seqq. See Enaghdun. Antiquity, appealed to by S. Columba-
Anastasius, the librarian, his praise of nus, against the Roman Easter, 293;
J. S. Erigena, 401.

that of the Irish Church, a point in
Anatolius, his lunar cycle, 159; used by favour of its claims, 924.

the Romans, 196; his reputation among Aongus king of Munster, 982.
the old Irish, 290, 291, 295 n.

Aongus, grove, synod of, 450.
Anchorets, ancient Irish, 390.

Apennines, St. Columbanus settles in
Anegray, or Anagrates, St. Columba- the, 271.
nus's labours at, 255.

Apocrypha, the, how regarded by the
Anglo-Norman Conquest of Id., 485, old Irish, 365, 366.

seq9; account of by Giraldus, 514 n ; Apostolic faith, the true foundation for
promoted by the popes of Rome, 488, apostolic honour, 308, 944.
492 ; negociated and settled by ecclesi- Apostolic See, title of appropriated to
astics, 505, 512, 536, 544; undertaken Rome in the 7th century, 149, 150; ap.
by Henry II., according to Pope Alex- plied by the Irish to other patriarchal
ander's notion, in order to obtain the sees, 155 ; by Gille somewhat similarly,
pardon of his sins, 538 ; improperly at-
tributed to the Saxons or English peo- Appeals to Rome, Act of, 685.
ple, 550, 551; influential in introduc- Arranmore Island, 1193.
ing Romish influence, 918.

Arbona, (Switzerland) visited by S. Co-
Anglo-Norman monasteries, numerously lumbanus, 267.
founded in Id., 566 se99.

Archæological Society, Irish, their pub-
Anglo-Norman settlers in Ireland charged lications qd. 507, 597, 657 ; lists of the

with sacrilege of cathedral property, old episcopal sees of Ireland from
&c. by Giraldus, 573 n.; their clergy, do. 997 seqq. 1208 ; Jar- Connaught,
corrupters of the Irish, 595; their bar- O'Flaherty's, in do., 1172 seqq.
barous atrocities, 1444.

Archbishoprics, anciently established in
Anicetus. See Pope.

Ireland without asking the popes'
Anselm St. archbishop of Canterbury, leave, 445, 447 ; migratory, ib. 448 ;

four appointed, to be accompanied tions, 476 ; decorated with the pall,
with Romish palls, at the Synod of 482 ; the clergy of, object to the pro-
Kells, 482 ; subjection of, to Henry II. ceedings of the synod of Kells, 484 ;
505, 508 ; (See Irish bishops) first pa- all Irish professors of theology to at-
pal appointment to, in Ireland, 619; to tend its theological school, 501 ; sy-
titular, 715, 772, 910, 1348, &c.

nod of, condemns slavery, 501; mon-
Archdall's Monasticon, referred to, 563, astery of, 563; the see of, filled by an
584, 592, &c.

Augustin abbot, 576, ancient privi-
Archer, Irish Jesuit, 910.

leges of, in regard to visitations, cur-
Architecture, See Church.

tailed by Pope Lucius, 605 ; fir t papal
Archpresbyters, appointed to succeed to appointment to the see, 619; disputes

the smaller bishopricks of Ireland at between its prelates and those of Dub
the Synod of Kells, 617; the law re- lin about cross-bearing, 630, 631; the
newed at Newton, Trim, ib.

Anglican primate of, aids England
Ardagh, See of, represented at Kells, against E. Bruce, &c. 643 ; vid. q.
484 n; vid. 993, seqq.

663, 680; the primate of, made pri-
Ardbraccan, burned, 454.

mate of Ireland, not of all Ireland,
Ardcarn, ancient see of, 452 n., 999. 726 ; Cranmer invited to nominate a
Ardfert, See of 452 n; represented at person for prelate of, 727; wasted by
Kells, 484 n, vid. 995.

Shane O'Neill, 770; and why, ib. 771;
Ardmore, ancient see of, 996, &c.

titular archbishops of, Creagh, &c.,
Ardnaccan or Smerwick, 790.

771, seqq. ; Stuart's Hist. of, 772, n.
Ardsrath, or Ardstraw, ancient see of, 1226, '97, seqq.; Magauran, titular
452, n. 484, n. 996, &c.

of, 818, 819; planted, 868 ; titular pro-
Arianism, its ingress into Britain, 114; vincial synod of, 890 seqq. ; primate of,

its confutation, out of the Holy Scrip- no suffragan of any English prelate,
tures, by 8. Columbanus, 271; its pre- 921 ; province of, 992, n. ; cathedral
valence in Italy before his time, 941, of, rebuilt, 1065 ; archipiscopal succes.

sion of, 1105 seqq.; Irishmen excluded
Ardee Priory, resigned by Dowdall, 714. from, by Rome and England, 606, 1108,
Ardeskin, qd. 1242, '3, nn.

Armour, St. Patrick's, (Luireach Pha-
Ariminum, council of. See Council

druig) 40.
Aristobulus, supposed preacher in Bri- Arnolf. See Montgomery.
tain, 110.

Arnolf, bishop of Metz, his life qd.. 970.
Arles, council of. See Council

Aroasian nuns, &c., patronised by D.
Armada, the, 809, 1326, 73.

Mac Murrough, 566.
Armachanus, Richard. See Fitz Ralph. Arragon, papal war with, supported by
Armagh, cathedral of, founded by s. taxation in Ireland, 1150, '68.

Patrick, 35; ravaged by the Danes, Arthur, British king, 123.
382, 383, 384, n., 385, 389, 390, 416; Articles of Religion, promulgated under
long continued irregularity in the suc- Q. Elizabeth, 769 ; 104 of them under
cession to the see, 410, 465-467; its James I. 885; Lambeth ditto, used for
ecclesiastical superiority exclusive be- a time in Ireland, ib.
fore the 12th century, 447 ; suffragan Ascetics, primitive, account of, 226, seqq.;
bishops of, 467, n.; diligence of its differences between them and the
primates in that age in holding visita- monks, 229.

Asia Minor, bishopricks numerous in, | Austerities of the ancient Irish monks,
and why, 984.

61, 92, 99, 104 ; superstitions do.
Asiatic churches, their mode of observing charged on some of them, 362; 8. Lau-

Easter, 192, 193; supposed by the rence's, noticed, 499.
ancient Irish to agree with their own, Austrasia, kingdom of, its position, &c.
182 ; although this was not the case, 259; ecclesiastically subordinate to
193, 194.

Rome, 306.
Astronomy, studied by the early Irish Authority of the Church, in religious

Christians, 153, 159; better known by controversies, not undervalued among
an Irish bishop, than by the Pope of the old Irish, 159, seqq.
Rome in the 8th century, 347. See Auxilius, companion of S. Patrick, 40,

Athanasius establishes the first monas- Avignon, Fitz Ralph's trial at, 655.
teries in Italy, 229.

Baal-worship, no worse than the re-
Athassel abbey, on the Suir, founded by formed religion, according to certain
W. Fitzadelm, 567.

Romish authorities, 839.
Athenry, (Galway) anecdote of the storm. Bacach, Con, 765.
ing of, 785.

Bacon, Sir F., his suggestions about Ire-
Athlone, Synod of, under J. Sal., 1051. land, 816 ; his recommendation of tole-
Attala, abbot of Bobio, 275.

ration, 817; and notions concerning
Audemar, or Omer, bishop of Boulogne, the conversion and improvement of

this country, 870.
Augustine, St., qd., concerning Christ, Bagenal, Marshall, abduction of his sis-

the only mediator, 48; by S. Cummian, ter by H. O'Neill, 806 ; his impeach-
159 ; his adoption of the monastic sys- ment of do. 817; marches to Ferman-
tem of life, 231 ; censures the "Apos- agh against Maguire, 818; advances
tolics" for condemning marriage, 232; against H. O'Neill, and is totally de-
qd. in connection with the fasting feated at Portmor, 825.
of the old monks, 235; vid. 577.

Baithen, suceessor of s. Columba at
Augustine, the monk, sent by Pope Iona, 92.

Gregory to preach to the Saxons, 128; Balaam, son of Beor, and his modern
how far to be regarded as the apostle successors, 1056,
of Britain, 129; his conferences with Bale, John, promoted to the see of Ossory
the British bishops, and their issue, by Edward VI,719 ; insists on receive
130–136 ; his appointment to the see ing consecration after the reformed
of Canterbury, 128, 132 ; charge against method, 730; his Vocacyon, ib. n. ;
him cennected with the slaughter of character and early life, 731 ; labours
the monks of Bangor, 134; his death, in Ossory, 732–734 ; suffers bitter per-

secution under Queen Mary, 737, and
Augustin, bishop of Waterford, the flees to the continent, ib. ; his use of
first Irish prelate appointed by the stage plays in religion, 738 ; receives a
authority of England, 547.

prebend in Canterbury, 740, 741; con-
Augustin Canons, their introduction into secrated by Romish bishops, 763.

Ireland, 562, 563, 578; ditto, nuns, Balliboes, 1063
566; vid. q., 567, 568, 571, 615, 681; Ballymena, St. Patrick's captivity near,
origin of the name, 577.


Ballymoon, (Co. Carlow) battle of, 408. Bare feet, &c. in monks, tokens of a
Ballymote, Book of, qd., 1172 n.

devil, according to S. Jerome, 236.
Ballynascreen, 929, 1063, n.

Barnard, a Norman bishop, intruded
Baltinglass, (Co. Wicklow) Cistertian into the see of Menevia, 1035.

establishment of, 478, 566 ; its abbot Barnwall, Sir Richard, promotes the

made bishop of Ferns, 576 ; vid. 656. Irish Remonstrance, 1408.
Banditti from Italy, sent as missionaries Baronius, Cardinal, his error as to the
to Ireland, 1369, 70.

date of the introduction of Christianity
Bangor abbey, (Co. Down) founded by into Britain, 109; his charge of schism

St. Comgall, 71; S. Columbanus stu- against the Irish Church of the 6th
dies there, 252 ; ravaged by the Nort- century, 136, 931, seqq.
mans, 381, 382 ; restored by S. Ma- Barristers, their sudden rise to political
lachy, 461 ; still existing in A.D. 1300, power in Ireland, 875.

Barrys of Munster, aid Henry VIIL in
Bangor, (Wales) the bpk. of, founded, crushing papal power, 705.

121 ; distinguished as a place of learn- Barry, Lord, H. O'Neill's abusive letter
ing, 127; massacre of 1200 monks to, 1279; and his reply, 1280, seqq.
there by the Pagan king Ethelpid, Barry, Gerald, Bp. of Cork, his peti-
134; character of its old monks ac- tion to the Lord Justice, &c. of Ire
cording to Fuller, 226.

land, 1144.
Bannow, (Co. Wexford) first landing Basil, St., qd., on the celibacy of the

place of the English adventurers in early monks, 231.
Ireland, 497 ; vid. 570.

Batavia, s. Willibrord's missionary la-
Baptism, a point of disagreement between bours in, 329.

Augustine and the British bishops, Bavaria, Ss. Boniface and Virgil labour
134 ; disputes on, between ss. Vigi- in, as missionaries of the Gospel, 344,
lius and Boniface, 345 ; ancient use of se99
chrism in, 396 ; not practised by the Beads, Form of the, set forth by Abp.
old Irish, 424 ; act of the synod of Browne, 699.
Cashel relating to, 516 ; curious irre- | Bealdulek, (supposed to be Baldoyle)
gularity is charged on some of the old given to the Church of Dublin, 421.
Irish, 520, 521; (vid. 611;) adminis- Beannchair (see Bangor) 991.
tered in Ireland after the Romish “ Beastly," a term applied to the ancient
fashion in Queen Elizabeth's time, Irish people by old Romish authors,
814; receiving of, at the hands of Pro- 492, 527, 647.
testants, denounced for a mortal sin, Becket, Thomas a, his dispute with king
by the titular clergy of Ireland, 872; Henry II., 496 ; settlement of the quar.
forbidden to be charged for, 1043 ; rel connected with his murder, 511;
by immersion, condemned by the Ro- consequences of his death, &c. in Ire-
mish clergy in Ireland, 1364.

land, 560; reference of the Irish to, in
Baptismal churches, 516, 611.

their Appeal to Pope John XXII.
"Barbarous," freely applied to the old 1121.

Irish by Romish writers, 456, 458, Bective, (Co. Meath) Cistertian monas-
464, 535, 603 ; Mr. T. Wright's view tery founded at, 477.
of its applicability examined and re- Bede, Venerable, his church history
futed, 1439 sequ.

quotcd, passim; his apology for prais-

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