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“In the countye of? DAVID Rooth prothonotario from the

Kilkrny, S pope for the bussnes of this realme.

[blocks in formation]

“LUKE ARCHER, vicar of Osserie,”

[And 25 others, priests, Jesuits, Franciscans, &c.] “JAMES WALSHE vicar generall of Fearnes.”

[And 12 besides, including one Bernardine Abbott,

Jesuits, Franciscans, &c.]

[2 other priests and 2 Jesuits,]
JOHN PRESTON preacher of the order of

“In the county


“ In the county of} s. Frances,"



[And 16 others, including Christopher Holly

wood, provinciall of the Jesuits.") “In the county of “ RICHARD BROWNE vicar generall," Wrstmrath,

[And 14 others.) “In the county of

“DOCTOR MURISON preacher,” Lawrth,

[And 6 Franciscan Friars, of whom one is " TIR


“I remember noe more of theiro names though I knowe manie of them in other counties."

[These lists of names occupy 7 pages, ending with fol. 9, On fol. 10 we find the following, commencing at the head of page 1.]

• The individual here named was no doubt the same as was concerned in the prosecution recorded at p. 860 sup. It may be in consequence of that action that he is here simply named priest, although placed at the head of the list for this county, where in the other cases we find mostly a "vicar generall."

ti.e. the preacher, I suppose, whose acquaintance we formed in No. LXIV. sup. A note of Archbushoppes and Bushoppes of Ireland consecrated and Authorised by the Pope.

A note of Bushoppes appointed by the Sea

of Rome for this Realme of Ireland. “ Peter LOMBARD borne in Waterforde, Primate of Ardmagh, nowe resident in Rome, and releveed by the Pope his hollines.

“DAVID KEARNAY borne in Cassell, Archbushoppe of Cassell, now resident in the county of Tipperary and is releeved by vicar generall of the Province of Mounster by the privie tyethes of his Bushoppricke, and by a stocke of his owne which he brought from beyond the seas, being formerly a rich Chanon of Lille in Flanders.

“Owen Mac MaHowNe borne in Ulster Archbushoppe of Dublin nowe resident in Lovaine and has a stipend montely from the archduke of Austria.

“FLORENCE CONNERY borne in Connaught Archbushoppe of Tuaime has his reliefe montelie from the king of Spaine, being resident in his Courte.

“CONNOGHOR O'MULRIAN borne in the county of Crosse* Bushoppe of Killalowe, resident is Lisbone lives by a penc'on from the kinge of Spaine from the Archbushoppe of that cittye.

Elected Busshoppes but not as yet consecrated.

“DAVID Roth elected of Ossery, resident thereaboute is releeved from friend to friend, and by his office of prothonotarieshippe, and privie tyethes.

“HUGH CONGILL ellected of Durie lives in a frierie in Lovaine, a reader of devinitie.

“ RICHARD ARTHURE ellected of Limericke resident there and is releeved by speciall friends and kinsemen of his owne, and by privie tyethes.

* i.e. Tipperary, so called from Holy Cross Abbey.

“ THOMAS WALSH ellected of Waterford and is there releeved by his friends and by a stipend he receaves for ministering sacraments and preaching to the p'rish of the Cathedrall Church.

“JAMES Walsh ellected of Fearnes lives by privy tyethes and by the helpes of his friends.

“ JAMES PLUNCKETT ellected of Killmore lives by privie tyethes and his function.

“ THOMAS Cras ellected of Artfeart and lives by preaching only the Gosple.

“THOMAS DEis ellected of Meath, and lives in Parrish, president of Colledge of Fortet, and has a pension from a Lord Abbot.

“The ordinarie priests doe live commonly by minis- How the tringe Sacraments, receaving from ev'ry howse in theire priests were

supported; p'ishes 12d. or at the moste 2s. besids ij s for ev'ry marriadge, and 12d when the women are churched, and are farr richer then the prelats and preachers whose privie tyethes can scarce releeve them w'thout privat Almes.

“The Jesuits doe live by preaching the Gosple upp and and how, downe the countries and by privie tyethes out of the the Jesuits, suppressed Abbayes of the Realme and dispencing in matrimoniall causes, and by vsing many extraordinary facultyes they have from the Pope as hallowing of Churches, Alters, Callices, absolvinge from irregularities, &c.

“The vicar generall they live by privie tyethes from The “Vitheir dioceses, and have some yearly helpe from the cars..genep'ishe priests, and fines for any abuse committed by any of their flocks.

The poore Friars doe live only by begginge of Corne the mendimuttons and such other almes.

“The Colledges beyondes are now and then releeved and the Colby almes collected uppon the Soundayes in the Cities and leges beuppon any great meetings by the direction of the Vicar yond seas. generalls.


cant friars.

Some notice As for the p'ticuller remembrance of such as are beof the stu- yond the seas in the Colledges I doe not well call to mynd dents in ,

but for the Lo: they have done of their children, saving their way the Lo : of Trimlestowne he had one in my tyme in the of living Colledge of Doway.

“There are hundredes in the Colledges whose names I sawe the last lent from Waterford, Limerick, Clonmell, Corck, Gallway, Kilkeny, and Drogheda, and from the countryes abroad throughout the Realme and I am sure yt. thereis noe worthy gent. in all the realme nor m'chant but have there somme of theire neerest kinsemen, but what in the p'ticuller is sent unto them is the porc'on there fathers doe leave them, and some collections that yearely is taken upp for them, and with this they live togeather w'th c'taine pensions that is allowed unto the Colledges by the kinge and princs in whose dominions they are.

The Bi- “But as for the Bushoppes, Jesuits, friars they reshops, how ceaved not a penny from out of this land, but are reprovided for. leeved by the bountie of the princes throughout Chris

tendome where they dwell, and by the prelates of the Cloysters wherein they receive theire orders.

“ Finis."

List of Ro

[Then on the same fol. (11, p. 1, med.) commanist

mences the following document, referring to an priests in Waterford, earlier date, and yet, it would seem, properly asand their

signable to a later one, as “ Doctor White" apabodes. pears now not as “vicar generall,” but “bishop,” of Waterford ; unless bishop stand for titular bishop elect.]


The names of such priests as are June 1610. resident in Waterford and the howses

they lodge in. Priests iesuytts &c. Waterford and in whose howses lodged.

“1. Doctor WHITE Bp. of Waterford :


widdowe." [Followed by the names of 29 others, entered in like form, and including mostly those given in the former list for Waterford (mentioned at p. 1352 sup.))

[On the same fol. 11. p. 2. med. commences]

“A note of the names of the priests similar lists Şemynaryes friers and Jesuits, toge- for Bil. ther with their Relievers and mayn- kenny city, tayners in the cittye of Kilkeny, vizt. Imprimis one DAVID ROCHE, titular bushopp, of Osserye, keepeth for the most p'te with his brother EDWARD

Roch merchant (when he is in the citty) and when he is abroad, with the Ld Viscount MountGARRETT at Balline

“It'm Doctor WHITE a sedicious priest when he resorteth to the citty, keepeth with his brother in lawe, HENRY SHEE, Esq. now Maior of the citty.

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