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The com- that as yow cannott too soone flee from plac's suspected munion of

of pestilence, soe can yow not be too curious in shunformed Irish ninge whatsoev'r hath the least favor of Schisme and he

resie; and lest yow may for want of right observation be shunned of your duetyes, doe amiss, compare allwayes the case of as pestilence goeing to theire church and receauing of their commuship.

nion wth doeing sacrifice or being p'sent at the sacrifice vnto Idoles; and what yow maie doe or say in the one, thincke that yow may doe the like in the other, or what yow may dissemble in one you may doe allsoe in the other, but I will showe heareafter, that although there

be difference betwixt them, yett there is sinne committed St. Augus- in them all alike. Sct. Augustin expoundeth the words tine's views of our Saviour, concerning the difficulty of remission, on schism, when a man sinneth against the holly Ghoste and verrie to bear on learnedly discovereth the sinne of schisme; wch he af. the argu

firmeth to be the sinne against the holly Ghoste; for that the schismatique unitieing himselve to other congregac'ons, or rather (as this saint sayeth) to other Segregations, and soe dividing the spiritt of God, cannott in any manner have the same spiritt of God by wch onlye remission of sinnes is given for that martirdom it selfe cannott avayle herein, whereas those whoe sinne (being in the Church) doe sinne only against the Sonne of mann, not dividing the vnity of the Spiritt; and all this he confirmeth by the authority of St. Jude whoe saytb that Schismatiques not houlding the head, have noe 'spirritt nor life within them. Therefore deerely beloved, this shall suffice at this tyme, not that we doubte of your earnest steadfastnes, but rather to admonish you to stand

and remayne in the same stedfastness as you have don A large sup- vnto this tyme, assuring yow, that wee will send yow ply of mili- aid of great streingth, yť shall assist yow against all yo'r &c., pro

p'secutors by the next harvest, both Romanes and Ger. mised for mans, and alsoe Spaniards with shippinge and great the support stoare of armes, which shalbe able for to resist all yo'r



Tyranicall Gov'nors, and soe wee have concluded, And of the “Cafurthermore yt wee tenderinge your great zeale towards tholic" the Catholique fayth, do by our aucthority from God fully and wholly absolve and remitt you and everye of yow of all your sinnes from your birth vntill the tenth of June next ensueing. Therefore this is our fatherly will, that all our Bushopps, Jesuits, priests, and all other our Catholique pastors, doe publish this exhortacion and remission vnto all our faythfull Catholiques w’thin our Ca tholique kingdome of Ireland. “ Imbulled at Rome the 7th of December, 1605.

“Sextus Papa."

The bull here given is that from which the Note, on the Right Rev. Bishop Mant has introduced a quota- for this dotion, at Vol. i. p. 350 of his History, accompanied cument, and

its appended by a reference to the Loftus MS. Annals in Marsh's

signature. Library, Dublin. The above bull itself is not given in that authority ; which however contains a reference to another MS. in Trinity College Library, in which the document is preserved. This latter MS. was not very easy to find, on account of the numbering in the MSS. Library having been twice changed since the reference in the Loftus MS. was written ; and that without any clue to connect the different modes of numbering together. At length, however, by the kind aid of the learned junior librarian of T.C.D., (the Rev. J.H. Todd, D.D.,) the MS. in question, containing the above document, was found out under the present pumbering, E. 3, 15.

The name Sextus at the close is erroneous. The person who filled the papal throne at the time indicated by the date of this admonitory epistle being Clement the Eighth; and no pope having this name, or number, occurring in the list of the popes about this date, good or bad. The Sextus may have been added, by mistake, or through design, by some later hand.

No. LIX.


Of the

The following copy of the Oath of Allegiance, Since from drawn up by King James I., which became so subjoined famous in the ecclesiastical history of England oath is tran and Ireland, (one might indeed say, of Europe,

at the commencement of the 17th century, is taken from the Statutes of the Realm, vol. iv. part ii., published in 1819, 3o James I. c. 4, pp. 1073, 1074.

This c. 4 is entitled “An acte for the better discovering and repressing of Popish recusants. By sec. viii., “Bishops and justices may examine Recusants on oath, and require them to take oath of allegiance;” and by sec. ix. “ Recusants refusing to answer on oath, or to take oath of allegiance, may be imprisoned until assizes or sessions; and refusing there shall incur premunire.”

In this Sec. the Oath is introduced as follows; (p. 1074.)

« Tenor of the


I, A. B. doe truly and sincerely ac

A.D. 1606. Oath of Allegiance, knowledge pfesse testifie and declare Copy of and subscribed by } in my conscience before God and the recusants.

Worlde, that our Soveraigne Lord Oath of Alkinge James is lawfull and rightfull legiance.

king of this Realme and of all other his majesties Dominions and countries. And that the Pope neither of himselfe, nor by any authority of the Churche or Sea of Rome, or by any other meanes with any other, hath any Power or Authoritye to depose the king or to dispose any of his Majesties kingdomes or dominions, or to authorize any Forraigne Prince to invade or annoy hym or his countries, or to discharge any of his subjects of their allegiaunce and obedience to his Majestie, or to give licence or leave to any of them to beare armes raise Tumult or to offer any violence or hurte to his Ma. jesties Royal P'son state or Government or to any of his Majesties subjects within bis Majesties dominions. Also I doe swear from my heart that notwithstanding any declarac'on or Sentence of excommunicac'on or deprivac'on made or graunted, or to be made or graunted by the Pope or his successors, or by any authoritie derived or p'tended to be derived from hym or his sea against the saide king his heires or successors, or any absolution of the saide subjects from their obedience. I will beare faith and true allegiaunce to his Majestie his heires and successors, and hym or them will defend to the uttermost of my power against all conspiracies and

2 G


attempts whatsoever which shalbe made against his or theire persons, theire crowne and dignitie by reason or colour of any such sentence or Declaracion or otherwise, and will doe my best endevour to disclose and make knowen unto his Majestie his heirs and successors all Treasons and Traiterous Conspiracies which I shall knoue or heare of to be against hym or any of them. And I doe further sweare That I doe from my heart abhor detest and abjure as impious and hereticall this damnable Doctrine and Position, that princes which be exco'municated or deprived by the pope may be deposed or murthered by theire subjects or any other whosoever. And I doe beleeve and in my conscience am resolved, that neither the pope nor any p’son whatsoever hath power to absolve me of this Oath, or any part thereof, which I acknowledge by good and full Authoritye to be lawfully ministred unto mee, and doe renounce all Pardons and dispensac'ons to the contrarie; And all these things I do plainly and sincerely acknowledge and Sweare, according to these expresse wordes by me spoken, and according to the playne and co'mon sense and understanding of the same wordes, without any equivocacion or mentall evasion or secret reservac'on whatsoever; And I doe make this recognic'on and acknowledgement heartily, willingly and truly upon the true faith of a Xtian: So help me God. Unto which oath so taken the said p’son shall subscribe his or her name or marke."

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