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The original of this document may be seen in Foulis, pp. 479, 480; Mac Geoghegan, vol. iii. p. 548; or among the documents in the · Collection of Records' at the end of Collier's Eccl. History, No. 97.



er of this letter. A.D. 1601.

M. de Ovie- (Foulis, p. 483. Mateo de Oviedo being now in Iredo the bear- land, and calling himself Archbishop of Dublin, wrote to

the titular Earl of Desmond, James Fitz Thomas, a letter encouraging him“ to fight constantly and valiantly for the Faith and Liberty of your country, knowing and firmly hoping that the help of my Lord the Catholique king is now coming, which when it cometh, all things shall be prosperous:

He observes, ib., that he is just going to Spain. The letter, given by Foulis in full, is dated “ From Donegall the 13th of Jan. 1601."]

[Carew gave the rebels some trouble at this time :) “ yet their plottings go on; and at the desire of Florence Mac Cartie, Donogh Mac Cormock (who called himself

also Cartie) sent this letter the king of Spain. F. Mac Car- Having received directions from the earl of Clan

care, I would not omit this opportunity, at the departure aid from Spain

of the Archbishop of Dublin (Oviedo) and don Martin de against la Creda, to make known to your majesty how the said Q Eliza- earl hath written to your majesty by two or three ways;

but understanding that these letters came not to your royal hands, he hath now again written by me to your majesty making offer as well of his person and lands, as

tie solicits


of his vassals and subjects, to your Royal service, hum-
bly beseeching your Majesty to receive, favour, and aid
him with your power and liberal hand, seeing there is no
other that can and will assist us better against the here-
tics in this Holy enterprise.

“Your Majesties loyal vassal, to kiss
“your Royal Hand

“From Donegall the
“5 of January 1601.”

No. XXX.


(In MacGeoghegan, tom. iii. p. 588, Amst. 1763. Foulis, p. 482. Phelan gives an English version of it in his usual inaccurate style. Remains, ii. 236 )

“ To our beloved son, the noble Prince Hugh O'NEILL, Clement commander and Captain General of the Catholic army in VIII, conIreland.


H. O'Neill, “Beloved son and noble sir, health and apostolical &c. on their benediction.

successful “We have learned from the letter of your eminence,

insurrection as well as from the information orally communicated to "apostate

against the us by our beloved son PETER LOMBARD, provost of Cam- English," bray, that the holy League which you and many other princes and Chieftains, and leading noblemen of that kingdom have, in the goodness of God, been led to estab

lish among yourselves, still continues to hold together in the cement of charity, and to go on increasing, and that by the aid and might of the same Lord of Hosts, you have on divers occasions been successful in battle against the English, those apostates from the Church and from the faith. Great pleasure in the Lord have we received from this intelligence; and offered up our thanks to that God the Father of mercies, who has still left to himself in that kingdom many thousands that have not bowed the knee to Baal. For these have never gone after impious heresies and profane novelties, but on the contrary hight bravely in detestation of them, for the inheritance of their fathers, for the preservation of the faith, for the maintenance of integrity and unity with

the Church, which is one, Catholic, and Apostolic, out of which there is no sal

vation. We praise, dear son, the excellent spirit of piety and com- and bravery manifested by yourself, and by the Princes mends them and

all others, who having engaged in this league and as worthy children of

confederacy with you, shrink not from encountering any their an.

dangers whatsoever for the glory of God; and prove and cient proge- openly profess themselves worthy descendants, and pronitors.

per successors of their ancestors, men eminently famous
for their warlike bravery, zeal for the Catholic religion,
and glorious renown. Preserve, children, such a spirit;
preserve your unanimity and concord, and God Almighty,
the God of harmony and peace, shall be with you, and
fight for you, and will prostrate, as he hath done hereto-
fore, His enemies before our face.
“ And as for ourselves,

loving and cherishing as we do in the bowels of Jesus Christ, your highness, and all of you who imitate the faith and glory of your forefathers, we cease not to beseech our God for your prosperity and welfare, and we are and ever will be inter

ested in you and for you, so far as God will enable us to He promises be thus minded. And when there shall be occasion, we to recom- will write effective letters to the Catholick kings and princes, our children, that they support you and your mend their cause with all the aid in their power;

we propose also to case to the send to you shortly a special nuncio from ourselves, and

powers of from this holy College, (in which the Providence of Europe ; God hath appointed us, however unworthy, to preside) a and to send man of piety and prudence, possessed of a zeal for God, them a nun

cio presentand approved of by us, to attest our high respect for you, ly. and lend you aid, in all cases where there may be occasion, for the maintaining of your salutary and necessary union, propagating the Catholick faith, and performing in fine all offices connected with his function, whereby the honour and worship of God may be promoted in that kingdom.

• Meanwhile it seemed good to us to forward to you His gracious these our letters as pledges of our affection towards reception of yourselves and that kingdom, and as a means of admin- P. Lomistering to you all, as our dear children in Christ, the bard ; consolations of our fatherly kindness. And as for PETER LOMBARD whom your eminence has appointed to be your orator and agent at our court, we have willingly given him audience and shall be ready still to do so. And on yourself, and on the others of like mind who adhere to you in your struggle for upholding the Catholic faith, we bestow with feelings of satisfaction our own and the apostolic blessing: finally we pray that He may send his Angels to be about your path, direct your pious efforts and closing with his heavenly grace, and evermore defend you with benediction. the right hand of his power.

Given at St. Peter's at Rome, under the Ring of the Fisherman, the 20th day of January, anno 1601, in the ninth year of our Pontificate,


No. LIV.


The OCCAsion of this manifesto.

[The Lord Deputy having issued a proclamation at Cork, setting forth the iniquity of the practices of Rome and Spain against England, and calling on all good subjects to persevere in their loyalty to Queen Elizabeth, Don Juan D'Aquila published a sort of answer in the form of a counter proclamation, the most striking passages of which are contained in the

following extracts. The whole may be seen in Foulis, p. 484, where the introductory note and reference is as follows:- This is in Latin, MS. F.97 Cant. in Bib. Bodl. Oxon, and thus in English in Pacata Hibernia pp. 200-202.']

D' Aquila “Don Juan de Aquila, Generall of the warr, and the will not Catholique king of Spain's chief commander in God's allow Q. warr which is made in Ireland for the defence of the Elizabeth

Faith: To all the Irish Catholiques living in Kingsale, the to have any legitimate city of Cork, and all other villages, Cities and Castles, sovereignty, wisheth health in him who is the true happiness ... after the

“First of all, ye [the Lord Deputy, &c.] feign that papal sentence to the we would lead away the pretended subjects of the Queen contrary. of England from their obedience, to bring them under

our yoak, which is a very untruth ; for we endeavour not to persude any body that he should deny due obedience (according to the word of God) to his prince. But ye

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