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has been, and ever will be, to bring about a complete restoration of the state of the Church, almost wholly ex. tinct as it has been in this country, and to raise it again from its ruins ; so judging with ourselves, that it was our duty to spend all our substance, and life itself, in promoting this work, which we use our efforts, (not to say, we are compelled) to accomplish with the more alacrity for this reason, that unless we were to have met the common evil affecting both our church and state, with some timely remedy, we should have been dealt with far worse than the Turks are wont to deal with the Christians who fall into their power; so that we should have made up our minds, either to go into exile, or else meet our fate here. Matters therefore being reduced to this emergency, to whom can we (or ought we,) address ourselves or make our applications for aid, with

more sanguine hope or on surer grounds, than to thee, Father of Spirits upon earth, that and beg the thou mayest succour thy spiritual children, still miserably bp. of Rome, afflicted, and bruised under a yoke far more weighty and as the Face cruel than ever Pharaoh's was. Such relief we do trust rits on

Spithat we shall obtain from thy clemency, according to the earth," to example of all the afflicted, who, appealing to thy see assist their under the like unfortunate circumstances, have met with aid and remedy according to their need.

“To thee therefore, the common parent of all the af- Pretending, flicted, their kind and tenderhearted father, and that espe. or ignorantcially of such as are in trouble for the faith sake,-to thee ly supposas our only refuge and securest asylum, we flee for tions to be shelter, and humbly supplicate with copious tears, that such as St. our groans may be heard, our petitions attended to, and Patrick our demands conceded ; that their mouths may be stopped and their power broken, who have ill will against anced, they Sion, and hinder the demolished walls of Jerusalem from profess to be being re-edified anew: wherein, if your holiness will vouch- influenced safe to credit our assertion, none of our ancestors, from

by spiritual

motives the time that this realm fell into the hands of the English, only.


would have counten

were ever more attached than we are, to the faith delivered to us by our apostle St. Patrick, or more determined, eatinct as it has been, alas! in these parts, and well nigh buried,—now that we have so far shaken off the yoke of the English, to raise it again to life, and promote its growth, extention and amplification; for in these cherished views we have no other object, than to see the glory of God and the exaltation of the orthodox faith : may your holiness then vouchsafe to lend a favourable ear to these our supplications, addressed to you by men, who despising all honours and advantages whatsoever, desire not to live a day longer than we may see the

Church of God flourishing all over the entire world. They ask “ First then we have to express our desires that in to have titu- order to the furtherance and increase of the faith, aplar bishops pointments may be made to the vacant sees in this kingfor the va- dom, of those individuals who are distinguished for their cant sees life, morals, and literary attainments, and who labour of Ireland; most with us in promoting the interests of the faith, particularly in Munster,

whom also the right reverend the bishop of Cork and Cloyne united with us in nominating and recommending; as fit pastors to instruct the flock of God by their word and example* ; for fear that an opening may be left for the coming in of unworthy persons, who may perhaps intrude themselves into the charge over souls without due respect for canonical order, and yet with all possible authority and pomp. In presenting which petition we are influenced by the very serious damage to souls, which our people are subjected to by reason of the scarcity of pastors in the two provinces of Munster, a country which comprehends eleven bishoprics under the metropolis of Cashel; for we do not include the reverend prelate of Cork and Cloyne, who is now well exhausted from his age and troubles. And we urge our petition the more confidently from this consideration, that the prelates who have been elected, consecrated, and sent over to us from your holy see, to occupy vacant sees in these parts, are by us defended in the same, by God's grace, to the utmost of our power, thay they may be enabled in safety to take the oversight of the flocks committed to their charge.

* Vid. No. XLVI. p. 1266, sup. The “ bishop of Cork and Cloyne" here noticed was, I suppose, Edmund Tanner, vid. 68, inf. and Bren. ii. 123.

“Furthermore, we desire, that as the Supreme Pontiff and in fine, Pios the Fifth, of happy memory, issued his Bull of ex- to have a communication against the Queen of England and her the Bull of abbettors; as also GREGORY XIII. continued the same, “ Excomand announced that it was to have force in the war of the munica.

tion" of Geraldines ; so your holiness may be pleased to issue a

their Queen, like sentence for promoting this war, and bringing it to a prosperous issue. And now we commend generally to your holiness, with feelings of the strongest attachment of which we are capable, this your kingdom, depending on you alone after God, and ourselves your humble subjects, together with our proctors the bearers of these presents, whom we depute on behalf of ourselves, and in our name, and who will more fully set forth, at large and authentically, by oral communication, all the achievements that we have, with aid of their exertions and learning, performed in this war. Praying that your holiness may be pleased to repose implicit faith in their statements, we are &c.

Your holiness's most
obedient sons and most faithful subjects,

“ James Desmond.

“ Mac Cartie More. (Florence]

“Dermond Mac Cartie, alias Mac Donogh.". “ Dated in our Catholic Camp, the

30th of March, 1600.





Clement “CLEMENT VIII. pope, to All and Singular, our venelauds highly rable brethren the Archbishops, Bishops, and prelates ; the activity also to our beloved children, the Princes, Earls, Barons, in obeying and people of the kingdom of Ireland, Health and Aposhis exhorta- tolical benediction. tions to re

“Whereas we have learned, that in pursuance of the bellion. A.D. 1600. exhortations addressed to you this some while past, by

the popes of Rome our predecessors, and by ourselves and the apostolic see, for the recovering of your liberty, and the defence and preservation of the same against the attacks of heretics, you have with united hearts and efforts, followed, and supplied with aid and assistance, first JAMES GERALDINE of worthy memory, (who to the utmost of his power exerted himself, as long as he lived, with most spirited resolution, to shake off the cruel yoke of slavery imposed upon you by the English deserters from the Holy Roman Church ;) after that John GERALDINE, kinsman of the said JAMES; and most recently our beloved son, the noble lord Hugh, Prince O'NEAL, styled Earl Tyrone, Baron of Dungannon, and Captain General of the Catholic army in Ireland, and Whereas further, the Generals themselves and their soldiers have in progress of time, the hand of the Lord of Hosts assisting them, achieved very many noble exploits in valiant combat with the enemy, and are still ready for the like

hereafter; H. O'Neill's followers to and soldiers aforesaid to exert yourselves with the more

“We therefore, (to encourage you, and the General of sin, and alacrity for the time to come also, in giving your assist

on the Cru.

ance to this expedition against the heretics aforesaid) all other fahaving a desire to confer upon you spiritual graces and yours usual

ly bestowed favours, after the example set us by our predecessors aforesaid, and in dependance on the mercy of Almighty saders. God, and the authority of Blessed Peter and Paul His apostles, Do mercifully grant in the Lord to you all and singular (if truly penitent and confessing, and likewise refreshed, if it be possible, with the Holy Communion) who shall follow the said General Hugh and his army, the champions and asserters of the Catholic faith, and who shall join yourselves to their number, or give them help in this expedition by your Counsel, Countenance, Military Stores, Arms, and other implements of War, or in any mode whatsoever; and also to the said General Hugh and the soldiers of his army all and singular, [on the like terms] a plenary indulgence and remission of all their sins, and the same privileges as have been usually conceded by the popes of Rome to those who set out for the war against the Turks, and for the recovery of the Holy Land: our decretals concerning the not granting of indulgences in such form, and on the occasion of receiving the Jubilee year's indulgences, and any other apostolical constitutions and ordinances &c. to the contrary, (if this be requisite,) notwithstanding.

“And inasmuch as it would be difficult for these our The mode presents to come to the knowledge of all whom they may of publicaconcern, our pleasure is, that the printed copies thereof

of the Epis

tle. also, after having been subscribed by the hand of a notary public, and confirmed by the seal of a Church Dignitary, shall be received every where with the same reliance on their authority, as would be commanded by production of the original.

“Given at St. Peter's at Rome, under the Ring of the Fisherman, the 18th day of April 1600, in the IXth year of our Pontificate.


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