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Mac Geoghegan, Histoire, &c., vol. iii. p. 437; Amsterd. 1763 ; or in Foulis's History of Romish Treasons, p. 306. London, 1681.

mer bull in

Gregory XIII., pope, to all and singular the Arch- Gregory rebishops, Bishops, and other prelates, and also to the cites the forPrinces, Earls, Barons, Clergy, Nobility, and People of

favour of J. the kingdom of Ireland, Health and Åpostolical Bene- Fitzmaudiction.

rice ; (Art. “Whereas in these years last past we have by our

XXVII. letters exhorted you to give your utmost aid, (in order sup.) to the recovery of your liberty, and the defence and preservation thereof against the heretics,) to James Geraldine, of worthy memory, who was planning measures, in aspirit of the most fervent zeal, for shaking off the cruel yoke of bondage imposed on you by the English deserters from the Holy Roman Church, and to support him with promptness and energy in his preparations for making war on God's enemies and yours;

“And whereas to encourage you to engage in this ser- alludes to vice with greater alacrity, we made a grant to all, who the privibeing contrite and confessing, should follow the aforesaid leges it be General James and his army, and join themselves thereto his followfor the purpose of asserting the Catholic faith, and fight- ers; ing its battles, or support his cause in this expedition, by their counsel, countenance, military stores, arms, and other necessaries of war, or in any manner whatsoever, of a plenary pardon and remission of all their sins, and the same privileges which have usually been bestowed by the Roman pontiffs, on those who set out for the war against the Turks, and for the recovery of the Holy Land; “And whereas further, tidings have been recently re- and pro

mises a conceived by us, not without deep distress of mind on our

tinuance of port, that the aforesaid James hath been slain, (as it them to pleased the Lord,) in a valiant encounter with the ene- John Geral

men ;

dine and his my; and that our beloved son, John Geraldine, his kins

man, a person of exemplary piety and heroism, which are to be attributed to God, whose cause is now at issue, hath succeeded to him in this expedition, and hath already performed many noble acts in his worthy struggle for the Catholic faith, We, therefore, in the strongest manner of which we are capable, exhort, require, and urge you in the Lord, all and singular, that you study to aid the aforesaid General John and his army, against the said heretics, by every means in your power, according to the admonitions which we addressed to you for the regulation of your conduct toward the said James while

he was yet alive. who were to

"For we, in dependance on the mercy of Almighty be treated as God, and the authority of Blessed Peter and Paul his equally me apostles, do grant, and by these presents bestow on all ritorious

and singular of you, who having confessed and communicated, shall do

the things contained in the letter aforesaid, for the said John and his army, or who after his death, (if it should haply occur, which God vouchsafe to avert,) shall adhere to and favour his brother James, the same plenary indulgence and remission of all your sins, as they obtain who engage in the war against the Turks, and for the recovery of the Holy Land, these privileges to continue in force so long as the said bro

thers John and James shall survive. The mode of “And whereas it would be difficult for these our let. publication ters to come to the notice of all whom they may concern, of this Bull. our pleasure is that the printed copies thereof also, after

having been subscribed by the hand of a notary public, and stamped with the seal of a Church dignitary, shall be received every where with the same full and implicit confidence, as if these presents had been exhibited or shewn.

“Given at St. Peter's, Rome, under the Ring of the

with Turkexterminators.

Fisherman, the 13th day of May, 1580, in the eighth year of our Pontificate,


In O'Sullevan, this document is attested as follows:

“The above letter, extracted from its original printed Its authention a stamp, was corrected and collated by me Alfonso city formalde Serna, Notary public by the apostolic and ordinary

ly testified. authority, as well as notary of the Archives in the Court of Rome, in the town of Madrid, of the diocese of Toledo, on the xiiij day of October, MDLXXXX."




(From Foulis, History, &c., p. 308, where this document is accompanied with the following introductory notice :-)

[1599. Essex having left Ireland.] “ Tiroen takes Notice of opportunity to break the cessation, falls to open war, some partito which he was encouraged by the promises of the Spa- nected with niards and the letter of the Pope; and thus puft up, he the followlooks upon himself as monarch of all Ireland, and so ing record. makes James Fitz Thomas Earl of Desmond, as one who was a professed enemy to the English government, but slave enough to the Spaniards, though he hated his own Queen, as appears by his slanders against her and

king of

worse than

his respect to Philip, as the following letters will tes

tify:Letter of • To the most mighty monarch of the world, the great the Sugan. King of Spain, give this at his princely Palace of Madrid.

. Most mighty Monarch, Spain, 'I humbly salute your imperial majesty, giving your (A.D. 1599.) Highness to understand of our great misery, and violent

order wherewith we are of long time oppressed by the complaining English nation; Their government is such, as Pharaoh that Q. Eli- himself never used the

like; for they content not them. zabeth was selves with all temporal superiority, but by cruelty dePharaoh, sire our blood, and perpetual destruction, to blot out the

whole remembrance of our posterity, as also our old Catholick religion, and to swear that the Queen of Eng

land is supreme of the Church. and far I refer the consideration thereof to your Majesties more wicked high judgment, the rather, for that Nero in his time was than Nero. far inferiour to this Queen in cruelty. Wherefore and

for the respects thereof, Right mighty potentate, myself Next fol- with my followers and retainers, and being also requested lows a mo- by the bishops, prelates, and religious men of my counof the wrie try, have drawn my sword, and proclaimed wars against ter's own them, for the recovery first of Christ's Catholick reliservices. gion, and next for the maintenance of my own right, which

of long time hath been wrongfully detained from me and my father, who by right succession was lawful heir to the earldom of Desmond; for he was eldest son to James, my grandfather, also earl of Desmond: and for that my uncle Gerald, (being the younger brother,)

took part with the wicked proceedings of the Queen of England, to farther the unlawful claim of supremacy, usurped the name of earl of Desmond in my father's true title ; yet notwithstanding, he had not long enjoyed his name of Earl, when the wicked English annoyed him, and prosecuted wars, that he with the most part of those that held of his side was slain, and his country thereby planted with Englishmen. And now by the just judgment and providence of God, I have utterly rooted these malepert bowse out of the orchard of my country, and have profited so much in my proceedings, that my dasterly Enemies dare not shew their faces in any part of my country; but having taken my towns and cities for their refuge and strength, where they do remain, as it were prisoners, for want of means to assail them, as cannon and powder which my country cannot yield. (sic.]

Having these wants, most noble potentate, I have He begs aid presumed with all humility, to address these my letters from the to your high majesty, craving the same of your gra- monarch, cious clemency and goodness, to assist me in this godly enterprise, with some help of such necessaries for the wars, as your majesty shall think requisite ; and (after the quiet of my country) satisfaction shall be truely made for the same, and myself in person, with all my forces, shall be ready to serve your highness in any country your majesty shall command me.

And if your majesty will vouchsafe to send me a com- including a petent number of souldiers, I will place them in some of body of my towns and cities, to remain in your gracious disposi- troops, on tión, till such time as my ability shall make good what ditions. your majesty shall lend me in money and munition; and also your majesties high commission under the broad seal for leading and conducting these souldiers, according to the prescript order and articles of martial discipline, as your majesty shall appoint me, and as the service of this land shall require. I praise the Almighty A word God, I have done by his goodness, more than all my pre- more of his decessors ; for I have reclaimed all the nobility of this wonder

ploits. part of Ireland under the dutiful obedience of Christ's Church, and mine own authority; and accordingly have taken pledges, and corporal oaths,* never to swerve

• Vid. p. 1115, not. sup.

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