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Dec. Cassellensis

26 churches
Dec. de Wethnthir

6 ch. Cathedral benefices

28 denoms. Dec. de Ely

31 ch. Dec. de Fythard

16 ch. Dec. de Muscri

16 ch. Dec. de Sclefardach

20 ch. Sum total, £660 5s. 9d.

S. d. 129 0 8

5 0 0 164 10 11 125 9 24 50 1 10 73 7 93 112 5 4

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Dec Corkyghteragh..
Dec. Berry ..

Sum total, £45 58.

10 churches.
5 ch.

£ 8. d.
3 13 4
4 0 0


Dean and Chapter (23 denoms.)
Dec. de Offerla

17 ch. Dec. de Hacmy

14 ch. Dec. de Othorna and Offlannan

10 ch. Dec. de pray

13 ch. Dec. de —rrys

14 ch. Dec. de Hacudeo, 5 abbeys and

29 ch. Sum total, £178 169. 6d. Dyoc. FYNNABORENS.

23 churches. Sum total, £60 3s. Aa.

Ardfert ; 49 13 4 23 4 5 23 40 13 10 0

6 15 0 14 3 4 14 10 9 33 19


Bp. and

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Bishop, Chapter, and 8 denoms.
Dec. de Ocurblethan

15 ch. Dec. de Kery

11 ch. Dec, de Kenalethe ultra

17 ch. Dec. de Kenalethe citra

13 ch. Dec. de Corkolwyn

5 ch.
Sum total, £283 13s. 4d.
Sum of Province of CASHEL, £3699 16s. 410.

and Cork.
97 6 8
34 10 0
42 1 8
67 5 0
38 10 0
4 0 0

Specimen of the Taxa

in its full and una


It will of course be borne in mind by the tion of 1306 reader, that the preceding is but a synopsis, or abridged summary, of the

original taxation from bridged which it has been compiled. It may be inte

resting, however, to give a specimen in the form of a continuous extract from the taxation itself, by which the nature of that document may be better understood. The following is, in its unabridged form, the portion of it which belongs to the rural deanry of Moylinny, in the diocese of Connor.

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The restor of Antrum ..

5 marks .: Tenth, gs. 8d. The vicarage of the same

12 marks 16s.
The rector of St. Brigid's, (Kil.

10 marks Tenth, 1 mark. The vicarage of the same

10 marks Tenth, I mark. The church of Duncurri (Donegore]

15 marks Tenth, 20s. The church of Drumnedergal 12 marks Tenth, 16s. The church of Maudone

2 marks 28. 8d.
The church of Hugh-de-Logan's

2 marks 6s. 8d..
The church of Corngran

5 marks 6s. 8d. The church of Oldtown..

24s. 4d, 28, 530,
The rector of Coule (Carnmony] 10 marks Tenth, 1 mark.
The vicarage of the same

4 marks 58. 4d.
The church of Douach [Doagh) .. 24 marks 3s. 4d.
The rector of Walter-de-Logan's
town (Ballywalter]

The Hospitallers are rectors.



• The error which obviously exists either in the Valuation or Tenth of this Church, is shewn by the sum to be in the latter, which has 6s. instead of ?s.

+ The Hospitallers having been exempted from this taxation, the churches held by members of their body have no charge placed opposite to their names in the above cited record.




The vicarage of the same


Tenth, 4s.
The church of Lynne (Ballylinny] g marks 12s.
The church of Iwes

13 marks 178. 4d.
The church of Rassci [Rashee] 6 marks
The churches of Austin's town and
of Adam Corry (Ballycor]

marks 9s. 4d. The church of Monketone

10 marks 1 mark, The church of Rathmore

2 marks 2s. 8d. Sum of the Taxation, £94 48. 4d. ; Tenth thereof, £9 88. 54d."

In this enumeration it will be seen that there are comprised 17 rectories and 4 vicarages, making up together the sum of 21 benefices, with an income of £94 4s. 4d. in this deanry, as already exhibited under the diocese of Connor in the above summary.

No. XLI.



(Referred to in the preceding No., p. 1148 sup.)

The original Latin of this document may be seen in Rymer, Fæd. vol. ii., p. 519, (vid. p. 679 not. sup.) 19 Ed. I. Ex orig. in Thesaur. Cur. Recept. Scacc.

“Nicholas, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Names of our venerable brother the bishop of Meath, and our be- the agents in loved son the dean of the church of Dublin, our greeting tion. and apostolical benediction.

Applause of “ It is not without sensations of lively joy, not without the king for emotions of glowing exultation in the Lord, that we conhis zeal in template in our private meditations, and publish for the Wars. benefit of others, how that King, in whose hand are the

hearts of kings, hath benignly touched the heart of our most dearly beloved son in Christ, Edward, the illustrious king of England; and hath kindled in his mind such a fervent zeal for employing his personal exertions for the relief of the Holy Land, subjected as it is to unnumbered sufferings, that both before his accession to the high honours of the royal dignity, which were his by heredi. tary right, he did in his own person, (not without large pecuniary expenditure and labours of serious magnitude) supply relief

to the said land, and this at a most critical season, when the country was exposed to very serious perils ;--and after that event, maintaining still the same resolve to render service to his Redeemer in this truly pious undertaking, as though forgetful of the imminent risk which he had formerly incurred in the very same land at the hands of an assassin, and exhibiting a laudable magnanimity in his utter disregard of such perils,) he has again resumed anew the work of prosecuting the interests of the said land in his own person, and with all the resources of his royal might ;-acting thus in the spirit of a Catholic prince, a prince of sterling energy; and holding himself in readiness to cross the sea, with God for his guide, on the feast of the nativity of B. John the Baptist, in the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and ninety-three, which period we have thought proper, after advising with our brethren, to assign as

the time for a general passage, as well for him, as for all He is grant- others who have enlisted, or may yet enlist themselves, clesiastical under the banner of the cross. Tenths for “Now, albeit we have deemed it good to make over twelve to the said king, for the prosecution of an undertaking

so burdensome, so arduous, a grant of the Tenth of all


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