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B A T T L E F N A V A RIN 0.





Peace of Luneville- League of Armed Neutrality—Battle of Copenhagen - Battle of Aboukir-Surrender of Alexandria –

Peace of Amiens-Bonaparte Elected First Consul for Life, England's Ultimatum-War Proclaimed against France-Preparations for War— Trafalgar – Napoleon assumes the title of Emperor- Austerlitz-Peace of TilsitAttempt to ruin British Commerce-Boinbardment of Copenhagen-Surrender of Danish fleet—Blockade of European ports – Louis Bonaparte made King of Holland; Jerome, of Hanover, and Hesse Cassel-Abdication of Charles IV.-Joseph Bonaparte made King of Spain -Surrender of a French Army at Baylen-Defeat of Junot at Vimiera – Retreat of Sir John Moore-Corunna — Talavera – Wagram-Failure of Expedition against AntwerpBusaco - Fuentes d'Onore—Albuera-Capture of Ciudad Rodrigo – Badajoz-Salamanca – France declares War against Russia—Moscow – Napoleon's Disastrous Retreat-Vittoria-St. Seba-tian-- Bayonne - Toulouse - LeipsicCapitulation of Paris— Napoleon exiled to Elba - His Escape and Restoration-Quatre Bras — Waterloo -- March of the Allied Arnies into Paris - Ainerican War-Invasion of Canada–Peace Proclaimed.

The war which France, on the overthrow of had now no foe to contend with on the her monarchical system, had waged for the Continent. But the promptitude of the purpose of 'liberating the peoples' of the British ministry averted the impending Continent, and compelling them by force to danger. On the first of April, 1801, a fleet adopt her republican institutions, came to a of eighteen men-of-war, commanded by close at the end of the eighteenth century; Nelson, forced the passage of the Sound, and the Peace of Luneville left Bonaparte appeared before Copenhagen, and at once her real ruler, under the title of First Con- attacked the city and the formidable fleet sul, and at liberty to devote his whole ener- by which it was covered. After a desperate gies to a decisive struggle for supremacy resistance on the part of the Danes six with Great Britain, on which his mind had line-of-battle ships and eight praams were for some time been set. His first step taken, and the Crown Prince was forced to was to enter into a league of ‘Armed Neut- conclude an armistice, engaging to suspend rality,' as it was called, with the northern all proceedings under the Treaty of Armed powers, Russia, Denmark, and Sweden, which Neutrality which Denmark had entered would give him the command of their fleets into with Sweden and Russia. The murder to dispute Britain's naval supremacy. De- of the Russian emperor Paul, which took prived of the command of the seas, his hated place nine days before the battle of Copenrival would, he believed, be easily invaded hagen, at once put an end to the Conand conquered by his veteran troops, who federacy of the North. This triumph of VOL. I.


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