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Vol.396 Art. 2388, Sec. 6. It the owner of any estray animal, posted as aforesaid, shall, within one year from the time the same was posted, appear and claim the same, he shall notify the taker up thereof, and the owner shall establish his claim to such animals, before some justice of the peace of the proper township, by such evidence as shall be satisfactory to the justice. In all cases, when the claimant shall make satisfactory proof of ownership, the justices shall make an order that he have restitution of the animal so proven, upon his paying the costs; and, to the taker up, the expenses and costs that may be awarded him by the justice ; provided, the justice shall not allow any expenses for keeping an estray, which the taker up gantong under his authority, may have worked, ridden, or used,

while in his possession. S464

Sec. 7. Xif the owner of any lost or stray animal shall not appear and prove his

property therein, within one year after the same is posted, he shall forfeit his right P.389 thereto, and the

property in such animal shall be vested in the taker up, upon his paying into the county treasury the one-half appraised value thereof, as fixed by the appraisers, as aforesaid.

Art. 2389, Sec. 8.7 No person taking up any animal, under this act, shall sell, exchange, or dispose of the same, in any manner, or remove the same from the county in which it was posted, until after the expiration of one year from the posting, and until he shall have paid the one-half appraised value into the county treasury.

Sec. 98% If any estray animal die, or escape from the possession of the taker up, at any time before the expiration of one year from the taking up, he shall not be held liable, in any manner, on account of such animal.

Art. 2390, Sec. 10. In all cases where money has been paid into the county treasury, pursuant to the seventh section of this act, the same shall be kept in separate account by the treasurer, and safely held in trust for the space of six months after it is so paid in, to be paid over to the true owner of the estray, upon such owner within the said time producing to the treasurer the certificate of the proper justice, setting forth that said owner had made satisfactory proof of ownership within the six months, as aforesaid, by a like proceeding as provided for in the sixth section of this act, the treasurer retaining out of said money his own per centage.

Sec. 11. All moneys paid into the county treasury under the provisions of this act, if not legally withdrawn, as above provided, shall become a part, and belong to the county school fund, and be drawn from the county treasury on the warrant of the county superintendent, and shall be, exclusively, appropriated to the county school fund, and for no other purpose.

Art. 2391, Sec. 12. The owner of any estray animal which has been legally taken up, or for the taking up of which proceedings have been commenced under this act, knowing the same to have been posted, shall not be permitted to take, lead, or drive the same from the premises, or possession, of the person legally possessed thereof, until proven, and the charges paid; and any person, knowingly and willfully, violating the provisions of this section, shall be subject to all the penalties that he would be subject to under the statute law; provided, he had no claim to said animal.

Sec. 13. If any person shall take into use, or in any manner dispose of, any lost or estray animal, which may be found upon his farm or premises, or exercise any control over any such animal, except in case said animal has broken into his lawful inclosure, without having first posted the same, or having proceeded to post any such animal

, shall use, or in any manner dispose of the same, contrary to, and in violation of the provisions of this act, he shall be deemed guilty of larceny, and punished according stifftline

ART. 2392, Sec. 1471, at the lekpiration of one year from the taking up of any estray under this act, the justice before whom the same was posted, his successor

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