The Royal Society in the XIXth Century: Being a Statistical Summary of Its Labours During the Last Thirty-five Years

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Page 187 - Warrant : he is your medium of communication with public bodies, and with the members of the Government upon the various subjects important to the interests of science, which are either submitted to your consideration, or which are recommended by you, through your Council, for the consideration of others. For many of those functions I feel myself to be somewhat prepared by my habits of life, as well as by my public occupations : and for some of them more especially, if I may be permitted to say so,...
Page 187 - ... them. Though he presides at the meetings of your Council, he possesses but one voice among many; incurring an equal responsibility in common with every one of its members. He is your official representative in the administration of the affairs of the British Museum ; he presides in your name, by virtue of your election of him at the board of visitors of the Royal Observatory as appointed by his Majesty's warrant ; he is your medium of communication with public bodies, and with the members of...
Page 161 - Fellows recommended by the President and Council and having a blank column opposite for such alterations as any Fellow may wish to make, shall be prepared for the use of the Fellows one week before the day of election.
Page 145 - ... would be at once classical and appropriate to the purpose, was the subject of frequent conversation, and even of favourite speculation with him. From these and other causes, to which it is not necessary for me now to advert, it arose, that, at the demise of His late Majesty, although the adjudication of ten Medals had been formally made and announced from the Chair of the Royal Society, not even the dies, much less the Medals, were forthcoming for the purpose of distribution to the various distinguished...
Page 253 - An Account of the Life and writings of Baron Guyton de Morveau, FRS Member of the Institute of France, &c.
Page viii - Report on the adjudication of the Copley, Rumford, and Royal Medals ; and appointment of the Bakerian, Croonian, and Fairchild Lectures. Compiled from the original documents in the Archives of the Royal Society.
Page 149 - Fund, the dividends to be applied from time to time in promoting experimental researches, or in rewarding those by whom such researches may have been made, or in such other manner as shall appear to the President and Council for the time being most conducive to the interests of the Society in particular, or of science in general.
Page 165 - AT the two Ordinary Meetings of the Society next preceding the day of the Anniversary Election, the President shall give notice of the said Election ; and declare how much it imports the good of the Society, that such persons may be chosen into the Council, as are most likely to attend the Meetings and business of the Council, out of whom there may be made the best choice of a President and other Officers.
Page 61 - Medals should be adjudged for the most important discoveries or series of investigations completed and made known to the Royal Society in the year preceding the day of their award...

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