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The mind was form’d to mount sublime,
Beyond the narrow bounds of time,

To everlasting things;
But earthly vapours cloud her sight,
And hang with cold oppressive weight

Upon her drooping wings.
The world employs its various snares,
Of hopes and pleasures, pains and cares,

And chained to earth I lie :
When shall my fettered powers be free,
And leave these seats of vanity,

And upward learn to fly.
Bright scenes of bliss, unclouded skies,
Invite my soul-0 could I rise,

Nor leave a thought below!
I'd bid farewell to anxious care,
And say to ev'ry tempting snare,

Heaven calls, and I must go.
Heaven calls, and can I yet delay?
Can ought on earth engage my stay?

Ah, wretched, lingering heart ! Come, Lord, with strength, and life, and light, Assist and guide my upward flight,

And bid the world depart.


FORGIVE, blest shade, the tributary tear,
That mourns thy exit from a world like this ;
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here,
And stayed thy progress to the seats of bliss.
No more confined to groveling scenes of night,
No more a tenant pent in mortal clay;
Now should we rather hail thy glorious Aight,
And trace thy journey to the realms of day.


Father! whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy sovereign will denies;
Accepted at thy throne of grace,

Let this petition rise :
Give me a calm, a thankful heart,

From every murmur free;
The blessings of thy grace impart,

And let me live to Thee.
Let the sweet hope that thou art mine,

My life and death attend,
Thy presence through my journey shine,

And crown my journey's end.


There is a secret in the


of God, With his own children, which none others know, That sweetens all he does; and if such peace, While under his afflicting hand we find, What will it be to see him as he is, And pass the reach of all that now disturbs The tranquil soul's repose? To contemplate, In retrospect unclouded, all the means By which his wisdom has prepar'd his saints For the vast weight of glory which remains ! Come then, affliction, if my Father bids, And be my frowning friend : A friend that frowns Is better than a smiling enemy. We welcome clouds which bring the former rain, Tho' they the present prospect blacken round, And shade the beauties of the opening year, That, by their stores enriched, the earth may yield A fruitful summer and a plenteous crop.



Thro' all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ.

Of His deliverance I will boast,

Till all that are distrest,
From my example comfort take,

And charm their griefs to rest.
O magnify the Lord with me;

With me exalt His fame:
When in distress to Him I callid,

He to my rescue came.
O make but trial of His love,

Experience will decide
How bless'd they are, and only they,

Who in His truth confide.

Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then

Have nothing else to fear
Make you His service your delight,

He'll make your wants His care.
Deliverance to His saints he gives,

When His relief they crave :
He's nigh to heal the broken heart,

And contrite spirit save.
For God preserves the souls of those

Who on His truth depend;
To them and their posterity

His blessings shall descend.


Wuen langour and disease invade

This trembling house of clay,
'Tis sweet to look beyond our cage,

And long to soar away.
Sweet to look inward, and attend

The whispers of his love;
Sweet to look upward to the throne,

Where Jesus pleads above. Sweet to look back, and see my name

In life's fair book mark'd down;
Sweet to look forward, and behold

Eternal joy my own.
Sweet to reflect how grace divine

My sins on Jesus laid ;
Sweet to remember that thy death

My debt of suffering paid.
Sweet on thy faithfulness to rest,

Whose love can never end; Sweet on thy covenant of grace

For all things to depend. Sweet in the confidence of faith,

To trust thy truth divine; Sweet to lie passive in thy hands,

And have no will but thine.

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