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commandment that it giveth by the plain Word of God, so far do we reverence and embrace the same. ... The cause, then, why General Councils were convened was neither to make any perpetual law, which God before had not made, nor yet to forge new articles of our belief, nor to give the Word of God authority, much less to make that to be His word, or yet the true interpretation of the same, which was not before by His holy will expressed in His word. ... The other (cause) was for good policy and order to be constituted and observed in the Kirk, in which, as in the house of God, it becomes all things to be done decently and in order. Not that we think that a policy and an order in ceremonies can be appointed for all ages, times, and places; for as ceremonies such as men have devised, are but temporal, so may and ought they to be changed when they rather foster superstition than edify the Kirk using the same."

Here, again, is that reaching forward towards future development. With Knox there is always the atmosphere of the immutable law of God graven on the stone tablets of Sinai, and at the same time the ever moving tabernacle of the wilderness, marching onward day by day progressing towards the perfect practice of the law. It is the same spirit that breathes through the lines of Mrs. Eddy:

“The Magna Charta of Christian Science means much, multum in parvo-all-in-one and one-in-all. It stands for the inalienable, universal rights of men. Essentially democratic, its government is administered by the common consent of the governed, wherein and whereby man governed by his Creator is self-governed. The Church is the mouthpiece of Christian Science,its law and Gospel are according to Christ Jesus; its rules are health, holiness, and immortality, -equal rights and privileges, equality of the sexes, rotation in office.” (Miscellany, p. 246.)

“Human law is right only as it patterns the divine. Consolation and peace are based on the enlightened sense of God's government.' (Miscellany, p. 283.)

With both these teachers, obedience to God carries automatically respect and reverence for a just administration of divine law operative in human affairs. In one of his disputations with Secretary Lethington, Knox declares, “God's ordinance is the conservation of mankind, the punishment of vice, and the maintaining of virtue, which is in itself holy, just, constant, stable, and perpetual;" Mrs. Eddy maintains the same position when she equally declares that:

“Truth, life, and love are the only legitimate and eternal demands upon man; they are spiritual laws enforcing obedience and punishing disobedience.” (Miscellany, p. 159.)

When asked at one time for her political views, Mrs. Eddy replied:

"I am asked, 'What are your politics?' I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; to love God supremely, and my neighbour as myself.” (Miscellany, p. 276.)

Nowhere so vividly as in Scotland does the Reformation of Religion unite the Mosaic dispensation with the grace of the Gospel. There, as vividly displayed as their plaids of "many colours," may be seen Israel receiving the Messiah. This spirit of theocracy blossoms into flowers of love and joy in the unfolding truth of Christian Science, wherein

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the grave, sober law of The Confession and the book of Discipline becomes the sustaining and healing law of Science and Health, both derived from the Bible, and based on the testimony of prophet and apostle, both operating without respect of person, the former preparing the souls of men for Christ's Kingdom in Heaven, the latter bringing salvation to soul and body, and revealing Christ's Kingdom and reign of harmony upon earth.




E have many references in these pages to Great

Britain's identification with the ten lost tribes

of the House of Israel, and to those unacquainted with the result of historical research in this direction, such references may seem obscure and bewildering. We can only crave indulgence for this viewpoint and would remind our readers that there are many books in circulation* which enter minutely into every detail of this interesting and engrossing subject. It is impossible to trace the pathway of spiritual illumination in the world, and the spread of the Gospel in the English tongue, without standing time and again upon ground which has its foundation in the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy concerning the establishment of Israel as a spiritual world-power with a great mission of salvation to mankind. It is also impossible to follow the development of Christ and Christianity in world-consciousness, and not acknowledge that the promise made in Genesis that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head, has never been allowed to lapse, and that the blessing given to Joseph, which was to be of the feminine quality, has proved a blessing in England over and over again at times of supreme national crises. Just as Boadicea rose up an inspired leader during the early Roman invasions, forcing the foreign foe to loose its hold on the land which was to be the sanctuary of the Bible, so Elizabeth Tudor was raised up to hold England free against the fierce onslaughts of ecclesiastical Rome during the * The Covenant Publishing Co., 14 Fetter Lane, London, E.C.

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