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which the state may undertake? This is brought to your attention at this time for the reason that an act sent out, with recommendation for its adoption, and not adopted, must inevitably tend to disparage the work of this Commission.

These matters have been dwelt on somewhat at length, for the reason that they seem to point the way to the direction in which our efforts can be most profitably employed, and for which there is the most urgent general demand.

This country, in common with other nations of the world, is now passing through an era of social unrest, with communistic clamor amounting to hysteria, tainted more or less with moral cowardice. Some of the proposed legislation of this description falls within the third general division which I have endeavored to make. There is always a class of persons who imagine that every ill which flesh is heir to can and should be cured by the enactment of a law, oblivious to the fact that there are certain immutable principles that no act of a Legislature, a Congress, or a Parliament can vary. As well enact that water should run up hill, or the tides cease to ebb and flow, as waste time and energy upon such measures.

There are two subjects which I feel it incumbent on me to direct special attention to at the present time. A year ago at the meeting held in St. Louis, there was considerable discussion over a proposed act on the subject of Declaratory Judgments. The measure was sent back to the committee, and will doubtless be presented here in a much improved form. Until comparatively recently, the need for legislation of this character has not been recognized in this country, to the extent to which the subject is entitled. In Great Britain, an Act of Parliament in regard to judgments of this description has been on the statute books for sometime, and while that act is open to legitimate criticism, due in part to the different conditions prevailing in this country, the subject is one of growing importance, an importance, which I regret to say, not yet fully recognized by all the members of the profession. When this measure is called up, it deserves to receive your most critical consideration in view of the conditions under which it would operate and the results which it would create in the state from which you come.

Another matter which will be submitted to you is that which has to do with the enactment of proper laws upon the subject of aviation and its regulation. This is a matter of both international and interstate concern, and the laws in regard to this, so far as any at all have been enacted, are but crude attempts upon a matter which is bound to grow in importance as the science of aviation and its practice becomes more and more general and advanced. A most valuable report upon this subject will be presented from the Committee on Aviation, which was prepared after exhaustive study by Professor Bogert. It may well be that this body ought not at this time to attempt putting in definite form regulations for this newest means of locomotion, but it is of importance that every member should give it his close consideration and study, to the end that when the proper time comes for action to be taken, it shall not be of a haphazard, uncertain description. Your attention will be invited to several other subjects less novel, and therefore with regard to which it would seem superfluous to attempt to deal in this address.

There is at this time one matter of paramount importance. With our constantly increasing number of committees, the work of which is greatly hampered through the lack of funds, means must be found as speedily as possible to increase our revenue, and so far as practicable, to introduce a budget system to regulate our expenditures. It is therefore recommended that the Executive Committee, after due consideration, take such steps as in its judgment will best promote the desired end.

During the year, a number of invitations have been received to send a representative from this Conference. The first was in January last to the meeting held in Washington which had in view the furtherance of legislation in regard to good roads. This was attended by Mr. Hardin of New Jersey as our representative. Then came the meeting of the International Law Association at Geneva, to which Mr. Bailey of Massachusetts went in a like capacity. The last was the meeting of the Commercial Law League in Minneapolis, in the early part of this month, to which Mr. S. R. Child was appointed to represent the Conference.

I cannot close these remarks without reminding you of the great loss which this Commission and the profession suffered

in the demise of William A. Blount of Florida, and I commend to you the appreciative and just tribute to him which appeared in an editorial published in the columns of the Minneapolis Tribune, and written by our fellow-commissioner, Rome G. Brown. To those who were associated with Mr. Blount for any number of years, to the American Bar generally, and especially to this Conference of Commissioners, of which for three years he was President, the loss is one which will be peculiarly felt. He was distinctively a man of the constructive type, who had modestly, but effectually, wielded an influence in the state where he lived, upon its constitution and laws, and whose ability and evenly balanced judgment were recognized wherever he was known throughout our country. Thrice he refused a tender of a position on the Bench, and it would be extremely fitting that this Commission should at its present meeting take appropriate action with regard to his death.


Rt. Hon. Robert L. Borden, Ottawa. | Rt. Hon. Viscount Richard Burdon Aal-
Rt. Hon. Viscount James Bryce, 0. M.. dane, 0. M., London,
Sussex, England.

L. A. Lavallée, K. C., Montreal.
Professor Frederico Cammeo, Bologna, Hon. Mr. Justice Martin, Montreal,

Hon. Tsunejiro Miyaoka, Tokyo, Japan, Hon. Sir Charles Davidson, Montreal. Rt. Hon. Romulo S. Naon, Buenos Aires. Maitre Gaston de Leval, Brussels.

Frederick P. Walton, K. C., Cairo, Egypt. Hon. Charles J. Doherty, K. Č., Ottawa. Rt. Hon. Viscount Cave, London. Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, Ottawa. Hon. William Renwick Riddell, Toronto. Hon. Sir Lomer Gouin, Quebec.

Sir James Ajking, K. O., Winnipeg. Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Ottawa.




ELECTED 1913 Aaker, Casper D., Minot, N. Dak. 1921 Adams, Mrs. Anette Abbott, San Fran. 1921 Aaron, Charles, Chicago, nl.

cisco, Cal. 1915 Aaron, Henry J., Chicago, Ill.

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