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SUBJECT. 1896. JOSEPH B. WABNER.......... The Responsibilities of the Law.


of the English Bar........ The Uses of Legal History. 1897. ROBERT MATHEB ............ Constitutional Construction and

the Commerce Clause. 1897. EUGENE WAMBAUGH ...... The Present Scope of Govern.

ment. 1898. LYMAN D. BREWSTER........ Uniform State Laws. 1898. L. C. KRAUTHOFT............ Malice as an Ingredient of a

Civil Cause of Action. 1899. EDWARD Q. KLASBEY......... New Jersey and the Great Cor.

porations. 1899. SIB WM. RANN KENNEDY,

Judge of the High Court of

Judicature ............... The State Punishment of Crime. 1900. EDWARD A VERY HARRIMAN... Ultra Vires Corporation Leases. 1900. JOHN BASSETT MOORE........ A Hundred Years of American

Diplomacy. 1900. RICHARD M. VENABLE........ Growth or Evolution of Law. 1901. RICHARD C. DALE............ Implied Limitations upon the Ex

ercise of the Legislative Power. 1901. HENBY D. ESTABROOK. ....... The Lawyer, Hamilton. 1901. CHARLES J. HUGHES, JB...... The Evolution of Mining Law. 1901. PLATT ROGERS .............. The Law of New Conditions

Illustrated by the Law of Irri.

gation. 1902. M. D. CHALMERS,

Parliamentary Counsel to

the Treasury (England)... Codification of Mercantile Law. 1902. AMABA M. EATON........... The Origin of Municipal Incor

poration in England and in the

United States. 1902. EMLIN MCCLAIN ............ The Evolution of the Judicial


of the English Bar........ English Law Reporting. 1903. WILLIAM A. GLASGOW, JB.... A Dangerous Tendency of Legis

lation. 1904. J. M. DICKINSON............ The Alaskan Boundary Case. 1904. BENJAMIN F. ABBOTT........ To What Extent will a Nation

Protect Its Citizens in Foreign

Countries? 1905. RICHARD LOCKHART HAND.... Government by the People.

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The Causes of Popular Dissatis

faction with the Administra

tion of Justice. 1906. JOHN J. JENKINS...

Can Congress Transfer to the

States its Power to Regulato

Commerce? 1906. THOMAS J. KEBNAN. ..... The Jurisprudence of Lawless

ness. 1906. GEORGE B. Davis... ... Some Recent Progress in Inter

national Law. 1907. CHARLES F. AMIDON.

The Nation and tho Constitution. 1907. CHARLES A. PROUTY... A Fundamental Detect in the Act

to Regulate Commerce. 1908. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD. ... National Progression and the

Increasing Responsibilities of

Our National Judiciary. 1908. EDGAR H. FARRAB.. .. The Extension of the Admiralty

Jurisdiction by Judicial Inter

pretation. 1908. FREDERICK BAUAMAN ..... Are Our Laws Responsible for

the Increase of Violent Crime? 1909. GEOBOES BARBEY

French Family Law. 1909. JULIAN W. MACK...

Juvenile Courts. 1909. WILLIAM L. CARPENTER. Courts of Last Resort. 1910. W. A. HENDERSON..

The Development of the Hono

rarium. 1910. CHARLES W. MOORES.

The Career of a Country Lawyer

-Abraham Lincoln. 1911. JUSTICE HENRY B. Beown, Retired

The New Federal Judicial Code. 1911. ROBERT S. TAYLOR...

Equity Rules 33, 34 and 35. 1912. GEORGE SUTHERLAND

The Courts and the Constitution. 1912. SYMPOSIUM

The American Judicial System.
HENRY D. ESTABROOK...... (a) The Judges.

(b) The Lawyers. FREDERICK N. JUDSON. (c) The Procedure. 1913. WILLIAM H. Tart.... The Selection and Tenure of

Judges. 1913. SYMPOSIUM

The Struggle for Simplification

of Legal Procedure.
WILLIAM C. HOOK.... (a) Some Causes.

(b) Legal Procedure and Social

WILLIAM A. BLOUNT....... (c) The Goal and Its Attain.





PATRICK, Chief Justice of

the Dominion of Canada... The Constitution of Canada 1914. Rr. Hon. ROMULO S. NAON,

Ambassador from the Ar-
gentine Republic to the
United States

The Argentine Constitutional

Ideas. 1916. SIMEON E. BALDWIN.. ... Changes in International Law. 1915. FELIX FRANKFURTEB. . The Law and the Law School. 1916. WILLIAM E. BOBAH.

The Lawyer and the Public. 1916. FBANK J. GOODNOW.. .Private Rights and Administra.

tive Discretion. 1917. CHARLES E. HUGHES..... War Powers under the Constitu.

tion. 1917. ROBERT MCNUTT MCELROY...The Representative Idea and the

War. 1917. WILLIAM H. BURGES.. A Hothouse Constitution; Mexico

1917. 1917. GASTON DE LEVAL..... Prussian Law as Applied in Bel

gium. 1918. HAMPTON L, CARSON... Heralds of a World Democracy:

The English and American

Revolutions. 1918. TSUNEJIRO MIYAORA..... The Safeguard of Civil Liberty

in Japan. 1918. GEORGE P. SCRIVEN.

Italy, Our Ally; Hér Great Part

in the War. 1918. EMILIO GUGLIELMOTTI Response to Address of George

P. Scriven. 1918. FEDERICO CAMMEO.

The Present Value of Compara

tive Jurisprudence. 1919. ELBERT H. GARY....

Reconstruction and Readjust

ment. 1919. ROBERT LYNN BATTS... . The New Constitution of the

United States. 1919. ALBERT C. RITCHIE.

Power of Congress to Tax State

Securities under Sixteenth

Amendment. 1919. ROBERT LANSING

Some Legal Questions of the

Peace Conference. 1920. SIR AUCKLAND GEDDES

The Ancient Problem. 1920. VIBCOUNT CAVE

The Future of American Law. 1920. REGINALD HEBER SMITH The Relation Between Legal Aid

Work and the Administration of Justice.



SUBJECT. 1920. CHARLES EVANS HUGHES .... Legal Aid Societies, Their Func

tion and Necessity. 1920. ERNEST L. TUSTIN.

.The Relation of Legal Aid to the

Municipality. 1920. BEN B. LINDBEY

Justice for Parent and Child

Without Cost. 1921. HARRY M. DAUGHERTY Respect for Law. 1921. SIR JOHN A. SIMON.

Our Common Inheritance of Law. 1921. CHARLES S. THOMAS.

Without a Friend. 1921. ROKUICHIRO MASUJIMA International Bar Association. 1921. CHARLES S. WHITMAN. Unenforceable Law. 1921. LUTHER Z. ROSSER


The Illegal Enforcement of Crim.

inal Law. 1921. MARCUS A, KAVANAGH.. The Adjustment of Penalties.

NOTE.-For list of papers read before Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, and the Section of Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright Law, see 1920 report, Vol. XLV, pages 329 to 337, inclusive. There were no formal papers read before either of these Sections at the 1921 meeting.


OF THE COMPARATIVE LAW BUREAU The annual meeting of the Comparative Law Bureau of the American Bar Association was held at Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 31, 1921, at 2.30 P. M. Robert P. Shick of Pennsylvania presided.

There were present Wm. W. Smithers, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Robert Black, of Cincinnati, Ohio; Andrew A. Bruce, of Minneapolis, Minn.; W. 0. Hart, of New Orleans, La.; John S. Lehmann, of St. Louis, Mo.; N. E. Corthell, Laramie, Wyo.; E. C. Massie, Richmond, Va.; S. C. Schwarzkopf, of Manila, P. I.; and George A. Malcolm, of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands, at Manila, P. I.

The Secretary read the report of the work of his office during the past year which on motion duly seconded and carried, was approved and ordered to be made a part of the minutes.

(See Report at end of these minutes, page 546.) The Treasurer's report from Eugene C. Massie, Treasurer, showed the following:

June 1, 1920 Balance on hand.....
Nov. 13, 1920 From American Bar Association......

For publications “ Argentine Code”...
For dues from members Class C.......
For dues from members Class D.....




Sept. 21, 1920 To R. P. Shick, Secretary, for postage,


etc., as per order No. 46............. Sept. 29, 1920 R. P. Shick, Secretary, for stationery,

postage, etc., order No. 47.......... 32.61 Dec. 23, 1920 To Frank E. Sweetzer, Trustee, for

claim of Boston Book Co. in bank• ruptcy as per order No. 48.......... 300.00

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