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The Executive Committee has also elected to honorary membership the Rt. Hon. Viscount Cave of London.

The President appointed a committee of three, consisting of Hampton L. Carson, Edmund F. Trabue and himself, to investigate the feasibility of incorporating the Association.

The President also appointed George B. Young, Charles M. Hepburn, J. Q. Smith, Andrew A. Bruce and J. P. McBaine, as a committee to investigate possible coordination of the work of the Sections and Committees of this Association, with a view of attaining definite objects of accomplishment.

The President appointed the following delegates on behalf of the Association, to attend the meetings indicated :

Walter George Smith, Joseph F. O'Connell and Charles A. Boston, to attend the meeting of the National Civic Federation in New York City on February 15, 1921.

Robert P. Shick, James M. Satterfield and William L. Marbury, to attend the meeting of the American Academy of Political and Social Science in Philadelphia on May 13 and 14, 1921.

Charles A. Boston to attend the unveiling of a tablet to Rufus Choate in the Hall of Fame, New York University, on May 25, 1921.

Hollis. R. Bailey, John H. Voorhees, Edwin T. Merrick, Lawrence Maxwell and William H. Burges, to attend the Conference of Delegates from state and local Bar Associations in Cincinnati on August 30, 1921.

Hampton L. Carson to attend the meeting of the Canadian Bar Association in Ottawa, September 6 to 8, 1921.

The President also appointed William Howard Taft, Elihu Root, Frank B. Kellogg, George Sutherland and Walter George Smith as a Special Committee to attend the funeral of Edward Douglass White, late Chief Justice of the United States, at Washington, D. C., on May 21, 1921.

Acting President Carson appointed William Hunter, J. Hansell Merrill, Scott M. Loftin, William Fisher and Evelyn C. Maxwell, as a committee to attend the funeral of William A. Blount, late President of the Association, at Pensacola, Florida, on June 18, 1921.

The committee further reports that, in accordance with Bylaws X and XII, appropriations were made for the use of the


respective committees, sections, etc., not exceeding the following amounts:

Judicial Section

Section of Legal Education..

1,600 Section of Public Utilities..

150 Section of Patent Law.......

200 Comparative Law Section....

250 Section of Criminal Law...

500 Sec. of Conf. Bar Asso. Delegates........

1,250 Commissioners on Uniform State Laws... 2,500


Commerce, Trade and Commercial Law..

International Law .....

100 Insurance Law ...

400 Jurisprudence and Law Reform.....

1,400 Professional Ethics and Grievances..

300 Publicity .........

Noteworthy Changes in Statute Law..

Uniform Judicial Procedure..
Change of Date of Presidential Inauguration. 250
Classification and Restatement of Law..

Legislative Drafting ...

500 Law of Aviation.......

350 Membership .......

3,000 Total ........

Respectfully submitted,

W. 0. HART,
GEORGE B. Young,
Hugh H. Brown,




[blocks in formation]

Allen, Geo. C., Gadsden.
Clayton, Henry D., Montgomery.
Cooper, Lawrence, Huntsville.
Crum, Benjamin P., Montgomery.
Dixon, J. K., Talladega.
Lee, A. O., Monroeville.
McClellan, Thomas O., Montgomery.
Mitchell, W. H., Florence.
Nelson, Geo. A., Decatur.
O'Neal, Emniet, Birmingham.
Ritter, C. D., Birmingham,
Sims, Henry P., Birmingham.
Stringfellow, Horace, Montgomery.

Brock, Chas. R., Denver.
Carter, Mabelle A., Denver.
Fleming, John D., Boulder.
Hartman, W. L., Pueblo.
Lathrop, Mary Florence, Denver.
Thomas, Charles S., Denver.
Rogers, Platt, Denver.
Shafroth, Morrison, Denver.
Stevenson, A. M., Denver.
Stow, Fred W., Fort Collins.

Beers, George E., New Haven.
Brosmith, William, Hartford.
Holden, Frederick W., Ansonia.
Shapiro, Joseph G., Shelton.
Webb, James H., New Haven.

Bouic, W. G., Hot Springs.
Casey, Samuel M., Batesville.
Cockrill, Ashley, Little Rock,
Downie, Edward S., Little Rock.
Gannaway, Malcolm W., Little Rock.
Graves, 0. A., Hope.
Martin, Wm. H., Hot Springs.
Quinn, Frank S., Texarkana.
Rose, George B., Little Rock.
Stayton, Jos. M., Newport.

Baughn, O. J., Florence.
Hartman, Francis M., Tucson.

Laffey, J. P., Wilmington.
Marvel, Josiah, Wilmington.
Pennington, Robert, Wilmington.
Townsend, Jr., S. D., Wilmington.

Artz, C. Walter, Washington.
Baker, Lawrence A., Washington.
Beck, James M., Washington.
Boyle, T. C., Washington.
Carusi, Charles F., Washington.

Church, Melville, Washington.
Colladay, Edward F., Washington.
Cooke, Levi, Washington.
Daugherty, Harry M., Washington.
Davis, Henry E., Washington.
Eby, Robert J., Washington.
Edson, Joseph R., Washington.
Ellis, Wade H., Washington.
Freebey, Harriet, Washington.
Gillett, Emma M., Washington.
Glassie, Henry H., Washington.
Harriman, Edward A., Washington.
Imlay, Charles V., Washington.
James, Francis Bacon, Washington.
Laird, Mary E., Washington.
Morris, George Maurice, Washington.
Moyers, Ida M., Washington.
Mussey, Mrs. Ellen Spencer, Washington.
Newton, James T., Washington.
O'Toole, Mary, Washington.
Pezet, F. A., Washington.
Sellers, Kathryn, Washington.
Smith, Andrew T., Washington.
Taft, Wm. H., Washington.
Thompson, Huston, Washington.
Umstead, Charles H., Washington.
Urion, Alfred D., Washington.
Van Orsdel, Josiah A., Washington.
Weitzel, George T., Washington.
Wyvell, Manton, Washington.

Austin, Edward W., Chicago.
Baker, Joseph M., Hillsboro.
Baldwin, W. W., Chicago.
Bangs, Wm. Dean, Chicago.
Brown, Frederick A., Chicago.
Buntain, O. M. Clay, Kankakee.
Cameron, John M., Chicago.
Carter, Orrin N., Chicago.
Chancellor, Justus, Chicago.
Cook, Wells M., Chicago.
Crossley, T. B., Chicago.
Culver, Morton T., Chicago.
Dickinson, Jacob M., Chicago.
Dodd, W. F., Chicago.
Donnelly, E. E., Bloomington,
Early, Albert D., Rockford.
Eastman, Albert N., Chicago.
Eastman, Sidney O., Chicago.
Fink, George E., Chicago.
Fitz Henry, Louis, Bloomington.
Follansbee, Mitchell D., Chicago.
Frank, Bernhardt, Chicago.
Goble, Geo. W., Urbana.
Granger, Alexis L., Kankakee.
Goodwin, Clarence N., Chicago.
Greene, J. Kent, Chicago.
Gresham, Otto, Chicago.
Hagan, Henry M., Chicago.
Hall, Roy F., Rockford.
Harlan, John Maynard, Chicago.
Harley, Herbert, Chicago.
Harrold, James P., Chicago.
Hay, Logan, Springfield.
Heyl, Clarence W., Peoria.
Howe, Thomas Francis, Chicago.
Hoag, Parker H., Chicago.
Hodges, Ernest Stanley, Chicago.
Hunter. W. R., Kankakee.
Jacobs, Walter H., Chicago.
Johnson, Lawrence C., Galva.
Johnson, Whitfield W., Galva.
Kavanagh, Marcus A., Chicago.
Kramer, Edward O., East St. Louis.
Kelly, James Y., Charleston.
King, Samuel B., Chicago.
Lasecki, Joseph Andrew, Chicago.
Lee, Edward T., Chicago.
Lewis, J. Hamilton, Chicago.
Lindley, Walter C., Danville.
Loftus, Clarence J., Chicago.
MacChesney, Nathan William, Chicago.
MacCracken, Jr., W. P., Chicago.
Miller, Amos O., Chicago.
Miller, John S., Jr., Chicago.
Morrill, Donald L., Chicago.
Neiger, J. J., Virginia.
Norton, T. J., Chicago.
Page, George T., Peoria,

FLORIDA. Crichlow, W. B. Shelby, Bradentown, Hunter, Wm., Tampa. Loftin, Scott M., Jacksonville. Massey, Louis 0.. Orlando. Morrow, Chas. J., Tampa. Robineau, S. P., Miami. Shutts, Frank B., Miami. Singeltary, John B., Bradentown.

GEORGIA Grice, Warren, Macon. Hammond, T. A., Atlanta. Meldrim, Peter W., Savannah. Rosser, L. 2., Atlanta. Strozier, Harry S., Macon.

HAWAII. Hauenchild, Edward, Honolulu.

IDAHO. McCall, M. Pearl, Boise.

ILLINOIS. Alden, William Tracy, Chicago. Appell, A. J. W., Chicago.

Parkinson, Robt. H., Chicago.
Potter, Fred W., Henry.
Randolph, Charles T., Carmi.
Raymond, c. W., Watseka.
Richards, John T., Chicago.
Robinson, R. D., Galesburg.
Rogers, Edward S., Chicago.
Sims, Edwin W., Chicago.
Stephens, R. Allan, Danville.
Strawn, Silas H., Chicago.
Taylor, Orville J., Chicago.
Thompson, Floyd E., Rock Island.
Thompson, Joseph F., Chicago.
Tolman, Edgar Bronson, Chicago.
Torbet, Lewis K., Chicago.
Troup, Charles, Danville.
Ullmann, Frederic, Chicago.
Urion, Alfred R., Chicago.
Velde, Franklin L., Pekin.
Weaver, John, Chicago.
Wigmore, John H., Chicago.
Woodward, Frederic C., Chicago.
Whitnel, L. O., East St. Louis.
Wilson, Warren B., Chicago.
Zane, John M., Chicago.

Ketcham, William A., Indianapolis.
Kirkpatrick, Lex. J., Kokomo.
LaFollette, J. J. M., Bloomington.
Livengood, V. E., Covington.
Lutz, Burdette C., Jeffersonville.
McBride, Robert W., Indianapolis.
McCabe, Charles M., Crawfordsville.
McKinney, Robert H., Covington.
McNutt, Paul V., Bloomington.
McTurnan, Clair, Indianapolis.
Marks, Robert W., Ladoga.
Marsh, Robert A., Indianapolis.
Moll, Theophilus J., Indianapolis.
Moores, Merrill, Indianapolis.
Moran, James J., Portland.
Myers, Quincy A., Indianapolis.
Niezer, Charles M., Fort Wayne.
Noel, James W., Indianapolis.
O'Byrne, Roscoe O., Brookville.
Ortmeyer, Daniel H., Evansville.
Ratcliff, 0. B., Covington,
Roe, Willis E., East Chicago.
Rooker. William Velpeau, Indianapolis.
Rupe, John L., Richmond.
Schmidt, Paul H., Evansville.
Shea, Joseph H., Indianapolis.
Sheridan, Harry O., Frankfort.
Slack, L. Ert, Indianapolis.
Smith, Donald L., Rushville.
Talcott, Jr., Thad. M., South Bend.
Taylor, Arthur H., Petersburg
Thompson, Francis M., Versailles.
Thornton, W. W., Indianapolis.
Tremane, G. L., Greensburg.
Turner, Rollin A., Greensburg.
Weir, Clarence E., Indianapolis.
Williams, R. H., Crawfordsville.
Wood, William Allen, Indianapolis.

INDIANA. Adams, Claus, Indianapolis. Bamberger, Ralph, Indianapolis. Batchelor, Geo. H., Indianapolis. Beckman, Arthur A., Anderson. Bingham, James, Indianapolis. Bingham, R. A., Indianapolis, Carney, John Ralph, Vernon. Collins, Cornelius R., Michigan City. Collins, James A., Indianapolis. Coryell, William C., Marion, Condo, Gus S., Marion. Davis, Lawrence B., Indianapolis. Eberhart, George M., Huntington. Evans, William P., Indianapolis. Ewbank, Louis B., Indianapolis. Feightner, Milo W., Huntington, Fitzpatrick, Ed. V., Indianapolis. Fortune, James W., Jeffersonville. Fox, Wilmer T., Jeffersonville. Hall, Charles J, Dayton. Hamilton, Frank, Greensburg. Hastings, Milton S., Washington. Hepburn, Charles M., Bloomington. Hite, Edgar E., Greensburg. Howard, Jonas G., Jeffersonville. Jackson, E., Indianapolis. Jenkins, Myron C., Greensburg. Jones, Oliver S., Covington. Kaminsky, Leo, Indianapolis. Kelley, William H., Jr., Richmond.

Bray, Thomas J., Oskaloosa.
Carr, E. M., Manchester.
Devitt, J. F., Muscatine.
Dutcher, Chas. M., Iowa City.
Henry, George F., Des Moines.
Hirsch, Edward L., Burlington.
Martin, Wesley, Webster City.
Miller, Jesse A., Des Moines.
Riley, Wm F., Des Moines.
Sawyer, Hazen I., Keokuk.
Saunders, C. G., Council Bluffs.
Shull, Deloss C., Sioux City.
Stevens, Truman S., Hamberg.
Timberman, William, Keokuk.
Walker, Henry G., Iowa City.

Wallingford, John D., Des Moines. | Walker, Henry G., Iowa City.

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