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thou art my people, and they shall say, thou art my God." Now as this was not accomplished during the time of the kings of Israel, they having not converted the idolatrous nations to the worship of God; nor after the return from the Babylonish captivity: and as the nations of Asia and Africa were converted to the Christian faith, and since that period the nations of Europe, who were idolators, have also received the gospel, and have thus become the people of God; the words of the prophet are now accomplished. Therefore, as all these things, foretold by the prophet, were accomplished at the coming of Christ, it must be admitted as indubitable proof, that He to whom all the prophets gave testimony, was the true Messiah who was to come : the Serpent-Bruiser of Moses, the Shiloh of Jacob, the Root of Jesse, the Lord of David, the Immanuel of Isaiah, and the Saviour of men.

Now, if in contradiction to all this mighty mass of evidence, the Jews can ever contend, that the Messiah is yet to come, they must be left to the enjoyment of their visionary notions. All those circumstances and things, which were to take place at the coming of the true Messiah, have been literally accomplished, without the possibility of ever returning, to afford a pretence for a Messiah to come; they have been carried on the wings of time, to the house of eternity, where they are registered as awful proofs, that the Hebrews, ever since the time of Christ, have rejected the incontrovertible evidence of their own prophets, that THE MESSIAH IS COME.




proper to inform the reader, that the Hebrew letters signify also numbers; and I have found, tha: much knowledge may be obtained from the Hebre"

ble, if this be attended to. Whatever the divine wisdom might think proper to convey in this singularly comprehensive language-table, which was well understood by the ancient Hebrews, is, no doubt, left for our investigation. It appears from scripture, that these ancient people were well acquainted with the natures and properties of the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms, which, we are told, they learnt from their most sacred writings. Adam, Tubal Cain, Noah, Moses and the prophets, were scientific and learned men, and the greatest masters of natural philosophy, that ever appeared on earth. But as subjects of this nature are foreign to this work, I shall confine myself to those things which are connected therewith.

It has frequently appeared to me, when reading the original scriptures, that something more was comprehended in the Hebrew names, than we had hitherto understood : and it is evident, that there is still something undiscovered, as to this particular, of which we have been ignorant, on account of that inattention to the elements of the Hebrew language, which has been too prevalent among the Jews, as well as among the learned, and which future time may develope. I shall here introduce a singular coincidence, as to the numbers contained in the Hebrew names of men, at the establishment of every dispensation, by which the intelligent reader may see, that something more is comprehended in the original language, than has been generally believed for the last

1800 years.


From Adam to Cain, Abel and Seth, when the first dispensa

tion was established, the numbers of the four names are,

[blocks in formation]

From Noah to Shem, Hamn and Japhet, when the second

dispensation was established, the numbers of the four
names are,
113, Noah,


Sn, Ham,

48 nos, Japhet,



It is also a singular circumstance, that the two Antediluvians, Adam and Noah, who received the first two dispensations, are said to have lived to a similar age. Adam, who received the first dispensation, is recorded to have lived to the 10th century after his creation, and Noah, who received the second dispensation, is said to have lived to the 10th century after he was born.


From Abraham, the father and founder of the Hebrew

nation, to the third dispensation given to Moses, the numbers of the names are,


248 ', ,


,Al : raham אברהם

,Isaac ,יצחק

,Jacob ,יעקב

, , 95, Levi,

, 09Dy, Amram,


37 505 350.



From the 80th year of Moses, when he led the Israelites

out of Egypt, to Christ, who gave the last and final

dispensation, and prophetic numbers ceased : From Moses to Eli, including 12 years' government of the Elders, who succeeded Joshua.Joshua, xxiv. 31.

408 Samuel and Saul,

40 From David to Zedekiah,

476 Captivity,

70 Return from captivity, B.C.



It is also worthy of notice, that if the numbers of the names of the descendants of Abraham viz. Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Koath, Amram, 1292, be divided by the number of lineal descendants of Jacob. viz. Levi, Koath, Amram, the beginning of the fourth generation, they will give the number of years they were to be sojourners, viz. 430 years. Agreeably to Gen. xv. 13. “ know of a surety thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not their's, and shall serve them, and they shall afflict them four hundred years:" but which was in reality 430 years.

The prophets were also instructed by the doctrine of numbers, concerning the states of the church and peo

ple, which numbers had a recondite meaning. For all names and terms in the Hebrew language, comprehend the state, and express the quality, as well as point out the subject or thing mentioned. This will appear to the intelligent reader from the following passages, where the number FORTY is introduced, which, while it shows the time, or number of the things spoken of, has a plain reference in the body of the narrative to the subject in question. In a state of trial, temptation, suffering and uncertainty; which shows the beauty, originality, comprehensiveness and singularity of the original Hebrew.

Thus we find, that the number 666, as above, was used by the apostle, and also a pointed reference to future things by the words, a time, times, and half a time. The same is applied by the prophet Daniel, to signify a state of things to come. Ezekiel was directed to represent the iniquity of the house of Israel by the number THREE HUNDRED and NINETY; and the iniquity of the house of Judah by the number FORTY. A similar state of things, I say, we find signified in the scriptures wherever the same number occurs; viz. to rain forty days and forty nights—if there shall be forty found — Moses was forty years in Egypt, forty years he fled from the face of Pharaoh, forty years he led the Hebrews in the wilderness was in the mount forty days and forty nights—the spies searched the land forty days--forty stripes-presented himself forty days—forty days and Nineveh shall be destroyed-when he had fasted forty days-being seen of them forty days

Went up by seven steps-seven days shalt thou prepare-shalt purify seven days--shall reckon to him seven days-feast of seven days-seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets—seven bullocks and seven rams seven trumpets compassed the city seven times--bullock of seven years old-wept before him the seven days...

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