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one measure. The old bleating more paper out; that they will be Times newspaper is now talking more solid and safe; give us a of a reduction of the interest of the more "healthy currency.These debt. Let them attempt it! Let people always forget, that it is me see that attempted! And then the amount of the whole quantity I shall say, that we are not far of paper, and not the sort of the from the end.

paper, that decides the question. The markets begin to give us If there be paper out to a certain indications of an approach towards extent, no matter whether issued wheat at four shillings a bushel. by Jew or Quaker, the gold will Six shillings will do very well. leave the country; if there be not No rents can be paid at that rate, paper out to a certain extent, with the present taxes. Garfer wheat will fall to four shillings Gooch must, therefore, begin to the bushel. One of these two look about him again. If the things must be: gold will leave wheat come down to four shillings the country, or wheatwill come a bushel, or anything like it, what down to four shillings a bushel. is then to be done? Are we to As to the Ministers, who in bis have another small-note bill, and senses will, after what we have more late panics?" or are we to seen, place any reliance upon have Bank restriction and legal their judgment? Even at the tender? One of the two we must close of the last Session of Parhave; and which of the two we liament; even after the presenthave is of no consequence, any ing of Mr. Jones's petition, they more than whether the wind blow put into the mouth of the King my chimney down, when it comes the following words: “ They ” from the west or when it comes [the free-trade, measures] “tend from the east.

“ to consolidate the interests of It is supposed by some people " the Colonies with those of the that the new big banks will get mother country, and His Ma

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" jesty confidently trusts, that they|ing that loss of fortune may " will contribute to promote that bring. “ GENERAL and INCREAS“ING PROSPERITY, on In conclusion, I must observe " which His Majesty had the that there is a rumour that the “HAPPINESS OF CON- Lords will throw out the Rook-rag “GRATULATING YOU Bill. If they were to do it, it

on the opening of the present could not possibly answer any “ Session, and which, by the purpose of retarding the over“ BLESSING OF PROVI-throw of the system, while it " DENCE, CONTINUES TO would make it impossible for even “ PERVADE EVERY PART these Ministers to keep their “ OF HIS KINGDOM.” places. Therefore, I pay no at

This was so late as the 6th of tentiou to this rumour. The Bill July last. In less than a month will pass, and it will have some from that day, the banks began little tendency, though, in its preto break; and, in less than five sent form, not much, to prevent months from that day, the whole the wrong-doings of the Rooks. country was plunged into a state As far as it has that effect, it has of what these Ministers them- my hearty approbation, notwithselves now cal UNEXAMPLED standing the rejection of the very DISTRESS! Delusion like this necessary clause proposed by never was witnessed before in this Mr. Hume. In the next Reworld. It is absolutely without a gister” I will give more particular parallel; and, therefore, for men directions as to the manner of to place any confidence in the going to work to extract the gold opinions on the measures of such out of the coffers of the Rooks. Ministers is to fly in the face of

WN, COBBETT. reason, in a manner so outrageous as to merit any degree of suffer

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great use to the people of this THE GRAND FEAST will be rook-pecked country. We ought held in London, in the second or

to see some amount of this most third week of April; but, on Sa

dreadful tax upon us. TURDAY, the 25TH INSTANT,

I shall hold a sort of preliminary feast at the Swan Inn, at NORWICH. I shall dine there, on that day, and I hereby invite to join me any, or all, of those“ good MONEY-HOARDERS. men and true," who joined me in the NORFOLK Petition, which, in spite of the devil and all his works, NOW, who was wise? Push we shall finally see the cause of

away at the Rooks, WHILE England's deliverance from the

YOU CAN; for I am told, that scourge under which she has so

there are DOUBTS about long been suffering.


yet. If there be that, a sovereign


will be worth FIVE POUNDS,

in paper, before Christmas next.

I SHALL be obliged to such KEEP the gold, if you can.

A friends as will furnish me with sovereign can never be worth less

the gross amount of debts proved than a pound! Mind that.

any expenses that may

arise from Resolutions of a Meeting, held

any steps that may be taken for

“ the purpose of obtaining a return at the Freemason's Tavern, and, of Mr. Cobbett to serve in parlia

" ment." by adjournment, in Lincoln's Inn Fields, on the sth February, 5. That, if it should so happen 1826; Sır Thomas B. BEEVOR, that there be not raised a sum suf

ficient to warrant an attempt to efBart. in the Chair.

fect the object in view, then, in the space of ten days after the close of

the next general election, each and Resolved, 1. That it is the opinion every subscriber shall

, upon presentof this Meeting, that it would be ing, or causing to be presented, his beneficial to the country if Mr. Cob- aforesaid receipt to the Treasurer, or bett were a Member of :he Com

other person appointed for the purmons' House of Parliament; and pose, receive the whole amount of that it is, therefore, the opinion of the sum stated in the said receipt, this Meeting, that there ought to be

without any deduction whatsoever. raised by public subscription a sum

6. That if any attempt be made, of money sufficient for defraying and fail, or if it succeed; and if, in any expenses that may become ne

either case, there be a surplus recessary for the accomplishment of

maining in the hands of the Treathat object.

surer, then the whole of such sur 2. That Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart., plus shall, at the end of fifty days be the Treasurer of such subscrip

after the close of the next general tion.

election, be, in the manner above

mentioned, returned to the sub3. That the subscriptions be paid scribers, in proportion to the sums to the Treasurer, or to a person autho- that they may respectively have subrized by him to receive subscriptions, scribed : and, in order that the subat the Office of the Register, No. 183, scribers may be duly apprized of the Fleet-street, London.

share of surplus due to each, the

Committee (here below named) 4. That each subscriber shall, at shall cause notice to be publicly the time of paying his subscription, given of the amount of such surplus, receive a receipt for the same, in the and of the time for repaying it to following form :-“Received of A.B. the subscribers, upon their producing “ the sum of

as their afore-mentioned receipts. But, " a subscription towards defraying in order that there may be a limit to

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the business of the Committee and The Committee hereby authothe Treasurer, it is understood that, rize the following gentlemen to in this case, as well as in that men

collect subscriptions for the abure tioned in Resolution 5, if the sub

purpose. scriber do not make bis demand within three months, or ninety-three Mr. William Palmer, (one of days, after the times above specified, the Committee) Bollitree Casthe Committee shall be at liberty to tle, Herefordshire. dispose of the unclaimed subscrip- Mr. William Budd, clerk of the tions in that way which they may Peace, Newbury, Berks. deem most proper, consulting, in

Mr. Thomas Saute, bookseller, this respect, as far as may be practi

Liverpool. cable, the wishes of the subscribers

Mr. C. M. Riley, Westgate,

Wakefield, Yorkshire. 7. That each and every subscriber may subscribe in his own name, in

Mr. Richard Iles and Messrs. J.

and S. Vixes, Fairford, Glouany other name, or under any motto

cestershire, or designation that he may choose, and that his receipt, when produced Mr. Joun Forster, Knaresbo

rough, Yorkshire. (either by him or by any holder of it) shall be as valid as if given to him Mr. W. P. SHIRLEY, Sutton-Va. under his own name.

lence, Kent.

Mr. WM. BIRCHINALL, Bury St., 8. That Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart.,

Edmunds, Suffolk.
Joseph Martin, Esq., of Lincoln's Mr. FREDERICK Jones, Bristol.
Inn, Peter Walker, Esq., of Worth,
Sussex, William Withers, jun. Esq.,

Mr. BESLEY, News-Office, Exe

ter. of Holt, Norfolk, and William Palmer, Esq., of Bollitree, Hereford - Mr. Joux Wood, Wettersham,

Kent. shire, be a Committee for deciding upon, and for carrying into execu- Mr.John DRAKARD, News-Office, tion all the measures necessary for

Stamford, Lincolnshire. effecting the several purposes above- Mr. Geo. Wright, bookseller, mentioned, and that their order, or back of the Inns, Norwich. that of any three of them, shall be to Mr. JAMES BARLING, Fisherten, the Treasurer his sufficient warrant Salisbury. 1 for disposing of any sums of money, Mr. William Flower, Strava that he may receive on account of hat Manufacturer, Eastbourne, the said subscription.


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