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that there be not raised a sum suf-Inn, Peter Walker, Esq., of Worth, ficient to warrant an attempt to ef- Sussex, William Withers, jun. Esq., fect the object in view, then, in the of Holt, Norfolk, and William Pala space of ten days after the close of mer, Esq., of Bollitree, Hereford. the next general election, each and shire, be a Committee for deciding every subscriber shall, upon present- upon, and for carrying into execuing, or causing to be presented, his tion all the measures necessary for aforesaid receipt to the Treasurer, or effecting the several purposes aboveother person appointed for the pur- mentioned, and that their order, or pose, receive the whole amount of that of any three of them, shall be to ihe sum stated in the said receipt, the Treasurer his sufficient warrant without any deduction whatsoever. for disposing of any sums of money,

6. That if any attempt be made, that he may receive on account of and fail, or if it succeed; and if, in the said subscription. either case, there be a surplus remaining in the hands of the Trea- The Committee hereby authosurer, then the whole of such sur-rize the following gentlemen to plus shall

, at the end of fifty days collect subscriptions for the above after the close of the next general election, be, in the manner above- purpose. mentioned, returned to the sub- Mr. William PALMER, (one of scribers, in proportion to the sums the Committee) Bollitree Casthat they may respectively have sub

tle, Herefordshire. scribed : and, in order that the sub- Mr. WILLIAM BUDD, clerk of the scribers may be duly apprized of the share of surplus due to each, the

Peace, Newbury, Berks. Committee (here below named) Mr. Thomas Smith, bookseller, shall cause notice to be publicly

Liverpool. given of the amount of such surplus, Mr. c. M. Riley, Westgate, and of the time for repaying it to Wakefield, Yorkshire. the subscribers, upon their producing Mr. Robert Iles and Messrs. J. their afore-mentioned receipts. But, and S. Vines, Fairford, Glouin order that there may be a limit to the business of the Committee and

cestershire. the Treasurer, it is understood that,

Mr. John Forster, Knaresboin this case, as well as in that men

rough, Yorkshire. tioned in Resolution 5, if the sub. Mr. W. P. SHIRLEY, Sutton-Va. scriber do not make his demand lence, Kent. within three months, or ninety-three Mr. WM. BIRCHINALL; Bury St. days, after the times above specified, Edmunds, Suffolk. the Committee shall be at liberty to Mr. FrederiCK Jones, Bristol. dispose of the unclaimed subscrip- Mr. BESLEY, News-Office, Exetions in that way which they may deem most proper, consulting, in

ter, this respect, as far as may be practi- Mr. Joux Wood, Wettersham, cable, the wishes of the subscribers.

Kent. 7. That each and every subscriber Mr. John DRAKARD, News-Office, may subscribe in his own name, in Stamford, Lincolnshire. any other name, or under any motto Mr. Geo. Wright, bookseller, or designation that he may choose, and that his receipt, when produced Mr. JAMES Barling, Fisherton,

back of the Inns, Norwich. (either by him or by any holder of it) shall be as valid as if given to him

Salisbury. under his own name.

Mr. William Flower, Straw8. That Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart.,

hat Manufacturer, Eastbourne, Joseph 'Martin, Esq., of Lincoln's Sussex.

Mr. C. W. HAYWARD, Queen-1 publics of Lubeck, Bremen, or Ham-

street, Sheffield, Yorkshire. burgh, or of any other country, which Mr. WroE, Bookseller, Man- may be legally imported from any' chester.

of the ports of the said Republics Mr. Mann, Bookseller, Leeds.

into the United Kingdom of Great

Britain and Ireland in British vese; Mr. Joseph Russell, Moore- sels, shall, in like manner, be perstreet, Birmingham.

mitted to be imported in Lubeck, Mr. GOODERE, Register-Office, Bremen, or Hamburgh vessels : and

No. 24, George-street, Brighton. all goods, wares, and merchandise, Mr. Dale, Register-Office, Win- whether the production of any of the chester.

dominions of His Britannic Majesty, Gentlemen in the country, who or of any other country, which may are willing to take

be legally exported from the ports of them

upon selves the trouble of collecting, sels, shall, in like manner, be per

the United Kingdom in British vese are requested to send their names mitied to be exported from the said and addresses, to Sir T. Beevor, ports in Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamor to Mr. Cobbett, 183, Fleet burgh vessels. And all goods, wares, Street ; and they will be so good and merchandise, which may be les as to provide themselves with gally imported into or exported from stamped receipts, agreeably to the ports of Lubeck, Bremen, or the Resolutions. The cost of Hamburgh, in national vessels, shall, these they can, of course, deduct imported into or exported from the

in like manner, be permitted to be from the subscriptions they may ports of Lubeck, Bremen, or Hams receive.

burgh, iu British vessels.


All goods, wares, and merchandise,

which can be legally imported into It takes some time to organize the ports of the United Kingdom a Feast, such as this will be directly from the ports of Lubeck, But, I can state now, that the Bremen, or Hamburgh, or either of Dinner will take place early in them, shall be admitted at the same April, and that the price of the British vessels, or in vessels belong

rate of duty, whether imported in tickets will be proportioned to the ing to either of the said republics : happy and growing modesty of and all goods, wares, and merchan- ' the times.

dise, which can be legally exported

from the United Kingdom, shall be SEEDS.

entitled to the same bounties, drawI

have some very fine Kidney backs, and allowances, whether exBeans, from America, and also ported in British or Hanseatic vessome fine Onion Seed. A fine sels. And tl:e like reciprocity shall assortment of American Books republics, in respect to all goods,

be observed, in the ports of the said and Maps. I will state the par-wares, and merchandise which can ticulars next week.

be legally importechnto or exported

from any or either of the said ports, FREE-TRADE PROJECT.

in vessels belonging to the United' (Concluded from p. 574.)


ARTICLE IV. All goods, wares, and merchan- No priority or preference shall be dise, whether the production of the given, directly or indirectly, by any territories of the Free Hanseatic Re-or either of the contracting parties,




nor by any company, corporation, or shall

, for the like purposes, be on the agent, acting on their behalf, or un- footing of a Hanseatic vessel and her der their authority, in the purchase cargo making the same voyage. of any article, the growth, produce, or manufacture of their states, re. spectively, imported into the other,

It is further mutually agreed, that on account of or in reference to the no higher or other duties shall be character of the vessel in which such levied, in any or either of the States article was imported; it being the

of the high contracting parties, upon true intent and meaning of the high any personal property of the subjects contracting parties, that no distinc- and citizens of each, respectively, on tion or difference whatever shall be dominions or territory of such States,

the removal of the same from the made in this respect.

(either upon inheritance of such proARTICLE 'V.

perty or otherwise,) than are or shall In consideration of the limited ex- be payable, in each State, upon the tent of the territories belonging to like property, when removed by a the republics of Lubeck, Bremen, subject or citizen of such State, re. and Hamburgh, and the intimate spectively. connexion of trade and navigation subsisting between these republics,

The high contracting parties reit is hereby stipulated and agreed, that any vessels which have been additional stipulations for the pur

serve to themselves to enter upon built in any or either of the ports of the said republics, and which shall pose of facilitating and extending, be owned exclusively by a citizen or in the convention of this date, the

even beyond what is comprehended citizens of any or either of them, commercial relations of their reand of which the master shall also be a citizen of either of them, and spective subjects and dominions,

citizens, and territories, upon the provided three-fourths of the crew shall be subjects or citizens of any or valent advantages, as the case may

principle either of reciprocal or equieither of the said republics, or of be; and in the event of any article any or either of the states comprised in the German Confederation, as de; the said high contracting parties, for

or articles being concluded between scribed and enumerated in the 53d and 56th articlcs of the general giving effect to such stipulations, it . treaty of Congress, signed at Vienna, articles which may hereafter be so

is hereby agreed, that the article or on the 9th of June, 1815, such ves- concluded, shall be considered as sel, so built, owned, and navigated, forming part of the shall, for-all the purposes of this

present conven

tion. convention, be taken to be and considered as a vessel belonging to Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamburgh.

The present convention shall be in force for the term of ten years from

the date hereof; and further until Any vessel, together with lier the end of twelve months after the cargo, belonging to either of the King of the United Kingdom of three Free Hanseatic Republics of Great Britain and Ireland, on the Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamburgh, and one part, or the Governments of the coming from either of the said ports frec Hanseatic Republics of Lubeck, to the United Kingdom, shall, for all Bremen, or Hamburgh, or either of the purposes of this convention, be them, on the other part, shall have deemed to come from the couritry to given notice of their intention to terwhich such vessel belongs ; and any minate the same; each of the said British vessel and her cargo trading high contracting parties reserving to to the ports of Lubeck, Bremen, or itself the right of giving such notice Hamburgh, directly or, in succession, to the other, at the end of the said




term of ten years: and it is hereby (vourable, a great many vessels got in, agreed between them, that, at the with nearly all sorts of Grain, so that expiration of twelve months after this morning's market presents a such notice shall have been received large show of sambles. Prime Wheat by either of the parties from the alone commands our Millers' attenother, this convention, and all the tion, and there being but little of provisions thereof, shall altogether this sort at market, it nearly obtained cease and determine, as far as re- last week's prices, but all other sorts gards the States giving and receiving may be quoted 1s. to 2s. per quarter such notice; it being always under- lower. stood and agreed, that if one or more There is little doing in Barley, of the Hanseatic Republics aforesaid and prices are reported is. lower than shall, at the expiration of ten years last quotations. Beans sell very from the date hereof, give or receive heavily, and are 1s. per quarter notice of the proposed termination cheaper. Boiling Pease of fine quaof this convention, such convention lity obtain last week's prices, but shall nevertheless remain in full force other sorts, especially the foreign and operation, as far as regards the samples, are again rather lower. remaining Hanseatic Republics or Grey Pease meet a slow sale at the Republic which may not have given terms of last Monday. Oats are or received such notice.

plentiful, and there is so little dispo

sition on the part of the buyers to The present convention shall be purchase, that sales can hardly be ratified, and the ratifications shall be effected even at a reduction of is. to exchanged at London within one

2s. from the terms of this day se'n. month from the date hereof, or

night. The Flour Trade continues sooner if possible.

exceedingly dull, but the top price In witness whereof the respective

remains unaltered.
Plenipotentiaries have signed
the same, and have affixed

City, Ist March, 1826. thereto the seals of their arms.

Done at London, the 29th day of
September, in the year of our

On board, 42s. Landed : 46s. to
Lord 1825.,



Landed: Carlow,90s. to 9282; Water(L.S.) JAMES COLQUHOUN.

ford, 88s.; Dutch, 112s. These prices are for the best articles of the

respective kinds : inferiors can be MARKETS.

had at from 50s. to 70s. Corn Exchange, Mark Lane.

CHEESE. Friday, Feb. 24.-There are but Cheshire, 60s. to 80s. Double few vessels fresh up with Grain since Gloucester, 66s. to 728. Monday, owing to the contrary state of the wind. Wheat continues In this trade there have always dull in sale at Monday's terms. In been periodical fits of failing and all other Grain the transactions have ruin : it is no wonder, therefore, in been so limited that the prices may this time of general distress, that be reported as at the beginning of this trade should have its share. It the week, with a very heavy trade. requires a good slice of the “ Three

Monday, Feb. 27.—During the Millions " to restore it; but, unforprincipal part of last week the wind tunately, the stocks on hand having was contrary, the supplies therefore already fallen about 30 per cent. in were moderate; but towards the close value, two-thirds of the present value of the week the wind being more ta- would be a very inadequate relief.

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“ Though Standing Armies and Sedition Bills and Habeas Corpus Sus-, “ pension Bills are dreadfully powerful things, their power is not of that “ kind which enables people to pay taxes. lo all human probability, the “ whole of the interest of the Deht, and all the Sinecures and Pensions and « Salaries, and also the expenses of a thundering Standing Army, will con“tinue to be made up, by taxes,' by loans from the Bank, by Exchequer “ Bills, by every species of contrivaoce, to the latest possible moment, and « until the whole of the paper-system, amidst the war of opinions, of projects, « of interests, and of passions, shall go to pieces like a ship upon the « rocks.”-REGISTER, MARCH 1817.

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Not a

to excite a doubt of ability in the Kensington, 81h March, 1826. GENTLEMEN,

people to pay! The efforts of Look at the motto. How cor- Mr.. Hume all useless ! rect the anticipation thus far! penny to be lopped off! Aye, All the expenses kept up, just the and thus it will be to the last same as if nothing had happened possible moment.” Every such

Printed and Published by William COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet.street,


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