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I have long been convinced that trees for planting. But, I have there is, withi regard to the present been a constant reader of his calamity, nothing so likely to effect writings; I have been deeply inthese purposes as the placing of terested in the momentous quesMr. COBlert in the Commons' tion which he has been, for so House of Parliament, I am deter-long a time, labouring to make mined to have the consolation of clear to the people, and on the reflecting, that I have done all final decision of which question, that in my power lies towards the I am convinced, must depend accomplishment of that object, this other question ; namely, whewhich I know to be earnestly de-ther my estate shall be quietly sired by great numbers of good enjoyed by me and my heirs ; and sensible men, and which de- whether it shall be tossed up and sire I believe to be entertained by scrambled for, in a wild revolu. every man in the country, who at tion; or whether it shall be coolly all understands the nature of the confiscated, and transferred to present sufferings and dangers, those who receive the tases, to and who does not thrive upon the whom I, even now, feel that I am causes of the ruin and misery of little better than a steward, while the people at large.

I have the name and the outward I have never belonged to any appearance of a land-owner ? political party; I have never To prevent this revolution and meddled with what are called po- this confiscation and all the ruin litics; I have had, and have, no that must fall upon trade, manuconnexion with Mr. COBBETT, factures, and commerce, and all other than that of seeing him, for the miseries, the strife, the conthe first time, at the Norfolk Meet- vulsion, the probable bloodshed ing, three years ago, and seeing and the certain national disgrace him three times during these three and decrepitude that must be years, chiefly on the subject of amongst the consequences : to

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prevent these, there must be le- and faithful and ever-watchful gislative measures ; to have these pilot ready to devote himself to measures, there must be some- our safety, shall we, from mere body to propose them; to propose pecuniary meanness, reject his them, with any chance of success, powerful aid ; and thus, by the the proposer must be in Parlia- saving of that which is hardly ment; and need I ask, what other worth naming, incur the just inman there is so likely as Mr. fliction of all the complicated evils COBBETT to perform, in the best that now menace our country, manner, this most important ser- ourselves, and our children? vice to the country? There needs It is a great misfortune, that not any thing to be said of his money should be necessary to diligence, his perseverance, his effect an object like this. Such, foresight, his profound political however, is the case; and, thereknowledge, and his talent in com- fure, to settle on the proper means municating that knowledge to of collecting the sum required, is others. Events, terrible events, the first step to be taken. Wholly proclaim his wisdom, and his abi- unacquainted, as I am, with the lity and zeal to serve us. Not to mode of conducting such a matter, be convinced of these now, we I shall not presume to point out must literally seal up our eyes these means; but I shall, before and our ears. And thus situated, the fifteenth of January, publishi having this conviction in our a general invitation to the gentleminds; seeing the great and aw- men who think with me on the ful danger; seeing the tempest subject, to meet me at some congathering around us; hearing the venient place in London, on some wind's and thunder's not distant day after the 25th of January, for roar; seeing the hideous rocks on the purpose of settling on the manwhich the present men are about ner of conducting the whole busito conduct us; seeing the skilful ness.

In the meanwhile I shall be

glad to hear, by letter, before the

TO THE PUBLIC. tenth of January, from any gentlemen, any suggestion that he may think useful; and shall be

Kensington, Dec. 27th, 1825. particularly obliged by such as

In consequence of the above may think

proper to announce to Address, I have to state to the me their intention to do me the public, that I am, as for several honour to meet me in London, in years I have been, very desirous order that I may, when I notify to be in the House of Commons ; the day of meeting, inform the that I am, as I was in 1820, conpublic of such their intention; vinced that I could, if there, do and thereby give to that meeting much greater good to my country a weight which it could not derive than I can do out of Parliament; from a name so humble as that of that I am convinced, that I could THOS. B. BEEVOR.

point out the means of effectually Hargham, near Attleborough, Norfolk,

rescuing the country from its preDec. 21st. 1825.

sent great difficulties, and its still P.S. Gentlemen must be aware

greater dangers; that I am, as I of the great mass of malignity

long have been, thoroughly conthat I shall, by this step, have put

vinced, that, unless suitable remein motion, and that to pour abusive

dies be adopted, and that too beletters in upon me would be a

fore it be long, there must come a perfectly safe mode of gratifying

convulsion of which no man can that malignity. Therefore, I hope,

foresee the extent or the consethat Gentlemen will see the ne

man wishes, cessity of paying the postage of quences ; that no their letters, that I may be able, more anxiously than I do, to see without risk of giving them offence, such a lamentable catastrophe to protect myself against this spe- prevented; and that, therefore, I cies of hostility:

am not only ready, but desirous, and even anxious, to be placed in ceeding from our own soil) has the House of Commons; but that, spread REAL prosperity over the on no account, will I expend, Orkney Isles ; and I saw one man for the accomplishment of that last week, who had sold plat in purpose, any portion of those London, (brought from Suffolk) to earnings, which, whether great or the amount of 1501. small, all belong to my wife and

Why, here are grounds for the children,

lasting gratitude of the country. While, the other day, in the city Yet, what are these, great as they of Bath, the people, amidst the are, compared with my labours crash of Banks, were shouting in with regard to the monstrous, the the streets, “COBBETT IS dreadful Paper Money system? RIGHT! COBBETT IS A How long, how earnestly, with TRUE PROPHET!” Just at what perseverance, with what this same time, the WEST OF patience, with what fortitude, with ENGLAND AGRICULTURAL what disinterestedness, with what SOCIETY, the MARQUIS or devotedness, and amidst what diffiLANSDOwn in the chair, were in culties, what losses, what repeated the same city, awarding Medals, ruin, what obloquy, what malito the makers of STRAW BON- cious calumnies, good God! have NETS from my instructions; and I laboured against this nefarious were also receiving experimental system; by which I might have proofs of the excellence of the profiled more, perhaps, than

any LOCUST WOOD, of the trees other man in existence, but which, of which the Marquis informed knowing it to be destructive to my the Society that he was making country, I have constantly held in plantations, and that the Govern- abhorrence! ment also was making plantations

The world has never beheld in the New Forest. As to the a triumph more complete and former, the manufacture (all pro- more honourable than that which

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time and events have now award- not hypocrite enough to affect not ed to me. The triumph of Mor- to see them; nor am I mean

over HAMMON was not enough to assume the mock greater than is mine over this humility of pretending, that they fraudulent and pauper-creating are greater than I merit at the system. It is like the triumph of hands of my country. the Sun over the Frogs: all eyes Those who NOW want any behold it: it would be proclaimed argument to convince them of my by every tongue; but, every man ability to render my country the knows that every other man must greatest of all possible services, know it as well as he. Still I would not be convinced "though am anxious to make my country one were to rise from the dead;" triumph too; but, at the same and, as to those who affect to betime, it becomes not me to dis- lieve (for not one of them really

guise, that I should be proud of believes it), that I should make use ; the honours that would be con- of my power for what they call ferred upon me; that I am by“ revolutionary purposes," the

means blind to the certain best answer to their corrupt and advantages, which a seat in the and perverse insinuations is, that House of Commons would give it is, because to preserve my fame me, and give, moreover, to those, it inust be, my anxious wish to put who are, and who, on erery ac- a stop to the fatal progress

of that count, ought to be, as dear to hideous revolution, which is now me as is my own life, and, in- actually begun. I am well aware deed, to whose affectionate and that it is no easy task to effect an dutiful conduct, not to omit ad- object like this. This object has ding, to whose talents also, I am, not

, for so many years, occupied in no small degree, indebted for my thoughts, without my duly this triumph. I am by no means measuring its magnitude, and also blind to those advantages; I am the means of its accomplishment,


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