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Printed and Published by W. CORBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.


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Bancroft Library


Ice Houses.-Sir Thomas Beevor

to the Public.-The Register.-

Police Reports.—Periodical Cri-


5.-To the Readers of the Register.

Scotch Humbug, blown to the

Devil.--Advice to Farmers, Dealers ,

and Parents.—Another Quaker.

Bank !-To Lord Holland.-Sir
Thomas Beevor to the Public.-

Cobbett's Register.
6.-Lecture III. To Mechanics, on

the opening of the “ Collective
Wisdom."-To Mr. Treadwell.
Notification of Sir Thomas Beevor.

2.- The “ Wisdom of Parr-r-rr-li-a.

ment," a New Year's Gift for the
Rt. Hon. Frederick Prosperity Ro.
binson. - To Mr. Canning, on
Mr Jones's Petition.-Sir Thos.
Beevor's Address.—Mr. Cobbett's
Address. — To Correspondents.-
American Trees. - Bankrupts.-
Article from the Chronicle, about

7.-Meeting at the Freemasons' Ta-

vern.-A Sermon.-Free - Trade
Project. - Convention of Com-

4.-Lecture II. For the Mechanics'

Institute, on the Royal Preroga-
tive of Making Money.—To Mr.
Peel.–To Mr. Curwen. To Mr.
Huskisson. – To Dr. Alexander
Baring.-American Fire Places.-



at the Freemasons' Tavern.

More Smashings of the Rooks.

The Rag-Rook Bill.-Banks of

13.- To the People of Herefordshire,

Messrs. Sparrow and Co.-Peti-

on the Smashing of the Banks at

tion of Wm. Martin, of Seven-

Hereford.-Prices of Corn.-The

oaks.-Feast of the Gridiron.-

King.--Mr. Hume.-Feast of the

Rook reckouing. – To Money-

Gridiron.--Maps of America.


Priated by WM. COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.

VOL. 57.-No. 1.] LONDON, SATURDAY, DEC 31, 1825. Pric 6d.

« This Bill (Mr. Peel's) was grounded on concurrent Reports of both Houses; it was passed by unanimous votes of both Honses; it was, at the * close of the Session, a subject of high eulogium in the Speaker's Speech to " the Regent, and in the Regent's Speech to the two Houses : now, then, I, u William Cobbett, assert, that, to carry this Bill into effect is inpossible ; and " I say, that, if this Bill be carried into full effect, I will give Castlereagh " leave to lay me on a Gridiron and broil me alive, while Sidmouth may stir " the coals, and Canning stand by and laugh at my groans." -Taken from Cobbett's Register, written at North Hempstead, Long Island, on the 24th of September, 1819, and published in England in November, 1819.

PEEL's Bill, together with the laws abont Small Notes, which last were in force when Peel's Bill was passed : these laws, all taken together, if they had gone into effect, would liave put an end to all Small Notes on the first day of May 1823: bat, to prevent this blowing up of the whole of the Funding System, an Act was passed, in the month of July, 1822, to prevent these laws, and especially that part of Peel's Bill which put an end to Small Bank of England Notes, from going into full effect !—Thus the System received a respite; but, thus did the Parliament fulfil the above Prophecy of September 1819.

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Printed and Published by WILLIAM COBBetr, No. 183, Fleet-street.


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