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for my great account, through the merits, of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Be with me, O Lord, this day in all places, and upon all occasions. Direct Sunday Mornand guide,

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thereuf. both outwardly in my body, and inwardly in my soul. blessing accompany all my honest designs and actions; and grant that I may undertake nothing but what is agreeable to thy blessed will. Give unto me, and all that belong to me, such a measure of health, and other lemporal blessings, as thou seest best and most fitting for us; but above all trings, give us thy grace and favour; that our lives may be holy, our deaths comfortable, and our eternal state happy and glorious with thee, through the merits of thy Son and our alone Saviour, Jesus Christ the righteous; in whose most holy words I sum up my own and the wants of all mankind, saying, Our Father, &c.

may be used.

Accept, I beseech thee, Upon Sun day Morning, O most gracious God, my preceding pa- hearty desires to glorify ragraph, this thee in an especial manner

on this day which thou hast peculiarly sanctified for thy worship and service.

I bless thy holy name, O Lord, who by thy Almighty power madest the heavens and the earth and all that therein is, and preservest and governest all that thou hast made.

I bless thee, O Lord, who hath formed man after his own image, enduing him with understanding, reason, and liberty; and made him capable of knowing, of loving, and of enjoying thee his Creator.

Above all, I bless and magnify thy holy name, O Lord, heavenly Father, that thou hast given thine own Son Jesus Christ, for the redemption of mankind ; that he took our nature upon him; that he died for our sakes; that he is rieen again from the dead ; that he ascended into heaven; and that he there sitteth at thy right hand, to make intercession for us; that he hath made known to us the way to eternal life, enlightening us by his word for our direction, and his Holy Spirit for our assistance.

Blessed be thy holy name, that thou hast appointed this day, not only for a rest from our ordinary labours and employments, but chiefly for a perpetual commemoration of these thy favours, and for giving us stated opportunities for thy worship and service, and for the care of our immortal souls.

My soul desires to bless thee, that thou hast made me a partaker of all these inestimable advantages.

O Lord, prepare my heart for attending upon thee in thy house, and afford me thy gracious assistance in all the parts of thy service.

Let thy word make deep and lasting impressions upon me. Help me diligently to improve all opportunities that shall be afforded me this day, whether public or private, to the glory of thy great name, and the benefit and consolation of my soul, througin Jesus Christ my Saviour. Amen.

An Evening Prayer for a Person in


Most great and mighty God! thou, art the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth, the Creator, the Preserver, and Governor of all things : thou dwellest in that light which no mortal eye can approach; and yet disdainest not to behold the children of men. Look down, I beseech thee, upon me thy unworthy creature, who am come into thy presence, adoring thy majesty, and acknowledging that my dependence is wholly upon thee, who art the Author of my being, and the Foundation of all my hopes, both here and hereafter.

O Lord, I confess that I am a weak and frail creature; my nature is corrupt, and miserably prone to offend thee. I find a law in my members warring against the law in my mind; which I confess with sorrow, bath too often prevailed against me. The pleasures and profits of this world are too apt to engage my affections, and to

make me cold and remiss in the great and important work of my salvation. I have been guilty of manifold neglects and omissions of my duty towards thee, and have not served thee with that purity of intention, with that sincerity of heart, with that fervency of spirit, with that zeal for thy glory, with that care, and diligence, and constancy, that I ought.

O Lord, if thou shouldst be extreme to mark what is done amiss; if thou shouldest call me to a strict account for my life past; how should I be able to stand in thy sight? if thou shouldest deal with me as I have deserved, I could expect nothing but the severities of thy wrath and displeasure : but, O gracious Father, thou hast revealed thyself to the sons of men, as a God merciful and gracious, forgiving the transgressions and iniquities of the repentant sinner; remember then, I beseech thee, thy tender mercies, which have been ever of old, and for the sake and merits of my blessed Saviour, forgive, I humbly pray thee, all the sins and vanities, the follies and indis

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