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Blessed be thy unspeakable goodness, which hath advanced me to such a degree of being, that I am in some measure capable to know thee, to love thee, to serve thee, and to obey thee.

Blessed be thy name, O Lord, that I was born of Christian parents, and early dedicated to thee by baptisın; that by thy grace and goodness I have been preserved to this moment; and that I have in any measure escaped the pollutions of this wicked world,

I bless.thee likewise, O Lord, for all thy temporal mercies, and in particular for the refreshments of the night past; for protecting me from all evil accidents, and for raising ine up in health and safety to praise thy goodness.

Pardon, O most gracious God, all my unworthy inattentions to the daily instances of thy exceeding kindness and mercy; and vouchsafe me such a sense of thy infinite love, as may in. spire me with more vigorous and hearty endeavours to serve thee for the time to


O Lord, I acknowledge that I am a weak and frail creature, and that without thy help I am not able to bear up against the trials and temptations of this world. But since thou bast promised to give thy Holy Spirit to them that ask it ; I ain emboldened te implore his divine assistance to strengthen my weakness, to help my infirmities, and so to fortify my mind, that I may not be tempted above what I ani able to bear, nor seduced from my duty to thee, by the deceitful enticements of the world, the flesh, or the devil.

Root out of my heart, O God, all pride and vain-glory; all bitterness and uncharitableness; all envy, hatred, and malice; and suffer me not to be led away by any of the foolish customs and false maxims of this world. And, O merciful Father, be thou pleased, of thy great goodness, to endue me with that wisdom which is from above, which is first pure, and then peaceable; with that meekness and humility, which is in thy sight of so great price; and with that truly Christian temper and disposition, which thou lovest and delightest in.

Lord, sanctify unto me all thy fatherly dispensations, and let every thing, thou shalt think fit to send me, prove a blessing and advantage to my soul. Give me grace to be entirely submis. sive and contented under all the affic, tions, trials, and disappointments, which thy wisdom shall judge proper in order to bring me to thyself; and grant that by every adversity that shall befall me, I may be weaned from this world, and more closely united unto thee.

Make me always mindful of my own frailty; of the shortness and uncertainty of this life; and of the eternity of the next. Give me grace-so to live, as I shall wish I had done when I come to die. Let not sickness or death ever surprize me unawares, or find ine in a state unprepared; but grant that I may finish the great work which thou hast given me to do, before the night cometh, when no man call work.: (). let me live in such a constant preparation for my latter end, that bow suddenly soever thou shalt be pleased to take me out of this world, I may be found ready

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for my great account, through the inerits, of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Be with me, O Lord, this day in all places, and omitted on a upon all occasions. Direct Sunday Morn

ing, and what and guide, satrctify and follow's may be preserve

Keep me both outwardly in my body, and inwardly in iny soul.

Let thy blessing accompany all my honest designs and actions; and grant that I may undertake nothing but what is agreeable to thy blessed will. Give unto me, and all that belong to me, such a measure of health, and other lemporal blessings, as thou seest best and most fitting for us; but above all tings, give us thy grace and favour; that our lives may be holy, our deaths comfortable, and our

our eternal state happy and glorious with thee, through the merits of thy Son and our alone Saviour, Jesus Christ the righteous; in whose most holy words I sum up my own and the wants of all mankind, saying, Our Father, &c.

may be used.

Upon Sun Accept, I beseech thee, day Morning, O most gracious God, my preceding pa- hearty desires to glorify ragraph, this thee in an especial manner

on this day which thou hast peculiarly sanctified for thy worship and service.

I bless thy holy name, O Lord, who by thy Almighty power madest the heavens and the earth and all that therein is, and preservest and governest all that thou hast made.

I bless thee, O Lord, who hath formed man after his own image, enduing him with understanding, reason, and liberty; and made him capable of knowing, of loving, and of enjoying thee his Creator.

Above all, I bless and magnify thy holy name, O Lord, heavenly Father, that thou hast given thine own Son Jesus Christ, for the redemption of mankind; that he took our nature upon him ; that he died for our sakes; that he is rieen again from the dead; that he ascended into heaven; and that he there sitteth at thy right hand, to make intercession for us ; that he hath

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