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vernor, of the world! thou art infinite in mercy and goodness to all that call upon thee faithfully, and hast promised, that when two or three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be in the midst of them.

Look down we humbly beseech thee, upon us thy unworthy creatures, who are here assembled before thee, acknowledging that thou art a God greatly to be feared for thy power and justice, greatly to be beloved for thy infinite perfections and goodness, and greatly to be praised for thy bounty and merciful kindness. But as for ourselves, we confess, () Lord, that we are vile and sinful creatures; that we have, in many things acted contrary to thy most holy will, and have neither loved thee, feared thee, nor obeyed thee as we ought. O Lord ! if thou shouldest deal with us as we have deserved, we could expect nothing from thee but the severities of thy just wrath and displeasure.

But, o gracious Father, who delightest not in the death of a sinner, look down upon us, we beseech thee, iu thy son Christ Jesus; and, for the sake of his meritorious death and sufferings, pardon our many and great transgressions of thy holy laws; grant that we may amend whatever we have done amiss; and for the time to come may be more careful to please thee, and inore sincerely devoted to thy service. and obedience.

Convince us, O Lord, of the great folly and danger of sin, and make us so afraid of offending thee that we may abstain from all appearance of evil, and do nothing but what is pleasing in thy sight. Let the interest of our inmortal souls be our chief care and concern; and

grant that we may live as becomes the servants of Christ, denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts

, and living righteously, soberly, and godly, in this present world.

Bui, as without thee we are not able to please thee, grant us the assistance of thy grace and Holy Spirit, that we may pass through all the temptations of this world with peace and innocence and safety; and enable us to bear up, with courage and perseverance, against all the assaults of our great adversary

the Devil, who is daily lying in wait to destroy us.

Suffer us not, O merciful God, to be led away by the vain and foolish customs of this world, nor seduced from our duty by the company and example of the wicked and ungodly; but grant that we may make thy laws the rule of all our actions, and faithfully discharge our duty in the several stations wherein thy providence is pleased to place


Make us duly mindful that thou art present every where, and privy to our most secret thoughts; that we may never dare to do any thing but what thou approvest, and of which we may not fear to give an account at the great and terrible day of the Lord Jesus. O fit and prepare us for that solemn tine by a virtuous and holy life! that when we shall appear before the great Judge of all the world, we may be found in the number of those happy souls, whom he shall thien pronounce blessed.

Extend thy mercy, () God, to all mankind, and bring them to the light and knowledge and practice of thy laws.

Remove, we humbly beseech thee, all errors and corruptions, all divisions and dissensions, from every communion of Christians; and grant that the lives of those who profess themselves the disciples of Christ, may be holy and exemplary, and such as are conformable to the Gospel of our blessed Saviour!

Reform all things that are amiss in these kingdoms. Root out from among us all irreligion and profaneness, all uncharitableness and animosities ! pardon our great and crying sins; avert the evils that we have deserved ; continue thc light of thy glorious Gospel among us; and give us all grace to turn from the evil of our ways unto Thee the Lord our God!

Bless our sovereign lord the King, and all that are in authority under him both in Church and State. Make each of them in their several places and stations, useful and serviceable to thy glory, and the good and welfare of this Church and Nation !

And, o Thou, who art the Father of mercies, and God of all consolation, look down with pity and compassion, upon all thy afflicted servants every where; give them courage and patience, comfort and support; and, in thy good time, a joyful deliverance out of all their troubles !

Send down thy blessings spiritual and temporal upon all our friends and relations. Forgive those that have, at any time, done or wished us evil; and vouchsafe to every one of us, and to all Christians, wliatever thou knowest to be best for our temporal and eternal welfare!

And now, O Lord, we desire with all humility of soul and body, to adore thy incomprehensible Majesty, and to praise thy great and glorious name, for all thy manifold mercies vouchsafed to us and all mankind; but, above all, for thy. astonishing love in reconciling the world unto thyself by the death and sufferings of thy dear Son.

We bless thee for our creation and preservation, for our health, strength, peace, and safety; for she comforts


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