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eternal life to them who, by patient continuance in well-doing, seek for glory and honour and immortality ; give me, I most humbly beseech thee, a firm and unshaken faith in all thy promises ; that, being fully persuaded of those important truths which thou hast revealed to us in the Gospel, I may make it the principal care and concern of my whole life to please and obey thee in all things! And, that I may obtain those things which thou dost promise, make me to love that which thou dost command : and grant that, by the assistance of thy Holy Spirit, I may be enabled 10 persevere in the practice of a holy Life, even to the last moment of my days !

Let the hopes and expectations of that unspeakable happiness hereafter, which thou hast prepared for those who live in obedience to thy conimandments, enable me to pass through this vale of tears and misery, with cheerfulness and submission to thy blessed will; and 10 bear with patience whatever troubles thou, in thy great wisdom, shall see fit to lay upon me.


O Lord ! give me a heart raised above the vanities and enticements of this world, and free from all its pollutions and defilements. Fix my thoughts, my hopes, and my desires, upon heaven and heavenly things; that, having alway in view that crown of glory which thou hast promised to thy faithful servants, I may press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. And, being strengthened by thy Grace, and supported by thy Holy Spirit, I may run with patience the race which thou hast set before us; that when the great day of retribution shall come, I may look up to my most merciful Judge with joy and comfort, and may hear those ravishing words pronounced unto me, Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Grant this, O merciful Father, through the alone merits, and for the sake, of my eterna! Advocate and Mediator, Jesus Christ. men,



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A Morning Prayer for a Family.

O most gracious God, and kind Father! we present ourselves before the throne of thy majesty and glory, in all humility of soul and body, acknowledge ing that we are thy dependent creatures, and that from thy bountiful hand we have received many and exceeding great blessings.

By Thee we were wonderfully made; by thy power we have ever since been preserved ; and it is owing to thy great mercy and goodness that we have not been cut off in the midst of our sins, but that thou hast been patient and long-suffering toward us, and hast given us this opportunity of coming into thy presence to renew our praises and acknowledgments to thy Divine Majesty. O Lord, thy compassion fails not : by

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Give us

Thee we have been preserved the night past; and to thy goodness we ascribe it, that we are brought in health and safety to the beginning of this day.

Accept, we humbly pray thee, our unfeigned thanks for all the mercies and blessings which thou hast been pleased to bestow upon us; and pardon, we beseech thee, for the sake of thy Son Christ Jesus, our great unworthiness of what thou hast done for us. such a sense of thy infinite love and kindness, as may engage us more and more to love and obey thee, and make us afraid of every thing that may be displeasing in thy sight.

O Lord! vouchsafe is such a measure of thy grace and Holy Spirit, as may defend us against the snares and temptations of this wicked world, and enable us to overcome all our corrupt and sinful desires. Give us a true sense of the inestimable value of our souls, that we may make it the chief concern of our lives to work out our salvation with the greatest care and diligence, and to secure an interest in thy favour, which is better than life itself.

Withdraw our minds frein the love of this world, and place them upon heaven and heavenly things. Give us grace to use the enjoyments which thou art pleased to bestow upon us, with temperance, sobriety, and moderation; with an entire trust and dependance on thy fatherly care and good providence; and with a perfect submission to thy blessed will in all things.

O Lord! root out of our hearts all pride and

envy; all hatred, malice, and ill-will. Purify our hearts from all censoriousness and uncharitableness, from all lying and slandering, and from whatever else is contrary to a truly Christian spirit: and endue us, we most humbly pray thee, with that meekness and huinility which is in thy sight of so great value, and with all those holy and Christian dispositions which thou lovest and delightest in.

Instruct us in all the particulars of our duty which we owe to Thee, our neighbour, and ourselves.

Guide us by thy right hand, and conduct us by thy good spirit, through all the business and affairs of this life. Teach us to

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