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where they found the arms, they took poor Jack, and Harry, together with one Mick Murray, and when they could not get information from them, after getting the rites of the church, they were shot on Ballymore green. We waked them in the chapel of Moyvore, when no man dare go near us and applied to the Scully's, to shew us where we would bury them in Moran's Town, and not one of them would come near us nor could we get one to carry them, until Pat Flanegan gave us a bed to carry them to Templepatrick, where we buried them. Harry's little effects were saved ; but on account of my going backward and forward to Ballymore, all my effects were consumed to ashes, as there was no one to carry them out. So, my dear friend, I have no shelter here, and I will impatiently wait your answer ; or, if you can afford me any relief, let me know it, as poor Jack relied on you to relieve his children- so no more at present, from a poor disconsolate widow, who subscribes herself, your loving sister-in-law. (See Beautier of the Press, p. 346.)



Mr. Plowden, vol. 4. p. 389, observes that was to this species of outrage, which rests not in proof, it is universally allowed to have been exclusively on the side of the military: it produced an indignant horror in the country, for it is a characteristic mark of the Irish nation, neither to forget nor forgive an insult or injury done to the honor of their female relatives. Is has been boasted of by officers of rank, that within certain large districts a woman had not been left undefiled : and upon observation in answer, that the sex must then been very complying, the reply was, that the bayonet removed all squeamishness. A lady of fashion, having in conversation been questioned as to this difference of conduct towards the sex, in the military and the rebels, attribated it in disgust to a want of gallantry in the croppies.”

It had often happened to "Irishmen, to be acèused of too great sensibility to the charms of the fair. It remained for this desparate faction, to make their generous continence their crime.

The crime then of Irishmen is this, to win the fair by persuasions, and defend them with their last drop of blood. The boast of their enemies is, to overcome their chastity, by brutal force, and their loathing, by the bayonet. Oh, monsters! hateful in the eyes of civilised humanity! More bar. barous than the tygers that prowl through the desart. When your power and your money shall cease to bear down truth, how hidious will be your name in future history !!!

Something similar to those boastings, and those jests, is a work, lately imported into America, as the production of a British Minister (Canning.) There are some jokes, vapid, state, and disgusting, touching the hanging of Irishmen, and some drivelling attempts to laugh at Mr. Plowden's preface, If that witling author, whoever he was, meant to point out to general view, the abject meanness of a British Cabinet, he did well to advert to that preface. If he wished to make known the spirit of his wolfish gang, he did well to simper at their atrocious deeds in Ireland.

The felonious gibes of this author, have been compared to the elegant irony of the Salmangundy. But, oh how unlike ! That little American work, while it gracefully wantons through the regions of taste, does not make sport for ladies, of hanging and massacreing ; nor would the delicacy and refinement of the American Fair, tolerate such ruffian railleries.

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