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XXV. SIXTEEN ENGRAVINGS, from Real Scenes, supposed to be described in the Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverley. Beautifully Engraved by Lizars, from DESIGNS by NASMYTH. Imperial 4to. kl:11:6. 8vo. 16s. 12mo. 10s.

XXVI. ILLUSTRATIONS of PHRENOLOGY, by Sir GEORGE STEWART MACKENZIE, Bart. F.R. S. L. & E. &c. Illustrated by Seventeen Engravings. 8vo. 15s. boards.

XXVII. SUBSTANCE of LECTURES on the ANCIENT GREEKS and on the Revival of GREEK LEARNING in EUROPE, by the late Andrew DalZEL, A.M. F.R.S. E. Professor of Greek in the University of Edinburgh. In 2 vols. 8vo. £ 1. ls.

XXVIII. REMARKS on SOME FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES of POLITICAL ECONOMY, illus trated by a Brief Inquiry into the Commercial State of Britain since the year 1815, by John CRAIG, Esq. F.R.S.E. Author of Elements of Political Economy.” Svo. 7s. 6d.

XXIX. The ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA; or DICTIONARY of Arts, SCIENCES, and MISCELLANEOUS LITERATURE. Sixth Edition: Revised, Corrected, and Improved : handsomely printed in Quarto, with new Engravings. (Now publishing in Monthly Parts, or Half Volumes.) Vols. I to XI, Part I. To be completed in 20 volumes or 40 parts, price 16s. each.

XXX. SUPPLEMENT to the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA. Edited by Macvey NAPIER, Esq. F.R.S. Lond. and Edin. Volumes I, II, III, IV, and V, Part I. Handsomely printed in Quarto, with Engravings. Nine Parts, price £ 1. 55. each in boards.

XXXI. EDINBURGH GAZETTEER; or Geo GRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, comprising a Complete Body of Geography, Physical, Political, Statistical, and Commercial. Volumes I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, Part I, in Eleven Parts. Accompanied by an Atlas, constructed by A. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to his Majesty.

Vol. VI, Part II, (which completes this work,) will be published in February.

XXXII. The EDINBURGH ANNUAL REGISTER for 1817. Closely printed in double columns. Price Li. ls. boards.

... The Edinburgh Annual Register has now been carried on for ten

years, and the Publishers have received ample testimony as to the ability with which it has been conducted. In the present volume, it is hoped that the original plan will be found carried into more complete execution than in any former one, and the object of making it a complete mirror of the year more fully attained. A number of important features are now introduced, which have not, it is believed, found a

place hitherto in any similar publication. Arrangernents have now been made, by which the delay that has occurred

in bringing out the recent volumes will be completely obviated, and the work will be speedily brought up to the regular period. The volume for 1818 will be published in January next, and the succeeding ones

will follow at short intervals. XXXIII. A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed from the latest authorities, by A. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to his Majesty, in 53 Maps, from original Drawings, engraved in the best style of the art by Sidney Hall. In royal 4to. £1. 16s. neatly half-bound; coloured copies, L2:12:6.

XXXIV. The EDINBURGH PHILOSOPHICAL JOURNAL, (conducted by Dr. BREWSTER and Professor Jameson,) exhibiting a View of the Progress of Discovery in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Natural History, Practical Mechanics, Geography, Navigation, Statistics, and the Fine and Useful Arts, (published Quarterly,) Nos. I to X, with numerous Engravings. Price 7s. 6d. each.

XXXV. BIBLIOTHECA BRITANNICA; or, a General Index to the Literature of Great Britain and Ireland, Ancient and Modern ; including such Foreign Works as have been translated into English, or printed in the British Dominions; as also, a Copious Selection from the Writings of the most distinguished Authors of all Ages and Nations. By ROBERT WATT, M. D. Part I to VI. Handsomely printed in 4to. Price Li. Is. each in boards.

To be completed in Twelve Parts.

James Auchit, Printer.


ART. I. Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, from the Resto-

ration of Charles II. By Sir George Mackenzie of

Rosehaugh, Knight,

II. Abstract of the Information laid on the Table of the

House of Commons, on the Subject of the Slave

Trade, being a Report made by a Committee spe-

cially appointed for the purpose, to the Directors

of the African Institution, on the 8th May 1821,

and by them ordered to be printed, as a Supplement

to the Annual Report of the present year,


III. The Family Shakespeare. In Ten Volumes 12mo.

In which nothing is added to the Text; but those

Words and Expressions are omitted which cannot

with Propriety be read aloud in a family. By Tho-

mas Bowdler Esq., F. R. S. & S. A.


IV. Cuvres Inédites de Madame la Baronne de Staël,

publiées par son Fils; précédées d'une Notice sur

le Caractère et les Ecrits de M. de Staël. Par Ma.

dame Necker Saussure,


V. Euvres Completes de Demosthene et d’Eschine, en

Grec et en Français. Traduction de L'Abbe Auger

de l'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de

Paris. Nouvelle edition, revué et corrigée par J.

Planche, Professeur de Rhetorique au College Royal

de Bourbon,


VI. 1. Letter to James Scarlett Esq., M. P. on his Bill re,

lating to the Poor-Laws. By a Surrey Magistrate.

2. An Address to the Imperial Parliament, upon the

Practical Means of gradually abolishing the Poor-

Laws, and Educating the Poor Systematically. Il-

lustrated by an Account of the Colonies of Frede.

rick's-Oord, in Holland, and of the Common Moun.

tain, in the South of Ireland. With General Ob-

servations. Third Edition. By William Herbert

Saunders, Esq.

3. On Pauperism and the Poor-Laws. With a Sup-









LAND, and an Analysis of the Civil Part of the Law. By Sir MATTHEW Hale. Sixth Edition : With additional Notes and References, and some Account of the Life of the Author. By CHARLES RUNNINGTON, Serjeant at Law. London,

1820. 2. THE COMPLETE Court KEEPER, or Land-Steward's Assist

ant ; containing the Nature of Courts-Leet and Courts-Baron: With a general Introduction to every thing incident to them, according to Law and Custom ; the manner of holding CourtsLeet, Courts-Baron, and Courts of Survey; with the Charges to the Juries, &c. &c., and all other Proceedings, 8c. By


By Arthur Male of Lincoln's Inn, M. A., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. London, 1920.

T this moment, there are few of the systems of legislation,

either of ancient or modern times, which are not in force as living law within the British empire. Menu and Mohammed decide the civil rights of the Hindoo and the Mogul; and an appeal from India compels our Privy Councillors to consult the Koran and the Puranas, as authorities at Whitehall. Justinian is obeyed by the courts of the lonian Republic. In the Norman Isles, the severed portions of the domains of the Conqueror, the Barbaric custumal framed by his Justiciars, still guides the Grand Bailiff and the Seneschal, who dispense the equity of Rollo, now forgotten in the hall of Rouen. Canada cherishes the volumes which have been cast forth from the Palace of Justice; and the legitimate representatives of the VOL. XXXVI. NO. 72.


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