A Treatise on the Stamp Laws: Being an Analytical Digest of All the Statutes and Cases Relating to Stamp Duties, with Practical Remarks Thereon : Together Also with Tables of All the Stamp Duties Payable in the United Kingdom After the 10th October, 1853, and of Former Duties, Volume 2

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V. & R. Stevens and G.S. Norton, 1854 - Stamp duties - 1018 pages

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Page 759 - ... for the payment of any sum of money out of any particular fund which may or may not be available...
Page 997 - Duties hereby granted, and otherwise in relation thereto, so far as the same shall not be superseded by and shall be consistent with the express Provisions of this Act, as fully and effectually to all Intents and Purposes as if the same had been herein repeated an! specially enacted, mutatis mutandis, with reference to the Duties by this Act granted.
Page 998 - ... either in payment or as a security, or by purchase or otherwise, shall not be entitled to recover thereon, or to make the same available for any purpose whatever.
Page 1002 - ... (2) Any public map, plan, survey, apportionment, allotment, award, and other parochial or public document and writing, made under or in pursuance of any Act of Parliament, and deposited or kept for reference in any registry, or in any public office, or with the public books, papers, or writings of any parish.
Page 759 - An order for the payment of any sum of money weekly, monthly, or at any other stated periods, and also any order for the payment...
Page 1000 - Acts in force upon or in respect of promissory notes for the payment of money to the bearer on demand ; and all clauses, provisions, regulations, penalties, and forfeitures contained in any Act or Acts relating to the issuing of such promissory notes, or for securing the said stamp duties and composition respectively, or for preventing or punishing frauds or evasions in relation thereto, shall respectively be deemed to apply to all such bills, drafts, and notes as aforesaid, and to the stamp duties...
Page 783 - And where the same shall contain 2160 words or upwards, then for every entire quantity of 1080 words contained therein, over and above the first 1080 words, a further progressive duty of 0 2 0 INSURANCE POLICIES.
Page 785 - For the receipt of any sum of money, or any bill of exchange or promissory note for any sum of money, not exceeding 20...
Page 1004 - ... give a receipt for the amount of the duty or deficiency which the judge shall determine to be payable, and also of the penalty, and thereupon such document shall be admissible in evidence, saving all just exceptions on other grounds ; and an entry of the fact of such payment, and of the amount thereof, shall be made in a book kept by such officer ; and such officer shall, at the end of each sittings or assizes (as the case may be), duly make a return to the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue...
Page 761 - ... the parties from its being a written instrument ; together with every schedule, receipt, or other matter put or indorsed thereon or annexed thereto, 6d.

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