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Third Rubrick.

Observations. The same Order all the The Lord's Supper being a SaCurateufe witis those be

crament and Token of Reconciliatwixt whom he perceiveth Ma- tion and Friendship with God and

; such as will oot forgive the lice and Hatred to reign ; Injuries they have received, nor not suffering them to be Par- make Satisfaction for the Injuries takers of the Lord's Table, they have done to others, must until he knoweth them to be not presume to go to the Lord's

Table, lift they receive a Curse, inreconciled.

tead of a Blessing.


And if one of the Parties, But then such would do well to so at Variance, be content to corsider, that while they are un

der these bad Dispositions, they are forgive from the Bottom of at Ermity with God as well as his Heart all that the other with their Neighbour ; and there. had trespassed against him, fore are not qualified to ask, much and to make amends for that less to hope for, any Favour from he himself hath offended; and him ;-there being no Mercy for

him, who will not Mew Mercy to the other Party will not be his Neighbour :-Táis being an expersuaded to a godly Unity, press Condition of our Peace with but remain lill in his FroGod, Matt vi. 15. wardness and Malice; the And we should always rememMinister in that case ought to Brother, abideth in Death,

ber, that He that loveth not his

i John admit the penitent Person to iii. 14. the Holy Communion, and not him him that is is obstinate, It is God who faith this, and

Peace provided that every Minister dare we delay to To repelling any, as is speci- if we can help it ?

with our Neighbour even one Day, fied in this or the next precedent Paragraph of this Rubrick, shall be obliged to give an Account of the same to the Ordinary within fourteen Days after, at the far

and the Ordinary shall proceed against the offending Person according to the Canon.

be at

thelt ;

Fourth Rubrick.

Observations. The Table at the Commu- It may so happen, that you did nion time having a fair white not know that the Sacrament was Linen Cloth upon it, shall

to be administered, until you faw


Yn trafs Rubrick.

Yn Ynsaghey Yn Aght cheddin shegin da’n Myr ta Shibber y Chiarn ny Sao Saggyrt y ghoaill roosyn teh crament as ny Chowrey jeh Coardail

as Aigney-mie rish Jee as Dooinney, goaill Tastey dy vel Goanlys as adfyn nagh jean leih ny Aggairyn tad Myskit eddyr ad; syn surranse er n’gheddyn, ny Cooilleen y yannoo ad dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh Boayrd y son ny Aggairyn tad er n'yannoo da Chiarn, derrey vees Fys echey dy feallagh elley, cha nhegin daue yn bee ad coardit.

Daanys y ghoaill orroo dy gholl gys
Boayrd y Chiarn, er-aggle dy vow ad

Mollaght ayns yooyd Bannaght.
As my vees y derrey yeh jeh Agh eisht yinnagh ny lheid oc shoh

y ny Perfoonyn, ta myr noh ec dy mie dy ghoaill gys nyn Gree, Streeu, booiagh dy leih veih choud as t'ad ayns lheid y drogh Aig

y Grunt e Chree ooilley yn Aggair ney thoh dy vel ad ec Noidys rih

Jee chammah as rich nyn

Naboo; as ta'n jeh elley er n'yannoo n’oi, as then-y-fa nagh vel ad ayns Aght dy yannoo Lhiasaghey da son yn cooie wheelh as dy hirrey, foddey floo Aggair t'eh hene er n'yannoo ; dy hreishteil fon Foayr erbee veihlyn; as mannagh bee'n Persoon coyr; echeysyn, nagh jean Mygnin y boiljagh.

-son cha vel veg y Vyghin ny chour lit gys Unnaneys chrauee, agh le da e Naboo :-As ta shoh Connant tannaghtyn kinjagh ayns e yym- thickyr jeh'n Shee air rith Jee, moose as Goanlys ; ayns y chcoisMian vi. 15. Shen lhisagh y Saggyrt yn Per- As Thilagh shin kinjagh cooinaghfoon arryllagh y lhiggey gys y tyn, dy vei eshyn, nagh nhynney lesh e Chreestiaght chasherick, as cha Vraar, tannaghtyn ayns Baase.' i Ean nee eshyn ta roonagh; agh pegin da dy chooilley Hirveishagh dooinyn Thięgey shaghey dy ve ec

She Jee ta gra thoh, as lhoys ta myr shoh lhiettal unnane er

Shee rish nyn Naboo, eer fon un Laa bee veih'n Chreestiaght, myr ta bene, my oddys mayd jannoo rish ? currit roish ayns shoh ny ayns y Rubrick ta chelleeragh roih, ve kianlt dy chur Coontev jeh'n Chooid cheddin da Ard-reiltagh ny Hagglish cheufthie jeh,kiare Laa yeig ny lurg, ec y chooid sodjey; as nee Ard-reiltagh ny Hagglish cur y Leigh ayns Bree noi'n Perfoon t'ayns yn Aggair cordail rish Leigh ny Hagglish.

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Yn chiarroo Rubrick.

In Ynsaghey.
Ec Traa yn Chreeftiaght

Foddee eh myr shen taghyrt, nagh jhegin da'n Boayrd ve coodit lesb row Fys ayd dy row yn Chreestiaght

, Aanrit glen gial, as ny hajoo I dy ve Shirveishit, derrey honnick oo




Observations. stand in the Body of the the Communion Table covered ; Church, or in the or in the Chancel however, if you have been a con

a where Morning and Evening stant Communicant before, do not

turn your

upon the holy OrPrayers are appointed to be dinance ; but say in your Heart, .--. faid ; and the Prielt, tanding I will most gladly "close with this at the North-fide of the Table, blessed Occasion of remembering the

. mall say the Lord's Prayer, Death of my Redeemer. *with the Colleet following, the People kneeling



When the Minister begins, lay aside all other Books, and

attend to the Service of the Church, than which there

never was provided a better help to Devotion. OR

UR * Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy

Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily Bread : And forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into Temptation; but deliver us from Evil. Amen.


The Collect.

LMIGHTY God, unto

Ecause the Love of God will

B whom all Hearts be

make all his Commands easy, open, all Desires known, and

and to be obeyed with Chearfulfrom whom no Secrets are purify our Hearts by Faith, that

ness; we therefore beg of him to hid

2 cleanse the Thoughts we may love and fear him, and of our Hearts by the In- keep his Commandments, upon which spiration of thy Holy Spi- all our Happiness depends. rit, that

we may perfectly love thee, and


* The Lord's Prayer should always be faid with the greatest Deliberation and Devotion : and especially at this time, when we beg of God the Bread which must nourish us unto Life Eternal, and all the Graces necessary to obtain that invaluable Blessing.

ayns E


Ynsaghey. ayns Corp ny Killagh, er-nonney Boayrd y Chreestiaght coodit ; nyayns y Charree, raad ta'n Chir-yeih my t'ou er ve kinjagh cliaghtey veisla Moghrey as Fastyr pointit coll gys Creestiaght roře, ny chyndaa

Cooyl er yn Oardaghey casherick ; dy ve lhaiht; as y Saggyrt, ny agh 'abbyr ayns dty Chree.-Neem's

'y hasoo er Cheu Twoaie yn Voayrd, dy feer arryltagh Greme y ghoaill er , nee lhaih Padjer y Chiarn, ma- Traa bannee shoh dy chooinaghtyn er rish y Phadjer ny lurg, yn Pob- Baase my Er-kionnec.

у ble er nyn Ghlioonyn.


Tra ta'n Saggyrt goaill Toshiaght, cur dy chooilley Lioar elley dy

lhiattee, as gow les Shirveisha ny Killagh; fon Cooney share na Job, dy chur Craueeaght er y hoshiaght, cha row rieau er ny gheddyn. YR * ain, t'ayns Niau ; Casherick dy row dt'Ennym. Dy

jig dty Reeriaght. Di'Aigney dy row jeant er y Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau. Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as gagh Laa. As leih dooin nyn Loghtyn, myr ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn 'oi. As ny leeid shin ayns Miolagh ; Agh livrey

' shin veih Olk. Amen.

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Yn Phadjer.

Yn Ynsaghey. YEE Opilley-niartal

, hood's


R-yn-oyr dy jean Graih Yee ta dy chooilley Chree ooilley ny Saraghyn echey 'yanfoshlit, dy chooilley Yeearree noo aalhagh, as Biallys arryltagh dy

ve er ny choyrt daue; ta shin er-yer-fys, as void's nagh vel Fol. fa then guee er dy ghlenney ny Creeliaght erbee er ny chieltyn; aghyn ain lelh Credjue, dy vod mayd Glen Smooinaghtyn ny Cree-Graih y chur da as Aggle y ghoaill aghyn ain lesh Bree dty Spyr- roish, as freayll e Anpaghyn, orroo ta ryd Casherick, dy vod mayd ooilley yo Vayorys aia ihic. dy firrinagh graih 'chur dhyt,

* Lhisagh Padjer y Chiarn ve dy kinjagh er ny ghoaill lesh lane Traa as dy feer Arrymagh: as erskyn ooilley nish, tra ta shin guee gys Jee son yn Arran shegin fhin y veaghey gys Bea dy bragh farraghtyn, as son ooilley ny Grayseyo ymmyrchagh dy chosney yo Bannaght erskyn-carroo fhen.


thily magnify thy Holy Name, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Obfervations. Then * hall the Priest,

We fee with what great Judg. turning to the People, Re-ment these Commandments were aphearse distinętly all the Ten pointed to be read in this Service,

lince by the Law is the knowledge Commandments : and the Peo- of Sin? And when we are convinced ple Rill kneeling, fall, after in our own Conscience, that we have every Commandment, ask God not kept a Law which is Holy, Fust, Mercy for their Transgression Need, and the Blessing of a

and Good, we shall theo see the thereof for the Time past, Redeemer, and how earnestly we and Grace to keep the same ought to beg God, for his fake, for the Time to come, as fol- to have Mercy upon us and to inloweth :

cline our Hearts to keep these Laws.

Observations and Directions. TH THAT you may obey the following Commands of

God with Chearfulness, you ought to be firmly persuaded, -That God, who ftandethin no need of our Obedience and Service, hath given us these Laws merely for our own Good, to restrain the Disorders we are subject to, and to hinder us from ruining ourselves.

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Consider these Commands in this View, and as they are the Effect of the great Love of God for his poor Creatures ; or else you will look upon them as a Burden, and obey them with an unwilling Mind.

Prepare therefore to hear them with an Attention and Reverence suitable to Him whose Commands they are ; and then you will be more fenfible what a Blessing it is, that Jesus Christ hath by his Death delivered us from

* When it is confidered how many People there are, who have no other way of coming to the Krowledge of their Duty, it will appear with what great Reason the Priest is required to read these Commands of God diftinétly; and how religiously this Rubrick ought to be obderved.


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