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love Thee,' and fear Thee, -- Agh dy vod mayd Graih y not as Slaves, but as Child-chur dhyt, as Aggle y ghoaill ren; That we may put our royd, cha nee inyr Slavcyn, whole Trust in Thee, and agh myr Cloan ; dy vod mayd depend upon thine Infinite nyn flane Treifhteil y chur

. Power, Wisdom, Goodness and aynyd, as nyn Marrant y chur Promise to take care of us : er dty Phooar erskyn-earroo,

. That we may leave it dty Chreenaght, dty Vieys, as to Thee to choose what is dry Ghialdyn dy ghoaill Kiarail best for us ; and bear with j'in :--Dy vod mayd faagail Patience and Resignation all dhyt's dy reih fhen share er thy fatherly Corrections ;----- nyn son; as gymmyrkey lesh And that we may serve Thee Surranse as Biallys ooilley dty with Comfort and Pleasure, Smaghtaghey ayroil ; ---As dy all our Days, in Hopes of vod mayd oo y , hirveish: lelh the Inheritance which Thou Gerjagh as Boggey, ooilley hast promised thy, obedient | Laghyn nyn Mea, ayns Treish- . Children.

teil jeh’n Eiraght t'ou er ghialdyn da dty Chloan viallagh.


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Hallowed be thy Name. Casherick dy row dty Ennym. THOU. art worthy, O T.

OU uss feeu, O Hiarn, Lord, to receive Glory, dy gheddyn Gloyr, as and Honour, and Power Qoalhley, as Pooar ; fon for Thou hast created all t'ou er chroo dy chooilley Things, and all thy Works, Nhee, as ta ooilley dty Obpraise Thee.

Thee.--Fill our braghyn dy dty voylley:Hearts, O God, with a Zeal Lhieen ny Creeaghyn ain, O for thy Glory, that we may Yee, lesh Graih jeean son dty do Thee Honour, by leading Ghloyr, dy vod mayd uss y holy Lives, and by paying a coalhlaghey,

liorith Bea great Regard for

every chrauee y leeideil, as liorish Thing that belongs to Thee; Arrym mooar y hoilfhaghey

Thy Name, thy Day, da dy chooilley Nhee ta benthy House, thine Ordinances, tyn dhyt, ---Da dty Ennym, dry and thy Ministers ; And Laa, dty Hie, dty Oardaghyn, that others, seeing our good as diy Hirveisbee ; -As dy vod


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Works, may glorify our Fa- feallagh elley, liorish fakin ny ther which is in Heaven. Obbraghyn mie ainyn, nyn Ayr

ta ayns Niau y ghloyraghey. Thy Kingdom come. Dy jig dty Reeriaght. INlarge thy Kingdom, , o

Ishee dty Reeriaght, 0 deliver the

Yee, as livrey yn Seihll World from the Dominion veih Reillas Tranlaafé Noid

ny and Tyranny of Satan, that Hanney, dy vod Reeriaghtyn -the Kingdoms of the Earth ny Hooirey cheet dy ve Reemay become the Kingdoms riaghtyn Yeefey Creeft.----Cur of Jesus Christ.-Haften er y Hoshiaght yn Traa ta dtý the Time which thy Spirit Spyrryd er n'inih ro-laue, tra hath foretold, when all Na- nee dy chooilley Ashoon t'ou er tions whom thou hast made, chroo, uss y ooalblaghey, as dty mall worship Thee, and glo. Ennym y ghloyraghey.---Bannee rify thy Name.----Bless the yn Obbyr vie ocfyn ta streeu good Endeavours of those dy chur er y Hoshiaght Sush. that strive to propagate the tal dry Reeriaght's; as jean Gospel of thy Kingdom ; aarloo Cree dy

Cree dy chooilley and prepare the Hearts of Ghooinney dy ghoaill rifn:---all Men to receive it. Lhig dauelyn ooilley ta goaill May all such as own Thee rhyt's dy ve nyn Ree, cheet dy for their King, become thy ve dty Phobble firrinagh.---Dy faithful Subjects.

-Vouch- gooidsave lhiat dy reill ayns ny fafe to reign' in our Hearts, Creeaghyn ainyn, as injillee ny and subdue our Wills intire-Aignaghyn ainyn dy flane gys ly to thine ;-and prepare dty Aigney hene ; ---as jean us, by thy good Spirit, for thin aarloo, liorish dty Spyrryd the Kingdom of Glory. vie, cour Reeriaght ny Gloyr.

and all thy Club

Thy will be done in Earth, as Dty Aigney dy row jeant er y it is in Heaven.

Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau. Ispose me,

UR orrym's, as er ooilley Children,' o Lord and dty Chloan; dy ve arrylFather, to submit chearfully tagh, O Hiarn as Ayr, dy injil. to whatever thy Providence laghey fhin henė" lelh Boggey fhall order for us :---Hear- 1 gys Cre-erbee nee dty Chiarail


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ken not to the corrupt De- flaunyssagh y Jardrail er nynt fires of our Hearts, but to fon :---Ny jean foiaghey jeh the Voice of thine own Yecarreeyn broghe ny CreeWisdom, Goodness, and aghyn ain, agh jeh Coraa dty Mercy. Give us a true Chreenaght, dty Vieys, as dry

.--Knowledge of our Duty, Vyghin hene.....Cur dooin and an Heart disposed to Tushtey firrinagh jeh nyn Gurclose with thy Will, when rym, as Cree aarloo dy ve ever it shall be made known booiagh lesh dty Aigney, creto us, and to perform it erbee yn Traa yiow mayd Fys with Pleasure.Subdue in er, as dy chooilleeney eh lesh us, whatever is contrary to Boggey.-- --Smaghtee aynin, thy holy Will, that thro' cre-erbee ta noi dty Aigney thy Grace, we may at last casherick, trooid dty Ghrayse, become perfect, as our hea- dy vod mayd ec y ferrey cheet venly Pattern is.

dy ve dy firrinagh mie, golla rish nyn Sampleyr flaunysfagh.

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Give us this Day our daily Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as Bread.

gagh-laa. WE

E look up unto, and A shin jeeaghyn seofe

depend upon Thee, Hood's, as cur nyn MarO Heavenly Father, for all rant ort, O Ayr Flaunysfagh, the Necessaries and Convenien, son dy chooilley Nhee ta yma ces of this present Life. myrchagh as cocie dooin 'sy Vea And , may our bodily Wants shoh.-.-As lhig da 1 mmyrch engage us to go daily to nyn Gallin (hin y leeideil gágh.

y the Throne of Grace for laa gys Stoyl-recoil y Ghrayse the Wants of our Souls !----- fon Ymmyrch nyn Anmeenyn! Let thy Blessing go along Lhig da dty Vannaght goll mawith our honest Endeavours, rilh nyn Obbraghyn onneragh, and keep us from all unjust as freill fhin veih dy chooilley Ways of bettering our Con- Raad neu-yeeragh dy vishaghdition.------Give us Grace to ey nyn Gooid - feiblt...--Cur impart to such as in dooin Grayse dy chur Ayrn Want, of what Thou shalt dauefyn ta ayns Feme, jeh ny give us more than our daily ver uss dooin harrish nyn ArBread; and with all thy 0-, ran gagh-laa į as niarish ooilther Favours, give us we be-'Jley dry Vayryn 'elley, cur



feech Thee, the Blessing of dooin, ta hin guee ort, yn B anthankful and

contented naght jeh digney wocijal as Mind.

boviagh lelh ny ta ain.





And forgive us our Trespal As leih dosin nyn Loghtyn, myr fes, as we forgive them

ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo that trespass against us. Loghtyn nyn oi. Orgive us those Sins, o

EIH dooin ny Peccaghyn heavenly Father, which then, O Ayr Flaunysfagh, separate us from Thee :

ta scarrey fhin void's: Leih Forgive us every Day of dooin dy chooilley Laa jeh nyn our Lives ; for every Day Mea; son dy chooilley Laa ta we stand in need of Pardon : 1hin shaffoo ayns Feme jeh

Give me and all Chris- Pardoon :---Cur dooys, as da tians, a forgiving Temper, that dy chooilley.Chreeltee, Aigney we inay fulfil this Condition arryltagh dy leih, dy vod mayd

, of our "Pardon. — Thou art cooilleeney yn Conaant fhoh

. good and merciful in for- jeh'n Phardoon ain hene....... giving us ; grant we may T’ou ufs mie as myghinagh be fo to others, remember- ayns leih dooinyn ; giall dy ing

Infirmities. vod shizyn ve myr shen da And may we all live in the feallagh elley, liorish cooinaghfame charitable Temper, in tvn er ny Annooinidyn ain which we hope and desire hene. As giall dy vod may d to die.

ooilley beaghey ayns yn Aiga ney ghiaftyilagh cheddin, ayn ta thin treishteil as geearree dy

gheddyn Vaaish. And lead us not into Temp- As ny leeid shin ayns Mio!azh,

tation, but deliver us from agh livrey Jhin veih Olk. Evil.

Yee as Ayr, ayd ta ,

Dwoaie er Mee-chairysy O

hatest Iniquity, and as ta l'ys ayd er ny Annooinknowest our Infirmities, leave idyn ainyn, ny faag fhin sys us 'not to the Malice and Gounlys as Pooar y Drogh-cr Power of the Evil one, the shen, yn Jouył, dy ghelial Devil, to deal with us as rooin myr laillish hene ;---ny Аа


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he pleaseth ; nor to our- | chamoo faag shin dooin henc, , selves, and to our own cor- as da nyn Gree as Säyntyn rupt Hearts and Lults, lest broghe hene, er aggle dy roië we rafhly run into Tempta- mayd dy neu - haftagh ayns tion.

-Keep us out of the Miolaghey.--.Freill Thin ass Way

of Temptations, and Raad Miolaghyn, as fo Coadey under the Protection of thy dty Spyrryd vie :-----Ny lhig good Spirit :- Suffer us daue cheet orrin dy doaltatnot be surprized by tym, ny fhin dy ve miolit erthem, nor tempted above skyn nyn Niart.-- Cur dooin what we are able to bear. Grayse dy chur Eddin daue,

-Give us Grace to refift dy ve er nyn Arrey, as goaill them, and to watch and Padjer gagh-laa, nagh roie pray daily, that we

enter mayd ayns Raad Miolaghey. not into Temptation.


For thine is the Kingdom, and Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, as y

the Power, and the Glory, Phooar as y Ghloyr, son dy for ever and ever. Amen. bragh as dy bragh. Amen. THE whole Creation is TA’N flane Seihll Ihiats, as thine,

thy fo diy Reill---She lhiat's y Government-Thine is the Phooar; foddee oo jannoo crePower ; thou canst do what- erbee ta shin guee 'er y hon: ever we pray for :

-Thou ---Foddee oo cur er dty Ennym canst cause thy Name to be ve er ny chasherickey er Fey. fanctified in all the Earth, ny-Cruinney, as foiaghey seose and set up thy Kingdom in dty Reeriaght ayns ooilley yn all the World, and in all Seihll, as ayns ooilley ny Creeour Hearts :

- Thou canst aghyn ain :---Foddee oo cur er cause thy Will to be done on dty Aigney ve jeant er y Thalloo,

y Earth, as it is in Heaven; myr te ayns Niau; as thinyn and incline us all to fub- ooilley y leeideil dy ve biallagh mit to

to it: -Thou canst da :---Fóddee oo cur dooin dy give us all Things needful chooilley Nhee ta ymmyrchboth for our Souls, and for agh chammah son nyn Anour Bodies : Bodies ;

-Thou, and meenynas son nyn Gallinyn:--She Thou alone, canst forgive us Uss, as Uss dty lomarcan, odour Sins, and dispose us to dys leih dooin'nyn Beccaghyn, forgive one another :

as meeinaghey thin dy leih yn


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