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Ontario Appeal Reports. Allen

Allen's New Brunswick Reports. Am.R.

American Reports. Barb

. Barbour's New York Supreme Court Reports. .C.R.

British Columbia Reports.
Can, Crim. Cases... Canadian Criminal Cases.
Can. Ex. C.R.. Exchequer Court of Canada Reports.
Can. L.R..

Canadian Law Review.

Civil Code of Lower Canada.

Chalmers on Bills of Exchange, 6th ed. 1903.
Chipman. Chipman's New Brunswick Reports.

Canadian Law Times.
Com. L.R. . Commercial Law Reports (Canada).
Com. Ca.

Commercial Cases (English).

Connecticut Reports C.P..

Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports. Cush.

Cushing's Massachusetts Reports. Draper.

...Draper's Upper Canada King's Bench Reports. East. L.R. ..... Eastern Law Reports. G. and O.

.Geldert and Oxley's Nova Scotia Reports. Girouard

Girouard on Bills and Notes (1891). Gr.

Grant's Upper Canada Chancery Reports. Han..

Hannay's New Brunswick Reports. Harv. L.R. . Harvard Law Review.

Journal C.B.A. ... Journal of the Canadian Bankers' Association.

Man. R.
M.L.R., S.C.
N.B. Eq. Cas..

Kerr's New Brunswick Reports.
Lower Canada Jurist.
Lower Canada Reports.

Legal News (Quebec).
Law Quarterly Review.
Manitoba Reports.
United States Circuit Court Reports.
Massachusetts Reports.
Montreal Law Reports, Superior Court.
United States Circuit Court Reports.
.. United States Circuit Court Reports.
New Brunswick Equity Cases.
New Brunswick Reports.
Nova Scotia Decisions.


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Nova Scotia Reports.
New South Wales Reports.
New York Reports.
Ontario Law Reports (since 1900).
.Ontario Reports (before 1901).
Upper Canada Queen's Bench Reports, Old Series.
Ontario Weekly Reporter.
Ontario Practice Reports.
.Pugsley's New Brunswick Reports.
Quebec Law Reports.
Quebec Reports, Queen's Bench.
Quebec Reports, King's Bench.
Quebec Reports, Superior Court.
English Ruling Cases
Revue Légale (Quebec).
Revue de Législation (Quebec).
Rapports Judiciaires Revisés de Québec.
Russell and Geldert's Nova Scotia Reports.
.English Revised Reports.
Supreme Court Cases.
.Supreme Court of Canada Reports.
.. Territories Law Reports.

Upper Canada Reports (Queen's Bench).
.Reports of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Wendell's New York Reports,
Western Law Reports.


Terr. L.R...

West. L.R.


Abbott v. Fraser, 343

Atkins v. Wardle, 408 Abbott v. Wurtele, 587

Atkinson v. Hawdon, 584 Aberaman Ironworks, Re; Peek's Attenborough v. Clarke, 451 case, 81

Attenborough v. Mackenzie, 481, Abrey v. Crux, 415, 421, 581

575 Adams v. Bank of Montreal, 48, 206 Attorney-General v. Jewish Colon. Adams v. Thomas, 421

Assocn., 80 Adelphi Co., Re; Best's case, 81 Atty.-Genl. v. Pratt, 549 Agra Bank's claim; Re European Atty.-Genl. for Ont. v. Atty.-Genl. Bank, 215, 219

for Canada, 489 Agra and Masterman's Bank, Re, Atty.-Genl. for Ont. V. Hamilton 322, 323

Street Ry., 392 Agra Bank v. Leighton, 460 Atty.-Genl. v. Newman, 78, 79, 210 Alcock v. Smith, 477, 479, 601, 602 Attwood v. Griffin, 586 Alderson v. Langdale, 584

Attwood v. Munnings, 442, 443 Aldous v. Cornwall, 587

Atwood v. Crowdie, 451 Alexander v. Burchfield, 506, 615, Auldjo v. McDougall, 350, 374 616

Awde v. Dixon, 400, 455 Alexander v. Simpson, 66

Ayers v. South Australian BankAlexander v. Sizer, 445, 446

ing Co., 146 Alexander v. Thomas, 369

Ayr v. Wallace, 559
Allen v. Edmundson, 499, 519, 520 Ayrey Fearnsides, 366
Allen v. Kemble, 599
Allen v. Mawson, 632

Backhouse v. Charlton, 618
Allen v. Ont. & Rainy River, 43, 48 Bailey v. Bidwell, 459
Allen v. Sea, 388

Bailey v. Bodenham, 518 Alliance Bank v. Carey, 599

Bailey v. Jellett, 215 Alliance Bank v. Kearsley, 561 Bailey v. Jephcott, 220, 618 Allison v. McDonald, 554

Bailey v. Porter, 500, 521 Alma Spinning Co., In re; Bottom- Baillie v. Dickson, 527 ly's case, 42

Bain v. Gregory, 522 Alsager v. Close, 419

Bain v. Torrance, 139 Amazon v. Quebec, 477

Baines' case; Re Central Bank, 82, Amner v. Clark, 387

89, 256 Amory v. Merryweather, 478 Baker v. Birch, 505 Anderson v. Weston, 480

Bank of Africa v. Salisbury, 150 Angers v. Dillon, 364, 369

Bank of America v. Copland, 607 Archer v. Bamford, 460

Bank of Australasia v. Breillat, Archer v. Bank of England, 472 131, 562 Armfield v. Allport, 396

Bank of Brazil, Ex parte; Re EngArmour v. Gates, 446

lish Bank, 568, 592 Armstrong v. Buchanan, 195 Bank of B. N. A. v. Bossuyt, 206, Armstrong v. Christiani, 521

207 Armstrong v. Merchants, 83

Bank B. N. A. v. Browne, 40 Arnold v. Cheque Bank, 416, 432 Bank of B. N. A. v. Clarkson, 34, Arsell v. Baker, 574

180 Ashbury v. Riche, 48

Bank of B. N. A. v. Gibson, 368 Ashpitel v. Bryan, 377

Bank of Commerce v. Jenkins, 63 Ashworth v. Munn, 75

Bank of England v. Parsons, 99 Asiatic Banking Corporation, Re; Bank of England v. Vagliano, 212,

Royal Bank of India's case, 142 342, 375, 377, 381 Asprey v. Levy, 566

Bank of Hamilton v. Donaldson, Athill, Re, 141


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