House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 4

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Page 6 - ... gradually grown up, of civilians, officers of the army-, and officers of the navy, serving under a neutral department, under which alone they could be united — namely, that having control of matters relating to commerce and navigation, It is easy to see that without a permanent nucleus for such a work, the objects and aims must be wavering and unsteady, the methods wanting in uniformity from year to year and from party to party, and the results heterogeneous in kind and in form. Confusion and...
Page 126 - Baker's bay, where the materials would be landed, the distance is about one thousand yards by a path, now greatly obstructed by huge trees, which have fallen across it. It must ever be a difficult matter to transport any great amount of bulk, or weight, to the summit. A good road must first be made. Whether the tower is constructed of wood, iron, or brick, the materials must be transported in small parcels. When such a tower as I have contemplated is lighted up by a light of the first power, it will...
Page 110 - SIR : I have the honor to report that, in obedience to your instructions, I have examined the plan of organization of an ambulance corps submitted by Ch.
Page 126 - The tower should be constructed of fire proof materials, and no wood whatever should be admitted into the construction of the building, as there is at all times much danger of the forest being fired to the northward, which in such a case would inevitably destroy the building. From the cove in Baker's bay, where the materials would be landed, the distance is about 1,000 yards by a path now greatly obstructed by huge trees which have fallen across it. It must ever be a difficult matter to transport...
Page 116 - ... government and to the survey cannot be replaced. They offer to his family their sincere condolence in this most afflicting bereavement, and ask that they, with the other associates of this excellent husband, father, and brother, may be permitted to unite in erecting a monument, as a testimonial of their esteem and affection for him while living, and their sincere regret for him when dead.
Page 72 - Abertr chief of Topographical Engineers, upon your application of the 7th instant for four officers of said corps for the coast survey service. I regret that, for the reasons assigned by Colonel Abert, it will be out of my power to comply with your request at this time; but so soon as...
Page 96 - States navy, assistant in the coast survey. 8. Extracts from the report of Professor AG Pendleton, United States navy, assistant in the coast survey, to the Superintendent, in regard to the encroachment of the sea on the land on the south side of Long Island.
Page 7 - ... doubt, by the exigencies of their proper service, and yet reacting severely upon the Survey. The experience and knowledge of Humphreys, Johnstone, and Prince, of the Army, and of Davis, Patterson, and Porter, of the Navy, cannot readily be replaced ; a detail may be filled, but the knowledge immediately available is not supplied. " The injunction of the law to employ as many officers of the Army and Navy as practicable in the Coast Survey, I have never lost sight of. On the breaking out of the...
Page 128 - heaviest bar" that occurred within the above named period, beating out with the wind dead ahead. The principal pilot of the bar is Captain White, late pilot of New York , harbor; he is very intelligent and competent to his duties, and no accident has occurred at the mouth of the Columbia since September, 1849, when he commenced his duties as pilot.
Page 99 - Sambo-, 35 feet high; barrel; braces 25 feet long. Sand key, (astronomical station,) 36 feet high; barrel; braces 26 feet long; the sides recently boarded up by Lieutenant Rodgers. Eastern dry recks, near Sand Key triangle point; 18 feet poles: Western dry rocks, near Sand key, 18 feet poles.

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