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His sake. He is looking on, He is taking notice how you do it, even if no one else is.

In every single thing you say or do in your whole life, there will be a right way, or a wrong way of saying and doing it.

The right way is God's way.
The wrong way is the devil's way.

you are not trying by God's help to do it right, you will be pretty sure to do

it wrong.

Think of your every - day work for instance.

Is it the right way,—God's way,—to do it in a slovenly, careless fashion, just saying, “That'll do!'-or is it the right way to do it carefully, neatly, the very best you

can ?

Is it the right way to tumble out of bed late in the inorning, hurry over your dressing and your prayers; or is it the right way to get up early, and have time for your prayers and your verse of the Bible before going out to the day's work?


So with eating and drinking. You

do it thankfully, rightly, or you can do it greedily, wrongly. It is the same with everything, from sweeping a room to cooking the dinner.

Your very best, will be the right way; less than your very best, will be the wrong way.

If you want to be God's faithful servant, you will do in all things your very best ; for that, and that only, will be to God's glory.


O blessed Jesus, who didst humble Thyself to labour on the earth for my sake, teach me how to labour for Thee.

Teach my hands to work for Thee, my feet to walk in Thy ways, my lips to speak words pleasing to Thee. In all that I do may I remember that Thou art watching me, and do it for Thy sake.

May I never forget that the poorest, as well as the richest, may find a place in Thy service. Hear this my prayer for the sake of Thy love to us. Amen.


Jesus Christ is near you,

He is looking on;
For you are His servant,

He your life has won.

Jesus Christ is near you,

All the live-long day,
He is listening ever,

To the words you say.

Jesus Christ is near you,

Never need you fear,
When you try to please Him

That He does not care.

Jesus Christ is near you,

Will you let Him grieve,

do not heed Him, Nor His love believe?

Jesus Christ is near you,

He will always give Strength for daily duties

Every day you live. Jesus Christ is near you,

When this life is past, You shall still be near Him

In His Home at last !



TEXT: Ps. XXXI. 22 (PRAYER-BOOK VERSION). • Thou shalt hide them privily by Thine own pre

sence from the provoking of all men ; Thou shalt keep them secretly in Thy tabernacle from the strife of tongues.'

This is a special text for you to remember.

You are young and inexperienced, and upon you often falls the trial of being spoken to, harshly or unjustly. You are careless perhaps, and a sharp word makes you angry in return.

You are not quick in your work, and it is hastily snatched out of your hands ; or, perhaps, you are sneeringly taunted and laughed at. Then remember the text and its lesson. Its lesson is this :

No harshness, no injustice need fret

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