Electrical Engineer, Volume 17

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Electrical Engineer., 1894 - Electrical engineering

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Page 45 - Xo person shall be debarred from receiving a patent for his invention or discovery, nor shall any patent be declared invalid, by reason of its having been first patented or caused to be patented in a foreign country...
Page 202 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Page 202 - The switch must be so constructed that it shall be automatic in its action, not stopping between points when started, and prevent an arc between the points under all circumstances ; it must indicate on inspection whether the current be " on " or
Page 100 - The doctrine of estoppel is applied with respect to representations of a party, to prevent their operating as a fraud upon one who has been led to rely upon them. They would have that effect if a party who, by his statements as to matters of fact, or as to his intended abandonment of existing rights, had designedly induced another to change his conduct or alter his condition in reliance upon them, could be permitted to deny the truth of his statements, or enforce his rights against his declared intention...
Page 117 - The result of the foregoing and other authorities is that no patent can issue for an invention actually covered by a former patent especially to the same patentee, although the terms of the claims may differ...
Page 100 - The only case in which a representation as to the future can be held to operate as an estoppel is where it relates to an intended abandonment of an existing right, and is made to influence others, and by which they have been induced to act.
Page 26 - ... liquid, so that a jet of air mingled with water might be thrown from the fountain. The apparatus was then charged with condensed air, by means of a powerful condensing pump, until the pressure was estimated at nine atmospheres. During the condensation the vessel became sensibly warm. After suffering the apparatus to cool down to the temperature of the room, the stop-cock was opened : the air rushed out with great violence, carrying with it a quantity of water, which was instantly converted into...
Page 117 - In the last class of cases it must distinctly appear that the invention covered by the later patent was a separate invention, distinctly different and independent from that covered by the first patent; in other words, it must be something substantially different from that comprehended in the first patent. It must consist in something more than a mere distinction of the breadth or scope of the claims of each patent. If the case comes within the first or second of the above classes, the second patent...
Page 85 - In describing the results of my experiments, the terms intensity and quantity magnets were introduced, to avoid circumlocution, and were intended to be used merely in a technical sense. By the intensity magnet I designated a piece of soft iron, so surrounded with wire that its magnetic power could be called into operation by an intensity battery, and by a quantity magnet, a piece of iron so surrounded by a number of separate coils, that its magnetism could be fully developed by a quantity battery.
Page 201 - Service blocks must be covered over their entire surface with at least two coats of waterproof paint. c. Must be at least seven feet above the highest point of flat roofs, and at least one foot above the ridge of pitched roofs over which they pass or to which they are attached.

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