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Bill to establish,
of, v. “ Protective Policy."
ninal Prosecutions."
Ils relative to duties of, (v. also House Nos.
31 and 41,) :
Il respecting election of,(v. also House No.
28,) .
port and Bill relative to the costs and ex-
House Nos. 6 and 16,)
v. “President of U. S.”
Fih Annual Report of,
of Justices of Supreme Judicial Court,
sse No. 65,) .

Resolves relative to,

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rklin and Berkshire Cos., Bill for establish-
Frection for,
Fuers, Petition of, v, “Bank Bills.”
son Felloes, and Bill relative to use of, .
Ils relative to, (. also House Nos. 29, 36,

2. “ President of U.S."
Liquors, Report on requiring bonds of
ad Co, Fifth Annual Report of,

Lunatic Hospital."
North Eastern Boundary."
le, Report and Resolves concerning, (v.

ort and Bill to repeal certain portions of
ncerning, (v. House No. 7,)
Infirmary, Report on condition of,
Adjutant General on state of,
also House No. 61,)
perty, Report and Bill concerning,
It on Resolves relative to, (v. House No.

Rail-road Co., Second Annual Report of,
Iditional to act to incorporate proprietors

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usells, Message from Governor relative to

compensation of Attorney General

for services in suit of,
Treasurer's Statement of sums paid

to Attorney General,
from S. T. Armstrong presenting to Com-
e in the language of, with a Report thereon,
upon School Districs, Bill respecting,
nt of Bounty paid for culture of, .
ighth Annual Report of Officers of,
eport on condition of, and Resolves con-
cerning, (v. also House No. 25.)
port of Officers of,
condition of .
d Co., Sixth Annual Report of,
ve to contested elections of,
ng near boundary lines,
iding for the measuring of, (v. also House




18 established by the Legislature, (v. also
nd House, “ Valuatiou Documents,")
f, v. “ President of U. S."
pad Co., Third Annual Report of,
e of Correction, v. "Hampshire, Hampden,

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No. 17

Western Rail-road Co, Fifth Annual Report of,

Annual Report of Commissioners of

Sinking Fund of, .
Report and Bill to aid construction of road

of, .
Wheat, Statement of amount of Bounty paid for raising,
Worcester Branch Rail-road Co., Bill to incorporate, .


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Seth Sprague, Jr.
Charles Marston,
James Allen,
Samuel Wood,
William J. Hubbard,
William Bowdoin,
David Choate,
George T. Davis,
Theophilus Parsons,
William Child,
Benjamin Thompson,
Amory Holman,
Jeffrey Richardson,
Chester Adams,
Seth Crowell,
James M. Robbins,
William G. Bates,
Appleton Howe,
Albert Fearing,
Phineas How.


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