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Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), one of the greatest English
novelists, was born in Poland and spent his boyhood in
Cracow. At seventeen he went to Marseilles and shipped
out on French vessels for a few years. In 1878 he entered
the British Merchant Marine, serving on a ship which sailed
the South Pacific. He became a British subject and a mas-
ter in the service in 1884, and for the next ten years he
travelled all over the world. In 1894 he finished his first
book, Almayer's Folly, and soon left the sea to devote him-
self to writing. Among his early works are Outcast of the
Islands (1896), The Nigger of the Narcissus (1897), Lord
Jim (1900), Youth (1902), and Typhoon (1903). The
writing of his later period includes The Secret Agent
(1907), Chance (1914), and VICTORY, which first ap-
peared in 1915.

Cover and typography by Edward Gorey

Copyright, 1915, 1921, by Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Copyright, 1915 by Joseph Conrad

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To Perceval and Maisie Gibbon

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