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ASPERS, KARL Man In the Modern Age A101

ESPERSEN, OTTO Qrowth and Structure of the English Language A46

rEWETT, SARAH ORNE The Country of the Pointed Firs A26

TONES, ERNEST Hamlet and Oedipus A31

ruNO, C. G. Psyche and Symbol A136

iAFKA, FRANZ Amerlka A49

JAUFMANN, WALTER From Shakespeare to Existentialism A213

JAZIN, ALFRED On Native Grounds A69

SEATS, JOHN Selected Letters A70

ilERKEQAARD, SOREN Either/Or, I, II A181a, A181b

Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death A30

Selections from the Writings of Kierkegaard A310

KISSINGER, HENRY Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy A152
KITTO, H. D. F. Greek Tragedy A38

CRAMER, SAMUEL NOAH History Begins at Burner A175
LASKY, MELVIN J. (Ed.) The Anchor Review: Number One A64, Num-
ber Two A109
LAWRENCE, D. H. Sea and Sardinia and Selections from Twilight In
Italy A39

Studies In Classic American Literature AS

LEA VIS, F. R. The Great Tradition A40

LERMONTOV, MIHAIL A Hero of Our Time A133

LEWIS, D. B. WYNDHAM Francois Villon A147

LEWIS, W. H. The Splendid Century A122

LUBELL, SAMUEL The Future of American Politics A71

LYNN, Kenneth S. The Comic Tradition In America A187

MALXNOWSKI, BRONISLAW Magic, Science and Religion A23

MARX, KARL and ENGELS, PRIEDRICH Basic Writings on Politics

and Philosophy A18S
MATTINGLY, HAROLD Roman Imperial Civilisation A160
MELVILLE, HERMAN Redburn: His First Voyage A118
MEREDITH, GEORGE "An Essay on Comedy" In Comedy A87
MEYERHOFF, HANS (Ed.) The Philosophy of History in Our Time

MILLER, PERRY (Ed.) The American Puritans: Their Prose and Po-
etry A80
: (Ed.) The American Transcendentallsts: Their Prose and Po-
etry A119
MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE The Complete Essays, Vols. I, II, m A227a,

A227b, A227C
MURASAKI, LADY The Tale of Genjl A55

The Tale of Genji, Part n A176

MURRAY, GILBERT Five Stages of Greek Religion AB1

MURRAY, MARGARET The God of the Witches A212

NEALE, J. E. Queen Elizabeth I A105

NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL Discovery of India, A200

NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH The Birth of Tragedy and The Genealogy of

Morals A81
ORTEGA Y GASSET, JOSE The Dehumanlzatlon of Art A72
ORWELL, GEORGE A Collection of Essays A29
PANOFSKY, ERWIN Meaning in the Visual Arts ASS
PEIRCE, CHARLES S. Values in a Universe of Chance A126
PETERSEN, WILLIAM (Ed.) American Social Patterns A86
PIERSON, GEORGE W. and LUNT, DUDLEY C. Tocqueville In America

PIRENNE, HENRI A History of Europe: I, II A156a, A156b

Medieval Cities A82

POLYA, G. How to Solve It A93

POWER, EILEEN Medieval People A32

PRA25, MARIO The Flaming Heart A132

PROUST, MARCEL Pleasures and Days and Other Writings A97

RAHV, PHILIP Discovery of Europe A208

- 04

Variety In American Education A13S

irlduallsm Reconsidered AS8
ettera A223
» Western World A121
lumor A12
nd Logic A104

jid Opinion In the United States ATS
s AI7
Jfe? A88
ire of Humanism A33

// ) MS

C . / n on His Nature A15

of tie Yeats

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