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[Ord. Il anno


No. VI.-VII.


Table of Fees payable under Ordinance No. 18, of 1858, No. 23, of 1861, and every other Ordi.

nance relating to the Summary Recovery of Petty Debts and Damages. For filling up each sammons, including filing the complaint

$ 0 48 For filling up each warrant, including in case of a distress warrant the levy and sale thereunder

0 60 For each certificate of dismissal

0 24 For copies of evidence, or of any document, per page of 120 words

0 12 Nore. The above fees for summonses and warrants, to include all charges for serving the

game and making due return thereof; where the service is effected by a police
constable, the magistrate's clerk shall pay in respect thereof to the Colonial
Receiver General from and out of the fees allowed for the instrument, the sam
of eight cents, and where the service is effected by a rural constable, the magis.
trate's clerk shall pay to him from and out of such fees as aforesaid, the sum of
eight cents, in case of a summons, and the sum of sixteen cents in case of a
warrant. Å further fee at the rates respectively aforesaid, to be allowed for
every twelve hours over over and above the first twenty-four hours, as in the

foregoing table.
Table of Fees payable under Ordinance No. 31, of 1846, for the Summary Recovery of

Small Rents and Tenements, A.--For filling up each warrant of distress, including levy

$ 0 96 B.-For making inventory of goods

0 48 C.-For notice of appraisement

0 24 E.-For appraisement

0 96 F. -For consent for distrainer to continue in possession

0 24 G.-For complaint where goods are fraudulently removed

0 24 H.-For warrant thereon

0 96 K.- For notice to apply to recover possession

0 24 L.-For complaint thereon...

0 24 M.-For warrant of ejectment

0 96
For removal of goods, the reasonable expenses actually incurred and paid.
NOTE.-The above fees for warrants to include all charges for serving tho same, and making

dne return thereof: and the samne fees to be allowed and paid in respect thereof
to police and rural constables respectively, as are provided for the service of
Warrants in the first Table of Fees.

No. VII.


[Ord 12 anno

1865.] Enacted 24th June, 1865, published the 28th following, came into operation 1st July, 1865.

[FRANCIS HINCKS, Governor.) WHEREAS oo the Eleventh day of January last past it was resolved by the Honorable the Court of Policy of the Colony of British Guiana, as follows:

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« That

Repeals Secs. 10 and 26 of Ordinance 3, 1860, and Schedule A to that Ordinance in Ho far to the same severally relate to the Registrar's Office of Demernra and Fauoquebo.

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That it is expedient to amend the Ordinance regulating the

Registrar's Office, by providing for the payment into a Fee Fund of the fees of the Department for the counties of Demerara and Essequebo, and the payment from and out of such Fee Fund of fixed Salaries to the respective offcers."


ficers to be

And whereas a scale of Salaries to be paid to the said officers was then submitted to and approved by the said Court, which sala. ries have been since paid accordingly: and whereas by reason of the premises it is expedient to amend in certain respects the provi, sions of Ordinance No. 3 of the year 1860 : Be it therefore enacted by His Excellency the Governor of British Guiana, with the advice and consent of the Court of Policy thereof, as follows:

1. Sections 10 and 26 of Ordinance No. 3 of the year 1860, and Rapall 800. Schedule A, annexed to said Ordinance, in so far only as the same

severally relate to the Registrar's office of Demerara and Essequebo shall be and the same are hereby repealed.

2. The fees of the Registrar's office of Demerara and Essequebo Feo-Fundes shall be regularly paid in by the Registrar to the Colonial Receivermlaries of of General to the credit of a Fee Fund which as well as all balances

accrued from vacancies in the said office prior to the first day of paid thereont.

January last, shall be subject to the appropriation and control of the Governor and Court of Policy; and from and out of such Fund there shall be paid to the respective officers mentioned in the Schedule hereto annexed the salaries therein specified, or such other salaries as shall from time to time be assigned to them by the Governor and Court of Policy; and all payments heretofore made by the said Receiver-General to the said officers in lieu of the shares of Fees accruing to them respectively under said Ordinance No. 3 of the year 1860 are hereby confirmed.

3. All Clerks and Copyists who may from time to time be emClerko subject ployed by the Registrar of Demerara and Essequebo shall be subject approval. to the approval of the Governor.

4. On the first day of each month the Registrar of Demerara Registrar to and Essequebo shall produce to the Colonial Receiver-General his monthly with Cash Fee Rook containing the record of all fees received during Boogiver-Ge- the preceding month. together with an abstract thereof signed by

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him, and he shall then pay over such fees to the said ReceiverGeneral, and he shall at the same time submit a list or schedule of all the expenses incurred during the preceding month for clerks' salaries, advertisements, stationery, and other necessary expenses ; and from and out of such fee fund the Colonial Receiver-General shall, upon warrant of the Governor, pay the said expenses, and shall also, upon such warrant, pay the salaries of the Registrar and officers.

5. Instead of the book referred to in section 24 of Ordinance Alteration of No. 3, of the year 1860, as Schedule A, a book in the form annexed fora Book to this Ordinance as Schedule A shall be used and kept by the Registrar of Demerary and Essequebo for the purposes mentioned in said section 24.

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6. The Registrar of Demerara and Essequebo upon preparing, Fees to be executing, recording or depositing each document or instrument paid before

giving off whatsoever, whether original, grosse, or copy, shall, before giving document. off the same, demand and receive the amount of the fees, if

any, payable in respect of the original and grosse, or copy of the same, and also in respect of any advertisement or stamp connected there. with.

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7. Upon the receipt of such fees the Registrar of Demerara and Cash Fee Essequebo shall enter in a cash fee book to be kept for that purpose Book to be

kept. in the form in schedule B, annexed to said Ordinance, No. 3, of the year 1860, the number of such document or instrument, the nature thereof, the names of the parties thereto, the name of the person requiring the same, the amount of fees paid for the same, and the name of the person to whom the same is delivered, and such entries shall in each year be numbered in arithmetical sequence from num.

ber one.

8. No document or instrument shall be given off by the Regis. Entries to be trar of Demerary and Essequebo until the entries in respect thereof made at the shall bave been made and until the fees received for the same shall ment except

in special have been paid over to the cashier of the office for the time being cases. and a receipt for the same signed and initialed by him : Provided always that in cases of arrest or other matters of emergency, where VOL. IV. F


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any documents shall be prepared out of the usual office hours, the same may be given off upon payment of the fees without any entry being made thereof or receipt of the cashier obtained at tbe time; but the Registrar shall in all such cases write and sign on such document an interim receipt for the fees and shall take on a slip of paper a memorandum of the particulars of the document, and enter the same the next day in the cash fee book and pay the fees to the cashier, and as soon thereafter as such document can be obtained and brought to the office the number shall be filled in and the receipt of the cashier obtained.

9. The Registrar of Demerara and Essequebo shall perform the Who to not as duties of Cashier himself, or shall depute by writing under his band Cashier.

the Accountant of the Office, or in his absence one of the Sworn Clerks and Notaries Public, to perform such duties.

10. This Ordinance shall be construed with and shall form part Ordinance to of Ordinance No. 3, of the Year 1860, except in so far as the same bo construed with Ordi. is hereby altered. Dance No. 3, of 1860.

11. This Ordinance shall come into operation and take effect on Commenco.: the First day of July, in this present year One Thousand Eight ment of Ordi-} Hundred and Sixty-five.

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Annual Salary. To the Registrar

$4,000 0 the Accountant

2,000 0 the Clerk of the Supreme Court_of Criminal Justice in and for the

Counties of Jernerary and Essequebo (to cease on the determina.
tion of the present locumbency)...

960 0 the First Sworn Clerk and Notary Public

2,400 0 the Second Sworn Clerk and Notury Public

1.750 0 the First Assistant Sworn Clerk

1,320 0 the Second Assistant Sworn Clerk

840 0 the Third Assistant Sworn Clerk

840 0

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• This office ceased to exist on the resignation of Mr. W. H. Campbell.

Schedul. A

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Enacted 1st August, 1865, published the 2nd following,

came into operation on publication.

[FRANCIS HINCKS, Governor.) WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision respecting the Preamble. mode of exercising and giving effect to Her Majesty's Prerogative of Pardoning Offenders in this Colony, and respecting certain other matters connected therewith : Be it therefore enacted by His Excel. lency the Governor of British Guiana, with the advice and consent of the Court of Policy thereof, as follows :


1. Sections 73 and 74 of Ordinance No. 27, of the year 1846, Repeal Scoand section 2 of Ordinance No. 11, of the yoar 1862, shall be, and the same are hereby repealed : Provided always that such repeal Proviso. shall in no way prejudice or affect any conditional Pardon, or any commutation of any capital sentence, beretofore granted, made, or signified, under or by virtue of any or either of the said sections, and all such Pardons and commutations shall severally continue

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