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(1.) Fails to produce his ticket-of-leave when required to do so

by any Judge or Stipendiary Justice of the Peace, or other
competent Magistrate before whom he may be 'brought
charged with any offence, or by any constable or officer of
the police in whose custody he may be, and also fails to
make any reasonable excuse why he does not produce the
same; or

(2.) Breaks any of the other conditions of his ticket-of-leave by

an act that is not of itself punishable either upon indict.
ment or upon summary conviction

He shall be deemed guilty of an offence punishable summarily by imprisonment for any period 'not exceeding three months, with or without hard labour.


4. Any constable or police officer imay, without warrant, take Apprehension into custody any holder of such a ticket-ol.leave whom he may without War. reasonably suspect of having committel any offence, or of having broken any of the couditions of his ticket-of-leave, and may detain him io custody until he can be taken before a Stipendiary Justice of the Peace or other competent magistrate, and dealt with according to law.

5. Any offence under this Ordivance punishable summarily may Summary Pud. be prosecuted summarily before the Police Magistrate of George- Ofences. town, or any Stipendiary or Special Justice of the Peace, or any Superintenden* of Rivers, Creeks, Crown Lands and Forests, in manner directed by Ordinance No. 19, of the year 1836, intituled "An Ordinance to Amend the L zw Relating to Sumroary Convictions by Justices of the Peace,' or any Ordinance amending the same, and the proceedings shall be subject to the like review.

6. Where any holder of a ticket-of-leave granted in the form Where Holder set forth in the said Schedule (A) is convicted of an offence punish convicted,

is summarily able summarily under this or any other Ordinance, the Justice or


This office bas boon abolished by Ordinance 9 of 1878,

ist in mare special Map for the Pion Distrit

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to Goverument

Certificate to other magistrate convicting the prisoner shall without delay forward be forwarded

to tbe Goverument Secretary a certificate in the form given in Secretary. Schedule (B) to this Ordinance annexed, and thereupou the ticket.

of-leave of the said holder may be revoked in manper provided by “The Prisons Ordinance, 1862."

7. Where any ticket-of leave grauted in the form set forth in Efect of For- the said Schedule (A) is forfeited by a conviction of any indictable feitare or Re- offence, or offence punishable by any Inferior Court of Criminal Ticket of Justice, or is revoked in pursuance of a summary conviction under Leave.

this or any other Ordinance, the person whose ticket-of-leave is forfeited or revoked shall, after undergoing any other punishment to which he may be sentenced for the offence in consequence of which his ticket-of-leave is forfeited or revoked, further undergo a term of penal servitude equal to the portion of his term of penal servitude that remained unexpired at the time of his ticket-of-leave being granted, and shall, for the purpose of his undergoing such lastmeutioned punishment, be removed from the prison in which he may be confined, to any prison in which convicts under sentence of penal servitude may lawfully be confined, by warrant under the hand of any Justice of the Peace, and shall be liable to be there dealt with in all respects as if such term of penal servitude had formed part of his original sentence.

8. Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the Governor, Tickets of whenever he thinks fit, to grant from time to time to convicts under Leave may be granted in form sentence of penal servitude, tickets-of-leave in any other form differ. differiug from

ent from that set forth in Schedule (a) which he way consider itthat in Sche. dale (A).

expedient to adopt, and containing other and different couditions ; and such last-mentioned tickets-of-leave shall be revocable at the Goveruor's pleasure; but no holder of such last-mentioned ticket. of-leave shall be deemed guilty of an offence punishable upon sume mary conviciiod merely by reason of the breach of the conditions of the said last-mentioned tickets-of-leave or any of them,

9. This Ordinance shall come into operation and take effect on Commence the publication thereof. mont of Ordi.



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at a


His Excellency the Governor of British Guima, in the name and on behalf of Her Majesty, is pleased to grant to

who was convicted of Session of the Supreme Court of Criminal Justic for the County of the

and was then and there sentenced to be kept in Penal Servitude for the term of years, and is now confined in the

Licence to be at large from the day of his liberation under this order during the remaining portion of his muid term of Penal Servitude, unless the said

shall before the expiration of the said term be convicted of some indictable offence, or offence punishable by an Inferior Court of Criminal Justice within the Colony, in which case such Licen e will be immediately forfeited by law, or unless it shall please His Excellency, in the name and on behalf of her Majesty, sooner to revoke or alter such Licence.

This Ticket of Licence is given subject to the conditions endorsed upon the same, anon tue breach of any of which it will be liable to be revoked, whether such breach is followed by a conviction or not. And His Excellency hereby orders that the said

be set at liberty
within Thirty days from the date of this order.
Given under my hand,

A. B.,
Goverprrent (or Assistant
Government) Secretary.


upon to

1. The Holder shall preserve his Ticket of Leave and produce it when called do so by a Magistrate or Police Officer,

2. He shall abstain from any violation of the law.

3. He shall not habitually associate with notoriously bad characters, such as reputed thieves and prostitates.

4. He shall not lead an idle and dissolute life, without visible means of obtaining an honest livelihood.

If his Ticket of Leave is forfeited or revoked in consequence of a conviction for any offence, he will be liable to undergo a term of Penal Servitude equal to the portion of his terin of

yoars which remain unexpired when his Ticket of Leave was grantod, viz., the term of


Schedule B.

Form oj Conviction of Holder of Ticket of Leave.

I do hereby certify that

tho Holder of a Ticket of Loavo was on the day of

in the year 18 duly convicted by me the undersigned Stipendiary Justice of the Porce in and for Judicial District (or Police Jupistrate of Georgetown or otherwise, as the case may be,) of the offence of and sentenced to

8. J. P.

C. D.,

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Enacted 12th June, 1865, published the 11th following,

came into operation 30th June, 1865.


[Francis HINCKS, Governor) WHEREAS it is espidient to amend the Law relating to the Office and Duties of Administrator-General : Be it therefore enacted by His Excellency the Governor of British Guiana, with the advice and consent of the Court of Policy thereof, as follows :


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Į. This Ordinance may be cited for all purposes
Administrator-General's Ordinance, 1865."

Short Title,

Interpretation of terms.

2. In the Interpretation of this Ordinance :

The term “Court" shall mean the Supreme Court of Civil Jus

tice of British Guiana, and also the Chief Justice in NonSession of said Court:

The term " Estate” shall include every description of Moveable

and Immoveable Property, goods, chattels, money, securi. ties for money, and all writings relating tv or evidencing any right or title io ang Property, and all rights of action and claims :

The term “ Trust" shall include every description of Guardian.

ship, Curatorship, and Seque-tration and Administration of a Plantation in cultivation, and also every Executorship to which the Administrator-General shall be appointed in his official capacity :

uuless in any of the cases aforesaid it be otherwise specially provided,


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or there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such

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3. This Ordinance shall come into operation and take effect on Commencethe Thirtieth day of June in this present year One Thousand Eight Ordinance. Hundred and Sixty-five.

4. Upon the taking effect of this Ordinance, so much of Ordi. Repeal of proDance No. 18, of the year 1844, as is still unrepealed, Ordinance vious OrdiNo. 7, of the year 1851,-sections 196, 197, 198, 201, 205 to 208, both inclusive, and 228 and 231 to 237, both inclusive, of Ordi. nauce No. 26, of the year 1855, in so far as the same severally relate to the Administrator-General -and so much of Ordinance No. 32, of the year 1864 as relates to Sales by order of the Ad. ministrator-General,- shall be and the same are hereby repealed.



5. Her Majesty may appoint an Administrator-General of Bri- Appointment

of Adminis. tish Guiana, a Sub-Administrator for the County of Berbice, a Chief

trator-General Clerk, an Accountant, and such number of other Clerks in the said office and Officers. as shall be, from time to time, considered necessary by the Governor and Court of Policy : Provided always, that until such appointment of an Administrator-General of British Guiana shall be made, the person or persons holding the respective offices of AdministratorGeneral of Demerary and Essequebo, and of Administrator-General of Berbice, shall severally continue to hold the said offices, and to receive the Fees, Commissions, and Emoluments attached thereto, and to appoint his or their own Clerks, and to pay the charges and expenses of his or their respective offices in the same manner as if this Ordinance had not been passed, subject, nevertheless as regards the performance of the duties of said offices, to the provisions of this Ordinance.

6. Immediately on the appointment of an Administrator-General Existing Adof British Guiana, all Estates, Trusts and Sequestrations, and all to vest in the Property, moveable and immoveable, in the possession or under the Administra,

. administration, power or control of the Administrator-General of VOL. IV.


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