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Page 181 - ... fear and subjection, and herein I think he doth well too, as long as it holdeth good.
Page 85 - England the rogue should hang for it, at last being come to the conclusion, which was (after all his railing) : Now God preserve the King, the Queen, the peers, And grant the author long may wear his ears. This pleased His Majesty so well that he broke into a laughter, and said, " By my soul, so thou shalt for me ; thou art a bitter, but thou art a witty knave.
Page 207 - ... levying! at his throat, being master still of his, I demanded if he would ask his life, or yield his sword, both which, though in that imminent danger, he bravely denied to do. Myself being wounded, and feeling loss of blood, having three conduits running on me...
Page 130 - His Majesty then got up and would dance with the Queen of Sheba; but he fell down and humbled himself before her, and was carried to an inner chamber, and laid on a bed of state; which was not a little defiled with the presents of the Queen which had been bestowed on his garments; such as wine, cream, jelly, beverage, cakes, spices, and other good matters. The entertainment and show went forward, and most of the presenters went backward, or fell down; wine did so occupy their upper chambers.
Page 129 - One day a great feast was held ; and after dinner the representation of Solomon his Temple, and the coming of the Queen of Sheba, was made, or (as I may better say) was meant to have been made, before their Majesties, by device of the Earl of Salisbury and others.
Page 129 - In compliance with your asking, now shall you accept my poor account of rich doings. I came here a day or two before the Danish king * came...
Page 72 - If ,you aim at a Scottish Presbytery, it agreeth as well with monarchy as God and the devil. Then Jack, and Tom, and Will, and Dick, shall meet, and at their pleasure censure me and my council, and all our proceedings ; then Will shall stand up and say, It must be thus ; then Dick shall reply, Nay, marry, but we will have it thus.
Page 163 - Keith) was most remarkable; a woman, not of the base and ignorant sort of Witches, but matron-like, grave and settled in her answers, which were all to some purpose.
Page 204 - I conceive, because he could not handsomely without danger of discovery, had not paired the sword I sent him to Paris ; bringing one of the same length, but twice as broad ; my second excepted against it, and advised me to match my own, and send him the choice, which I obeyed ; it being you know, the challenger's privilege to elect his weapon. At the delivery of the sword, which was performed by sir John...
Page 253 - ... beginning, which is no small contentment to us. The report of this growing amendment amongst them made us the more sorry when with our own ears we heard the general complaint of our people...

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