The Transactions of the Microscopical Society of London, Volume 8

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John Van Voorst, 1860 - Microscope and microscopy

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Page 11 - ... Books shall only be delivered to a Fellow of the Society, or to some one producing a written order from such Fellow ; and a receipt shall be given by the person to whom the book is delivered (expressing the name of the Fellow for whom it is received), in a book kept for that purpose. 2. Any Fellow failing to return a book on the application of the Council, or returning books torn or defaced, shall be considered as liable for their value ; and if they are separate volumes, for the value of the...
Page 27 - On the Adjustment of the Relations between the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms, by which the vital functions of both are permanently maintained.
Page 258 - depends upon them for its life. They are indispensable in the light of an aliment to the ferment. The contact of the atmospheric air is, primarily, equally an indispensable condition of fermentation ; but it is indispensable only as being a vehicle for the .' germs
Page 23 - The Organization of Trilobites, deduced from their living affinities; with a systematic review of the species hitherto described. By HERMANN BURMEISTER.
Page 10 - Y. ON THE MODE OF FORMATION OF SHELLS OF ANIMALS, OF BONE, AND OF SEVERAL OTHER STRUCTURES, by a Process of Molecular Coalescence, Demonstrable in certain Artificially-formed Products.
Page 109 - Defence of Dr. Gould, by the Scientific Council of the Dudley Observatory. Albany, 1858. 91 p. - The same. 2d edition. 91 p. — The same. 3d edition. 93 p. - The Dudley Observatory and the Scientific Council : Statement of the Trustees.
Page 17 - Essays in Natural History and Philosophy, containing a series of Discoveries by the assistance of the Microscope.
Page 53 - ... cannot be diffused in water, (for the purpose of mounting in balsam,) without a degree of mechanical violence which reduces to fragments many of the most beautiful and interesting forms. This is particularly the case with some specimens from the " infusorial deposits " of California. Some of these I endeavoured to break up, by boiling in water and in acids, and also by repeated freezing and thawing when moistened, but without good results in either case. At last it occurred to me that the adherence...
Page 217 - Desmidieae,' a work which has greatly increased our knowledge of these obscure beings : " Freshwater figured, mucous, and microscopic Algt, of a green colour. Transverse division mostly complete, but in some genera incomplete. Cells or joints of two symmetrical valves, the junction always marked by the division of the endochrome, often also by a constriction. Sporangia formed by the coupling of the cells and union of their contents.
Page 110 - Determination of the Mean Temperature of every day in the year, from all the thermometrical observations taken at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from the year 1814 to the end of 1856.

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