Archaeologia Cambrensis

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W. Pickering, 1847 - Wales

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Page 122 - Simul alba nautis Stella refulsit, Defluit saxis agitatus humor : Concidunt venti, fugiuntque nubes ; Et minax (quod sic voluere) ponto Unda recumbit.
Page 92 - ... of Meeting for the ensuing year, &c. shall take place. Notice of this Meeting shall be given by one of the Honorary Secretaries, by order of the Committee. IX. The Committee shall have the power of nominating a certain number of Local Vice-Presidents. X. No other General Meeting of the Institute shall be holden without the consent of at least three fourths of the Committee expressed in writing; for such Special Meeting a notice of at least three weeks shall be given by Advertisements in the public...
Page 306 - It is astonishing that in so complex and rapid a movement of the fingers, the musical proportions can be preserved, and that throughout the difficult modulations on their various instruments, the harmony is completed with such a sweet velocity, so unequal an equality, so discordant a concord, as if the chords sounded together fourths or fifths.
Page 285 - ... to history they give a body and a substance by placing before us those things which language with all its power is deficient in describing.
Page 380 - The glass-painter in the mosaic style uses but two pigments — a stain which produces a yellow tint, and a brown enamel called enamel brown. The main outlines of the design are formed, when the painting is finished, by the leads which surround and connect the various pieces of glass together, and the subordinate outlines and all the shadows, as well as...
Page 306 - From this cause, those very strains which afford deep and unspeakable mental delight to those who have skilfully penetrated into the mysteries of the art, fatigue rather than gratify the ears of others, who seeing, do not perceive, and hearing, do not understand; and by whom the finest music is esteemed no better than a confused and disorderly noise, and will be heard with unwillingness and disgust.
Page 92 - ... Resolution or Resolutions to be submitted to the Meeting, and the discussion shall be confined to that object only : in case such proposed Resolution or Resolutions shall be carried, another Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Committee after the lapse of not less than a fortnight. or more than a month, for the sole purpose of ratifying or rejecting such Resolution. If, however, the first mentioned Special Meeting take place at a time not more than two months before the Annual Meeting,...
Page 380 - CATHEDRAL. ings are composed of white glass — if they are meant to be white, or .only colored with yellow, brown, and black — or else they are composed of different pieces of white and colored glass, arranged like a mosaic, in case they are intended to display a greater variety of colors. The pieces of white glass are cut to correspond with such parts of the design as are white, or white and yellow, and the% colored pieces with those parts of the design which are otherwise colored. The glass-painter...
Page 306 - Their musical instruments charm and delight the ear with their sweetness, are borne along by such celerity and delicacy of modulation, producing such a consonance from the rapidity of seemingly discordant touches, that I shall briefly repeat what is set forth in our Irish Topography on the subject of the musical instruments of the three nations. It is astonishing that in so complex and rapid a movement of the fingers, the musical proportions can be preserved, and that throughout the difficult modulations...
Page 50 - Saxon descent, who has been allowed a place among the Saints of Wales. She is said to have been a daughter or niece of Edwin, king of Northumbria...

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