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Nonconformist Grammar School, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

Head MASTER-REV. RICH. ALLIOTT, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge. THE object of this School is to afford the Sons of Nonconformists

the very best Classical and General Education on the lowest possible terms. For Prospectuses and particulars apply to the Rev. Head Master. Ministers' Sons admitted at reduced terms.


Established 1829, by the late Mr. Sunderland. Prospectuses, etc., will be forwarded on application to DANIEL F. HOWORTH, Principal.

Northern Congregational School, Silcoates, Wakefield. HEAD MASTER: Rev. W. FIELD, M.A. (Lond. U.), in both

branches I. and III. ; and Williams Divinity Scholar. Seven other Masters, of whom two are Graduates. Pupils prepared for business life, or for Matriculation at any University. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN boys passed the Cambridge Local Examination from 1876 to 1882 inclusive, fifty-four being in honours, with thirty-six distinctions in special subjects. On each of the last two occasions exactly one-third of the entire school succeeded in satisfying the Examiners. So large a proportion, almost unprecedented anywhere, shows clearly that the mass of the boys and not merely one or two clever ones receive due attention. Chemical Laboratory, and detached Hospital. For Prospectuses apply to the Head Master, or to the Honorary Secretary, Rev. J. R. Wolstenholme, M.A., Wakefield.


East of England Nonconformist Girls' School.

Bishop's STORTFORD. PRINCIPAL : MISS LEWIN. The only High-class Proprietary School for Girls established by Nonconformists. Pupils successfully prepared for University Examinations. Professors attend for Mathematics, Science, Music, Drawing, Calisthenics. Resident Foreign Governess. Special attention paid to the health and comfort of the pupils. For prospectus and honour líst apply to the Lady Principal.

Independent College, Taunton. REV. F. WILKINS AVELING, M.A., B.Sc., Principal ;

assisted by several qualified masters. Pupils prepared for Cambridge Local Examinations, for entrance to any university, for their degree at London, and for Commercial life. Eight Scholarships. Splendid gymnasium, swimming bath, etc. Separate Junior School under care of Mrs. Milne. Private studies for the elder students. Board and education from 27 to 39 guineas a year. For particulars, apply to Principal, or Secretary, Mr. ALBERT Goodman, Taanton. The next term will commence January 18th.

Watford-Fairfield House. MISS SELL,

having succeeded to the School so long carried or by MRS. J. WATSON WALKER, continues to receive Young Ladies as Residen Pupils. A Christian Home. Modern Education. Masters, and a French Governess. Pupil prepared for the Public Examinations when required. Terms moderate. References to Parents of Pupils.

Theobalds School, Waltham Cross, London, N. THE REV. J. OSWALD JACKSON, Principal CONGREGATIONAL SCHOOL, LEWISHAM, FOF

THE EDUCATION OF THE SONS OF MINISTERS.—Rev. T. RUDD, B.A. Principal.—This School boards and educates 90 boys. It has accommodation for 100, whicl number it only awaits adequate funds to receive. Applications most numerous. Two Scholar ships. Funds urgently needed and earnestly solicited. Treasurer, Samuel Morley, Esq., M.F President, Rev. J. Viney, Highgate. Secretary, Rev. S. Fisher, Memorial Hall, Farringdo Street, E.C. Westwood Park House, Forest Hill, S.E.

Established 1866. THE REV H. J. CHANCELLOR receives a limited numbe

of Pupils to board and educate. Pupils are prepared for the College of Preceptors' an the Cambridge Local Examinations.' The Principal is assisted by eight Masters in variou branches of Study.

Special attention is given to the religious and moral training of the Pupils, as well as to the domestic comfort. Particulars on application.



PUPILS prepared for the College of Preceptors and Cambridg

Local Examinations. References to the Rev. PIERCE JONES, Burgess Hill; also to Paren of Pupils.

Holt House School, Cheshunt, London, N.



HEAD MASTER: MR. W. A. TODHUNTER, M.A., and Intermediate B.Sc.

Inclusive Terms from £42.

Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane.

Established 1851.

The Birkbeck Building Society's Annual Receipts Bxceed

Four Millions.
How to Purchase a House for Two Guineas per

With Immediate Possession, and no rent to pay.--
Apply at the Office of the BIRKBECK BUILDING
How to Purchase a Plot of Land for Five Shil-

lings per Month
With Immodiate Possession, either for Building or
Gardening purposes.-Apply at the Office of the
A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application.


IRKBECK BANK, Southampton Building

Chancery lane.-Current Accounts opened i cording to the usual practice of other Bankers, & Interest allowed on the minimum monthly balani when not drawn below £25. No commission charg for keeping Accounts.

The Bank also receives money on Deposit at Thi per cent. Interest, repayable on demand.

The Bank undertakes for its customers, free charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and ot! Securities and Valuables ; the Collection of Bills Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons ; and the purch: and sale of Stocks and Shares.

Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued.
A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on applicatio



Ladies' College



REV. J. W. TODD, D.D. This residence is adapted throughout to meet the requirements of a First-class Establishment and the entire arrangements are confidently commended to the notice of parents who may be in quest of Home Comfort, Mental Culture, and Christian Training for their Daughters. Besides the aid of efficient Resident Governesses (French and German), the following Professors attend:-Music: Pianoforte, Theory, and Thorough-Bass : John Blockley, Esq., and Herr Louis, Diehl. Part-singing and Vocal Music: Signor Garcia. Drawing-Freehand, Perspective, and Model : L. Miles, Esq. Painting-In Water Colours, Tempera, Oil, &c. : Miss Edgely, G.S.D. German: Dr. Roggartz. French : M. Charpentier, M.A. Latin and English : G. E. West, Esq., B.A. Biblical Literature: Rev. J. W. Todd, D.D., F.G.S. Lecturer on History, Ancient and Modern: Dr. Kemshead, Dulwich College. Physical Geography: Prof. Seeley, F.R.S., King's College. Arithmetic and Algebra : G. E. West, Esq., B.A. English Literature : Prof. Morley, LL.D., University College.

*.* The College Year is divided into Three Equal Terms. 106, Elgin Crescent, Kensington Park Road, W. THE REŇ. THOMAS G. and MRŠ. ROSE, having furnished

their house with the express view of meeting all the requirements of BOARDERS, are prepared to offer a comfortable and pleasant home to gentlemen seeking one. The situation is healthy and convenient, and easy of access by rail or omnibus. Terms on application.

Great Reduction in Price of the Busts of the



Reduced from the one in the Pastor's College Lecture Hall, sculptured by John Adams Acton, Esq., 1878. Pastor G. Dunnett having obtained the sole copyright of the above, and Published them in Parian Marble. It is 14 inches high, making an elegant figure for Vestries, Libraries, Halls, or Rooms.

'It is a well-executed reduction of the original marble. We wish Mr. Dunnett every success.'-C. H. SPURGEON.

"The Bust stands 14 inches high, and is a capital and most pleasing likeness of our honoured brother ; it is supplied at One Guinea, and is cheap at that figure.'-FREEMAN.

Mr. Spurgeon has multitudes of admirers, all of whom are greatly grieved on account of his painful afflic. tions. Many of those who honour the good man for his noble works would doubtless be glad to have a good likeness in their homes. Such persons cannot do better than procure the Bust of Mr.

Spurgeon, which is published by the Rev. George Dunnett. Having seen one of these figures, I can testify with Professor Gracey and others that it is an excellent likeness of the great preacher. These Busts ought to have a large sale.' – DR. PARKER.

Sent carriage paid and insured, to any part of United Kingdom, on receipt of Order for 78. 6d. to Rev. G. DỮNNETT, Coseley, Bilston, Staff

also excentional offer to Bazaars, etc., sent ou

Prada Oniniana

Now Ready. Vol. I., large double royal, Price 16s.

( The remaining Vols. will be issued Quarterly.)



Rev. CANON SPENCE, M.A., Rev. J. S. EXELL, M.A., and Rev. C. NEIL, M.A.

With Introduction by DEAN HOWSON.

ON ALL SUBJECTS. —Theological— PhilosophicalBiblical—

Practical--Ethical-Ecclesiastical-Scripture Characters.

FROM ALL SOURCES.Patriotic-Mediaval--Puritan-

Modern— Foreig-Scientific-Classical.

Published by Messrs. KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH & Co., London, E.(

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37, Great Russell Street,

AVE obtained the Prize Medals in the London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, New York, and i
every other Exhibition where they have been shown, and his

PAINLESS SYSTEM is protected by H.M.'s Royal Letters Patent in England, and his Dental Patents are also extar in America, France, Belgium and the Colonies. In use and appearance the

AD A M AN TINE TEETH are so exact to those of Nature that neither wearer nor observer can distinguish them, an superiority to all others is recognised by their restoring clear articulation and mastication, togethe with the original facial contour; and, by this improved and patented mode of fitting, comfort at once enjoyed by the patient.

S. G. Hutchins, Esq., Surgeon-Dentist to the Queen, writes :—"Thanks for the adjustmer of my teeth. I am glad to know that you have obtained Royal Letters Patent to protect wh: I consider the perfection of painless dentistry.'

Professor Gardner, late of the Royal Polytechnic Institution, in a certificate to Mr. G. H. Jone
says :- I have examined and tested your painless system of adjusting artificial teeth ; it is quit
perfect, and is the most successful application of scientific laws for securing actual wear an
comfort yet introduced.'

116th Edition. Without charge and post free.
Great Russell Street (opposite the British Museum), London.

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